1 December 2021 2:47 Marseille du Lac de Peiroou - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2650 m
  • No. of Runners: 15 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 6000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather


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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 14:17 15:11


Fraise D'occagnes FR

Struggling with DQ. Very capable when completing including impressive 6L success in a Class H at Vittel four back.
Owner: Th Huchede
Prize Money: €20,820

F 2650m 6 Th Huchede
A Duperche
Da4aDaRa1aDaDa0a208a 22.0 11.0

First Soyer FR

Resumes after a year-long spell. Likely to need first run back.
Owner: S Guelpa
Prize Money: €0

G 2650m 6 E Baldacchino
J Guelpa
Ra203aDa9a8a2a8a1a4a 42.0 65.0

Echo De Tonnerre FR

Useful second at Hyeres sandwiched between two DQ. Capable if completing cleanly.
Owner: Mlle S Blanchetiere
Prize Money: €38,685

G 2650m 7 Mlle S Blanchetiere
Y A Briand
Da2aDaRa203m5mDm3mDa 3.20 3.90


Eclat De Ranchval FR

Bounced back from a DQ with a fourth at Paray-le-Monial. Holds each way claims.
Owner: B Fedry
Prize Money: €34,066

G 2650m 7 B Fedry
B Fedry
4aRaDa7a5a5aDaDa6a4a 20.0 14.0

Farah De Perthuis FR

Followed up a 3.25L success at Cavaillon with a fourth at this level. Consider.
Owner: M Mazza
Prize Money: €34,790

F 2650m 6 Th Prudhon
E Prudhon
4a1aDaDa0a6a6a6a3a2a 3.30 4.20


Eden Du Bellay FR

DQ three times from last five. Hard to recommend.
Owner: G Touron
Prize Money: €40,110

G 2650m 7 Ph Terme
G Touron
DaDa0a4aDa6a7a5a6aDa 19.0 34.0

Fulgurer FR

Returned after a three month spell with a 1.75L fourth at Marseille Vivaux. Entitled to improve second-up.
Owner: G Caporgno
Prize Money: €0

G 2650m 6 G Caporgno
G Caporgno
4a8aDaDa9aDa3a3a2aDa 20.0 9.10


Fantastic Du Bourg FR

Unlikely based on two runs since a spell.
Owner: Ecurie G R Huguet
Prize Money: €40,640

G 2650m 6 Mme C Huguet
G R Huguet
9a6a0mDm4m2m2m8a200a 21.0 17.0

Fakir De Gorron FR

Struggled in higher grades and could show more dropped in class.
Owner: Mme Sylvie Bonnefoy
Prize Money: €41,140

G 2650m 6 Marc Tardy
M Bonnefoy
9a0a0a9a3a0m4a7a6a2a 13.0 12.0

Echo Darling FR

Could sneak a place but recent DQ record is not favourable.
Owner: F Amar
Prize Money: €68,205

G 2675m 7 L Ligot
S Cingland
Da6a6aDaDaDa204a1a2a 52.0 27.0

Espoir Des Ombres FR

Finding it difficult to make the frame at this level in recent months and requires more.
Owner: Y Briand
Prize Money: €70,455

G 2675m 7 R Marasco
Y A Briand
7aDa5a6a6aDa5a2a2a2a 28.0 22.0

Cam De Tize FR

Well-beaten on last few outings and needs more.
Owner: P Polizzi
Prize Money: €0

G 2675m 9 P Polizzi
P Polizzi
0a6a6a2a6a0maaaa0a8a 19.0 32.0

Destin Gede FR

Hard to recommend on recent outings.
Owner: Ecurie Uroz
Prize Money: €0

G 2675m 8 Mlle G Ambrogio
J Uroz
7a0a9a7a6a7a205aDaDa 18.0 28.0

Colonel Cauveliere FR

Struggling to find best. Others appeal more.
Owner: Ecurie Julien Chauvin
Prize Money: €0

G 2675m 9 Mlle A Rogier Soulages
Julien Chauvin
9a4a0a6a8a4a8a8a7a6a 52.0 29.0

Electric Blue FR

Fair effort when fifth at this level two back and could sneak a place on best.
Owner: Ecurie De Rougemont
Prize Money: €103,740

G 2675m 7 Mlle M D'esparbes
J M Roubaud
0a5aDa3a9a5aDa1a4aDa 18.0 16.0

Racing and Sports

FARAH DE PERTHUIS (5) broke through for a 3.25L success at Cavaillion and followed up with an eye catching fourth at this level. Racing well and can add another success to her tally. ECHO DE TONNERRE (3) produced a useful second at Hyeres prior to a DQ. Capable of a bold bid if completing cleanly. FRAISE D'OCCAGNES (1) was an impressive 6L victor of a Class H at Vittel earlier in the campaign and must be respected if having a clean run through. ECLAT DE RANCHVAL (4) holds each way claims after a fourth at Paray-le-Monial.

Selection: 5-3-1-4