22 July 2021 10:20 Saint Galmier Cyclamens - Monte

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  • Race Distance:2650 m
  • No. of Runners: 13 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 19000
  • Race Type:Mounted
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age/Wgt Driver/Trainer Form 21:50 22:30


Golf Petteviniere FR

Sixteen race maiden but capable of finding the frame this grade. Each way player.
Owner: Ch Faivre Pierret
Prize Money: €23,200

G 2650m 5/65.0 Mlle M Bacsich
G R Huguet
3mDa202m4m0a7m6m4m0a 9.30 6.40


Hairia D'iraty FR

Ten DQs from sixteen career outings. May progress in this company.
Owner: A De Gasparis
Prize Money: €23,430

F 2650m 4/61.0 T Aguiar
J Cuoq
Da0aDmDaDaDaDa7a20Da 31.0 41.0

Flash And Go FR

Nineteen DQs from 30 career outings. Hard to trust.
Owner: Ecurie Ginkgo
Prize Money: €27,200

G 2650m 6/65.0 Mme S Busset
Mickael Cormy
Rm20DmDmDm3mDm2m4m2m 21.0 11.0


Fast Loulou FR

Struggles to find the finish and others look safer options.
Owner: Ecurie Herve Chauve-Laffay
Prize Money: €27,300

G 2650m 6/55.0 Mlle L Magnenat
H Chauve-Laffay
Dm9aDmDa20DmDa0m0aDm 54.0 55.0

Falco De Bellande FR

Third once in three mounted outings. One for the placings.
Owner: E Fournigault
Prize Money: €28,710

G 2650m 6/65.0 E Fournigault
E Fournigault
7a6a6a6a7m3m4m205a9a 26.0 21.0

Ferrari Folle FR

2.75L fifth in a low grade mounted event at a country venue eighteen days ago but that was her first mounted start. Open to progress.
Owner: Ecurie H D Trot
Prize Money: €29,600

F 2650m 6/55.0 T Vlaemynck Debost
D Haon
5m8aDa0a4a8a6a8a20Da 24.0 34.0

General Du Rabutin FR

Mixed form of late but capable of finding the frame in a mounted race of this nature. Runs barefoot.
Owner: J Cuoq
Prize Money: €29,640

G 2650m 5/55.0 Mlle H Fernandes Rios
J Cuoq
Dm0a2m8a8m5m1m0a206a 19.0 12.0

Fine Mouche FR

Two placings from five mounted outings. Frame contender without shoes.
Owner: F Comte
Prize Money: €32,280

F 2650m 6/65.0 R Thonnerieux
M Bonnefoy
8aDa5m3a9a8a6m3m2m7m 24.0 13.0

Falco De Caponet FR

Capable of going well at this standard and not dismissed on mounted debut.
Owner: J P Pralus
Prize Money: €35,510

G 2650m 6/65.0 F Desmigneux
J p Pralus
7a3a0a3a7a0a7a0a202a 21.0 13.0

Filou Julry FR

DQ on his last two outings but may show more on mounted debut.
Owner: Ecurie Julry
Prize Money: €35,720

G 2650m 6/55.0 M Laffay
J P Gauvin
DaDa7a4a0aDaDaDaDa20 - -


Gin Kas FR

4.5L third in this grade on mounted debut at Vichy. Notable runner.
Owner: R Nique
Prize Money: €44,300

G 2675m 5/57.0 F Broust
R Nique
7a6a3mDa8a9a6a6m6aDa 21.0 14.0

Gezade Du Bocage FR

Good mounted record with five wins from seventeen starts. Solid 3.25L second in this grade at Enghien a week ago. Top chance racing barefoot.
Owner: P Guihur
Prize Money: €64,010

F 2675m 5/63.0 Mlle O Briand
F Leblanc
2m5m2m1m1m1m1m3m0a20 1.40 1.90


Full Aux Rois FR

Held on recent outings but may show more back in a mounted event.
Owner: Mme Ch Thevenoux
Prize Money: €69,150

G 2675m 6/55.0 Mlle Ch Rene
B Thevenoux
Da9a6aDm0aDaDa0aDa2a 54.0 64.0

Racing and Sports

GEZADE DU BOCAGE (12) has a good mounted record with five wins from seventeen starts. Solid 3.25L runner up in this grade at Enghien a week ago. Top chance. GIN KAS (11) produced a 4.5L third in this class on mounted debut at Vichy. Open to progress. Notable runner. FINE MOUCHE (8) has found the frame twice from five mounted attempts. Each way player racing barefoot. FALCO DE CAPONET (9) needs a market check on mounted debut.

Selection: 12-11-8-9