1 December 2021 3:57 Marseille de l'Eze - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2650 m
  • No. of Runners: 14 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 29000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 15:27 16:10


Delgado Fligny FR

Broke through for a Class E success at Nimes followed by a disappointing run down in class. More required.
Owner: Ecurie Chalon
Prize Money: €105,125

G 2650m 8 R Le Creps
R Vexier
0a1a6a6a0aDm5a3a6a2a 96.0 47.0

Cupidon Du Corbon FR

Improved effort when 2.25L third at Salon-de-Provence in a Class F. Up in grade.
Owner: Ecurie Romuald Mourice
Prize Money: €140,200

G 2650m 9 R Mourice
R Mourice
3a6a9a2a0a4a4a2a5aDa 63.0 48.0

Carla Griff FR

Disappointing on last few outings and needs more.
Owner: F Rico
Prize Money: €145,660

F 2650m 9 S Cingland
J Guelpa
Da7a0aDaDa4aDa3aDa2a 52.0 56.0

Divin D'Axel FR

Hard to have on recent performances.
Owner: Mlle S Briand
Prize Money: €126,125

G 2650m 8 L Fresneau
L Fresneau
7a5a9a0a4a8a5a2a4a0a 51.0 97.0

Falco De Vandel FR

Placed twice from last three outings including a 2.75L second at this venue. Tries tougher competition with a good record at this distance.
Owner: G Paolini
Prize Money: €148,695

G 2650m 6 Martin Cormy
Mickael Cormy
2a3a4a8a8a1a3a4a2a3a 12.0 7.80


Campo Grande FR

Improved effort when 2L fourth at Marseille Borely. Up in grade again.
Owner: D Alexandre
Prize Money: €134,110

G 2650m 9 J Ch Sorel
D Alexandre
4a5a8a8a7a6a2a0a0a5a 44.0 34.0

Fernandina FR

Mixed performances in recent outings and tries tougher competition.
Owner: J Cottel
Prize Money: €131,020

F 2650m 6 J Ch Feron
N Ensch
0a4a0a7m2a6a2m1m3a7a 24.0 18.0

Equiano FR

Two wins from last three outings including 1.25L success at Enghien against similar rivals. Top chance.
Owner: Ecurie Eric Lemaitre
Prize Money: €196,330

G 2675m 7 Q Seguin
D Alexandre
1a3a1a0a8a2a5a5a5a9a 32.0 33.0

Eagle Eyes FR

Closed off previous preparation with a narrow victory at Marseille Borely. Interesting first-up after a short spell.
Owner: Ecurie Pierre Pilarski
Prize Money: €255,570

G 2675m 7 N Ensch
N Ensch
1a6a5a2a2a5a3m1m5a4a 25.0 18.0

Diva De Carless FR

Disappointing on reappearance and needs to step forward.
Owner: Nicolas Mortagne
Prize Money: €224,500

F 2675m 8 N Mortagne
Nicolas Mortagne
8a7aDaDa7a5a5aDa7aDa 83.0 115.0

El Presidente FR

Finished runner-up on last two outings including against tougher rivals at Marseille Vivaux. Consider.
Owner: Ecurie De Rougemont
Prize Money: €303,250

G 2675m 7 K Devienne
J M Roubaud
2a2a0a0a3a4a1a1a1a1a 1.30 1.40


Dextase Montaval FR

Hard to recommend on recent performances.
Owner: R Malherbe
Prize Money: €253,862

F 2675m 8 R Gout
J Guelpa
0a5a0a9a9a6a9a4m0a20 133.0 127.0

Dexter Des Baux FR

Consistent performances including a fourth at Marseille Vivaux. Could sneak a place.
Owner: Th Bourgault
Prize Money: €0

G 2675m 8 S Stefano
Y A Briand
4a6a4a1a7a4a6a3a8a4a 15.0 13.0


Espoir Du Marny FR

Two wins from last four outings including at Hyeres against similar rivals. Resumes after a four month spell.
Owner: Mme Yvette Corrompt
Prize Money: €284,010

G 2675m 7 K Thonnerieux
K Thonnerieux
7a1aDa1a8a8a1a1a2a6a 20.0 23.0

Racing and Sports

EL PRESIDENTE (11) has finished runner-up on last two outings including when facing tougher opposition at Marseille Vivaux. Found a winnable opportunity and can break through. EQUIANO (8) has recorded two wins from last three attempts including a strong 1.25L victory at Enghien. Consider. CUPIDON DU CORBON (2) produced an improved effort to finish 2.25L third at Salon-de-Provence. Tries a higher grade and must be respected barefoot. EAGLE EYES (9) is aiming to complete a double first-up after a spell. Closed off previous preparation with a narrow victory at Marseille Borely. ESPOIR DU MARNY (14) could be interesting on reappearance following a four month spell. Two wins from last four runs.

Selection: 11-8-2-9-14