14 October 2021 6:12 Enghien La Porte D'issy - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2875 m
  • No. of Runners: 15 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 33000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 17:42 18:13


Goutte De Pluie FR

Completed a place double at Nancy in easier driven company eighteen days ago. Worth a go up in class.
Owner: Goteborg Smart Center Ab
Prize Money: €26,720

F 2875m 5 A Prat
J Niskanen
2a1aDa5a6aDaRa200a2a 70.0 61.0

Galante De Tillard FR

Fine 3L third in this grade at Argentan fifteen days ago. Among the place chances.
Owner: J Bordas
Prize Money: €40,390

F 2875m 5 F Lecanu
J Bordas
3a6a1aDaDa5a3aDa1a1a 42.0 58.0

3 A
Gina Du Mouchel FR

6.5L third in a weaker Laval autostart earlier in the month. More needed.
Owner: A Le Courtois
Prize Money: €43,890

F 2875m 5 E Lelievre
A Le Courtois
3a4aDa8a1a3a0a3a2aDa 60.0 90.0

Gloire Des Loyaux FR

Down the field in previous run at this level three starts ago. Could improve with a perfect record at this track.
Owner: Ecurie Ld-M Abrivard
Prize Money: €47,320

F 2875m 5 M Abrivard
M Abrivard
7a5a0a0a6a4aDa7a0a20 3.50 4.60


Gloire Royale FR

Runner-up in a better Vincennes walk up thirteen days ago. Among the chances.
Owner: L Laudren
Prize Money: €48,310

F 2875m 5 L Laudren
L Laudren
2a6a6a7a9a4a5a7a1a3a 16.0 15.0

Glame De Valace FR

Second in a Dieppe walk up at a lower level last month. Placing at best up in grade.
Owner: J L Blanchemain
Prize Money: €48,930

F 2875m 5 Anthony Dollion
Anthony Dollion
2a6a1a3a2a1a20Da2a3a 24.0 25.0

7 A
Georgia Du Pont FR

Consistent in easier walk ups this term. Worth a go at this stronger contest for a leading rider.
Owner: A Le Courtois
Prize Money: €49,600

F 2875m 5 D Thomain
A Le Courtois
2a8a3a1a2a2a0a3a3aDa 15.0 9.90


Grace De Fromentel FR

47 race maiden who needs considerable improvement to be involved at the finish.
Owner: Mme Viviane Olivier
Prize Money: €51,180

F 2875m 5 J F Senet
F Gaillard
5a4a5a8a4a2a4a3a2a6a 45.0 61.0

Gaya De Gesvres FR

Failed to complete in a Le Croise-Laroche autostart seventeen days ago. Not ruled out on earlier winning form in this grade.
Owner: Stephane Dumas
Prize Money: €53,970

F 2875m 5 F Ouvrie
F Ouvrie
Da5a9a4a1a7aDa7aDa5a 33.0 32.0

Grande Soeur FR

6L sixth in this company at Nantes over 3000m. Not the worst longshot.
Owner: B Vachet
Prize Money: €54,190

F 2875m 5 T Ouvrie
S Roger
6aDa4a2a7a4aDa9a201a 35.0 68.0

Grande Et Belle FR

DQ in stronger company at La Capelle last month. Each-way claims on previous form.
Owner: M Malinge
Prize Money: €54,300

F 2875m 5 P Y Verva
P Y Verva
Da7a2a4a0a9a4a9a1a1a 45.0 65.0

Gingirella FR

Scored in two of previous four driven starts in this grade including at this track. Thereabouts.
Owner: M Hagon
Prize Money: €54,490

F 2875m 5 G Lannoo
A Lannoo
1a4a1a9a1a5a3a3a2a20 20.0 14.0

Guiness Du Biset FR

Needs to bounce back from a below par effort at Caen in this class five days ago. Franck Nivard is a notable rider booking.
Owner: Ecurie H g Houel
Prize Money: €56,470

F 2875m 5 F Nivard
G Houel
0a6aDa2aDaDaDa2a0a7a 14.0 12.0

Grace Du Digeon FR

Held seventh in this grade twelve days ago but better expected with Eric Raffin returning for the ride. Consider.
Owner: Ch Dreux
Prize Money: €58,080

F 2875m 5 E Raffin
C H Dreux
7a2a1a0aDa2a1a3a9a2a 2.80 2.30


Galia Sotho FR

6L fifth in tougher company at Angers eight days ago. This is easier and holds each-way appeal.
Owner: L B Martin
Prize Money: €58,400

F 2875m 5 Guillaume Martin
L B Martin
5a2a4a2a4a1aDa2a1aDa 9.40 14.0

Racing and Sports

GINGIRELLA (12) brings a strong level of form to the table in this company with two driven wins this term including at this track. Notable runner. GLOIRE ROYALE (5) ran second in a better Vincennes walk up and is expected to appreciate this class drop. Consider. GRACE DU DIGEON (14) rates among the main chances with Eric Raffin taking over. Key player on best form. One to keep in mind for a place is GOUTTE DE PLUIE (1) after back-to-back frame visits in similar company.

Selection: 12-5-14-1