15 Jan 2022 1:40 Chantilly Noisy-sur-oise Handicap

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  • Race Distance:1600 m
  • No. of Runners:16 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 20000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Polytrack
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 13:10 13:45


1 (3)
Safiyann FR

Last of thirteen over 2200m at Lyon-Parilly in October. Returning from a break.
Owner: Carnevali F - Carnevali S
Prize Money: €14,300

G 5/60.0 L Rousseau
F Carnevali
280 210p0p3p9p0p4p6p209p 50.0 77.0

2 (12)
Bering Palace FR

Good 1.25L third over 1900m at Deauville AW 23 days ago. Top chance.
Owner: Mme I Leost
Prize Money: €38,641

G 5/59.5 F Valle Skar
Mme C Barbe
275 213p1p0p0p6p2p0p8p0p 11.0 10.0

3 (5)
Vazy Ninian FR

Placed third when beaten 1.25L over 1500m at Deauville AW last month. Strong claims.
Owner: Mlle M David
Prize Money: €51,543

M 6/59.5 Alex Roussel
F Foucher
275 213p9p1p7p1p6p3p6p5p 7.40 5.60


4 (6)
Kiwi Kiss FR

Fair 3L fifth over 1300m at Deauville AW eight days ago. Stepping up in trip.
Owner: Jv Toux
Prize Money: €48,191

F 6/59.5 F Veron
Jv Toux
275 5p216p5p9p0p0p4p2p3p 8.50 8.30


5 (16)
Saxone IRE

Held 4.25L sixth over 1700m at Pornichet AW last month. Others preferred.
Owner: Mme S Renz
Prize Money: €70,706

G 9/59.5 A Crastus
G Batistic
275 216p6p0p1p0p9p0p9p6p 51.0 29.0

6 (9)
En Dansant FR

4.25L eleventh over 1500m at Deauville AW. Winner over the same course and distance prior.
Owner: E Luding/mme S Vollmer
Prize Money: €86,115

F 7/59.0 S Pasquier
Frau Y Vollmer
270 210p1p5p3p7p6p7p5p0p 8.40 9.00

7 (10)
Chambonas FR

Midfield finish when 3.25L seventh over 1500m at Deauville AW nineteen days ago. More needed.
Owner: G Barbarin/o Brochart/mc Elaerts
Prize Money: €23,805

G 5/59.0 M Guyon
S Cerulis
270 217p0p0p0p0p4p8p3p5p 9.90 8.80

8 (8)
Minnehaha FR

Last of sixteen over track and trip last month. Others hold more obvious claims.
Owner: A Schouteet
Prize Money: €93,700

F 7/58.0 Q Perrette
A Schouteet
260 210p8p4p1p9p9p1p2p8p 30.0 54.0

9 (13)
Rock Chop FR

Returning from a break when 3.5L ninth over 1500m at Deauville AW. Step forward likely second up.
Owner: A Coquart/y Rougegrez
Prize Money: €41,730

M 5/58.0 S Planque
L Pontoir
260 219p0p0p0p0p8p6p3p0p 17.0 22.0

10 (15)
Fake IRE

Good 1.75L fourth over 1500m at Deauville AW last month. Notable runner.
Owner: D Maughan
Prize Money: €25,499

F 5/58.0 T Piccone
Mlle J Dupont-fahn
260 214p7p0p4p6p0p8p7p0p 19.0 17.0

11 (4)
King Hartwood FR

Fair 3.25L seventh over 1500m at Deauville AW nineteen days ago. More required.
Owner: D Guindon
Prize Money: €69,815

M 6/57.5 R Mangione
Mlle V Dissaux
255 217p9p0p0p7p0p0p4p0p 9.00 10.0

12 (14)
Arrogante FR

Held 12L eighth over 1950m at Le Mans in November. Others preferred.
Owner: F Martins - C De V A
Prize Money: €16,175

M 5/57.5 H M Tavares Oliveira
J A Oliveira
255 218p0p9p0p7p4p6p2p4p 27.0 29.0

13 (1)
Andersson GER

Struggled of late including when 16L eleventh over 2150m at Lyon-la-Soie. Shorter distance here no issue.
Owner: Stall Brasilien
Prize Money: €39,686

G 6/57.0 S Vogt
G Batistic
250 210p0p9p7p6p0p3p0p1p 17.0 17.0

14 (7)
Lovely Miss FR

Failed to shine when 24L fifteenth over 1600m at Saint-Cloud in November. Minor role likely.
Owner: D Dumoulin
Prize Money: €101,160

F 6/57.0 T Baron
R Le Gal
250 210p0p0p1p2p9p9p1p8p 29.0 39.0

15 (2)
Samagace Du Vivien FR

Below par 4L ninth over 1500m at Deauville AW. Claims on second over the same track and trip prior.
Owner: Mlle E Douard
Prize Money: €79,470

G 8/57.0 T Bachelot
As&D Allard
250 219p2p7p9p0p8p5p2p8p 7.40 8.80


16 (11)
Reponse Exacte FR

Held 4.5L tenth over 1500m at Deauville AW nineteen days ago. Step forward needed.
Owner: Ecurie Alliance
Prize Money: €63,972

F 6/56.5 A Nicco
G Aidant
245 210p4p5p8p0p7p0p8p9p 15.0 14.0

Racing and Sports

BERING PALACE (2) is drawing closer to a victory following a 1.25L third tackling 1900m at Deauville AW. Leading chance. VAZY NINIAN (3) can play a part in the finish on the back of a 1.25L third over 1500m at Deauville AW. FAKE (10) enters calculations having been beaten 1.75L fourth in a 1500m handicap at Deauville AW. Marginal step up in distance unlikely to pose an issue. EN DANSANT (6) is another with claims after a 0.75L success over 1500m at Deauville AW on her penultimate start.

Selection: 2-3-10-6