15 September 2021 12:50 Vire Credit Agricole - Vire Normandie - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2825 m
  • No. of Runners: 17 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 17000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 12:30 13:06


Huitre D'or FR

Racing well in lower grades prior to a DQ at this level. Not to be dismissed based on 1L success at Gournay two back.
Owner: W Michel
Prize Money: €13,000

F 2825m 4 W Michel
W Michel
Da1a2a4aDa6aRa8aDaDa 30.0 32.0

Hauline FR

Bounced back from a DQ with a fourth at Vittel in a lower grade. Step forward required.
Owner: Th Bloquet
Prize Money: €13,310

F 2825m 4 D Thomain
P Godey
4aDa4a4a3a9a9a6aDa20 17.0 19.0

Heligoland FR

Struggling to feature in recent outings and needs more.
Owner: F Terry
Prize Money: €15,310

F 2825m 4 A Ernault
F Terry
6aDa9aDa3a3a5a6a9aDa 23.0 21.0

Harmonie De Feu FR

Followed up a lower grade win at Dozule with a DQ at Vibraye. More needed at this level.
Owner: L Vaubert
Prize Money: €15,340

F 2825m 4 F Lagadeuc
L Vaubert
Da1a8aDa1a7aDa4a5a20 8.50 6.60


Harley Du Pont FR

Winner at Lisieux prior to a DQ. Place contender at best.
Owner: J et Le Bec
Prize Money: €15,870

F 2825m 4 S Ernault
J Et Le Bec
Da1a6a2aDmDmDa6m4m20 - -


Halline D'anjou FR

Placed on last two outings including Landivisiau third against similar competition. Holds each way claims.
Owner: Ecurie Du Mascaret
Prize Money: €16,040

F 2825m 4 F Delanoe
F Delanoe
3a3a4a7m7m3a5a5a6a0a 20.0 26.0

Hyou Lolalys FR

Chasing a double after win at Villedieu in a lower grade. Fair record over this distance.
Owner: L Aubert
Prize Money: €16,250

F 2825m 4 G Blandin
B Aubert
1a5aDa4aDaDaDaDa2a1a 11.0 7.40

Hatalante De Flo FR

Struggled on subsequent start after a Vibraye win in a lower grade.
Owner: A Plard
Prize Money: €17,150

F 2825m 4 A Plard
A Plard
7a1a6a0a3a6a6a3aDa5a 19.0 19.0

Hutopie D'ouville FR

Fair efforts on last two starts including a 1.75L third at Pornichet. Consider.
Owner: J Gosselin
Prize Money: €17,630

F 2825m 4 J Gosselin
J Gosselin
3a4a6a3a8a2a8a4a5a20 9.40 5.50


Hiroise Du Parjat FR

May need the run after a three month break. Eye catching winner at Cabourg in May and could be interesting if allowed a lead.
Owner: J Poutrel
Prize Money: €18,330

F 2825m 4 J Poutrel
J Poutrel
0a7a1a2a2a3a20Da5aDa 23.0 47.0

History Majyc FR

Mixed recent form. Needs to show more.
Owner: E Volckaert
Prize Money: €31,210

F 2850m 4 F Tabesse
D Lecroq
7a8a7aDa2a2aDa9a9a2a 5.50 8.70

Hello Jade Rush FR

Better effort when 3L fifth at Les Sables-d'Olonne. Could sneak a place.
Owner: Ecurie D L
Prize Money: €34,200

F 2850m 4 G Donio
M Donio
5a6a3a8a2a5a0a4a5a1a 7.20 11.0

Hultima FR

Struggled on last few starts and needs more.
Owner: Th Desoubeaux
Prize Money: €32,430

F 2850m 4 J B Lelievre
E Varin
Da7a8a4aDa3aDa6aDaDa 100.0 84.0

Hypothese Madrik FR

DQ on last three outings and needs a completion.
Owner: Ecurie Aurmath
Prize Money: €32,990

F 2850m 4 Mlle A Doyere
S T Meunier
DaDmDm8a1m7aDa8a20Dm 71.0 122.0

Hayastan De Rosan FR

DQ five times from last six outings. Very capable when completing and winner at this level in July.
Owner: Ecurie Bresil
Prize Money: €33,790

F 2850m 4 B Marie
B Marie
DaDaDa1aDaDa7aDaDaDa 5.90 5.30


Haute Sphere FR

Improved effort when 5.25L fifth at Carentan latest. Place chance.
Owner: H Enee
Prize Money: €33,820

F 2850m 4 S Hardy
S Hardy
5a6aDa1a2a3a1a9a6a3a 18.0 19.0

Hikatika FR

Disappointing in recent runs and would need to show best to feature.
Owner: Th Gauchet
Prize Money: €34,710

F 2850m 4 Th Gauchet
T H Gauchet
Da0a4a7aDa2a3a1a6a20 34.0 61.0

Racing and Sports

HAYASTAN DE ROSAN (15) is considered despite struggling with DQ. Winner at La Capelle against similar competition when last completing and must be highly regarded if finding the finish. HUITRE D'OR (1) was racing well prior to a DQ at this level. Useful 1L winner at Gournay prior and can get involved. HYOU LOLAYS (7) tackles tougher after a victory at Villedieu. Maintains a fair record over this distance. HALLINE D'ANJOU (6) has been in good order with placings the past two outings including at Landivisiau. Could sneak into the frame again.

Selection: 15-1-7-6