22 July 2021 7:50 Saint Galmier Campanules - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2000 m
  • No. of Runners: 10 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 17000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 19:20 19:51


1 (1)
Full Dream FR

Held eighth in this standard of a Vichy autostart 21 days ago. Others more persuasive.
Owner: P Renaud
Prize Money: €67,030

G 2000m 6 G Fournigault
G Fournigault
8aDa8a2a7a3a2a1aDaDa 22.0 18.0

2 (2)
Formentor FR

6.5L fourth in a better class Hyeres autostart last month. Among the frame candidates. Races barefoot.
Owner: Ecurie Sylvain Roubaud
Prize Money: €49,480

G 2000m 6 K Devienne
J M Roubaud
4a2a4a0a0a20aa0a2a2a 4.60 5.60

3 (3)
Fabio Du Loisir FR

Two down the field efforts in autostarts since resuming. Others preferred.
Owner: J X Maillard
Prize Money: €50,030

G 2000m 6 G Bouyer
J X Maillard
0a9a200aDa8aDaDaDaDa 56.0 68.0

4 (4)
Fantomas Du Val FR

Two wins from four autostarts and fair sixth in this grade two back. Go well without shoes.
Owner: R J Robin
Prize Money: €62,330

G 2000m 6 L Lamaziere
L Lamaziere
Da6a3a1a2a202a2a4a9a 7.40 5.40


5 (5)
Forever De Pame FR

Solid fifth on autostart debut two starts ago and excellent record without rear shoes. Key contender.
Owner: P Derville
Prize Money: €71,570

G 2000m 6 J Ph Ducher
J Ph Ducher
7a5a2a1a4a3a205a1a1a 4.90 3.70


6 (6)
Fantasme FR

5.5L sixth in a better grade Marseille-Borely autostart three back. Frame chance with a favourable barefoot record.
Owner: P Callier
Prize Money: €68,140

G 2000m 6 P Callier
P Callier
4a7a6aDaDaDaDm7aDa5a 23.0 19.0

7 (7)
First Moliere FR

One placing from eight autostart attempts. More needed but may strip fitter second up.
Owner: Jean Marc Moulin
Prize Money: €51,400

G 2000m 6 J Cuoq
J Cuoq
8aRa206a9m7a193m5a3a 54.0 42.0

8 (8)
For Ever The Best FR

Fair walk up form since resuming and scope for progress back in an autostart. Place angle.
Owner: D Bornet
Prize Money: €71,800

G 2000m 6 S Peltier
S Peltier
5a4a20DaDa4a5a4a0a9a 2.90 3.80


9 (9)
Fleuve Du Sablier FR

Two places from four autostarts thus far. Not ruled out for a place.
Owner: Ecurie Du Sablier
Prize Money: €44,320

G 2000m 6 B Thomas
B Thomas
2a8aDaDaDa3a1a3a4a20 30.0 36.0

10 (10)
First Fighter FR

Breakthrough autostart victory in claiming company two starts ago. Keep in mind with confidence up.
Owner: Ecurie Laurent Gueleraud
Prize Money: €49,110

G 2000m 6 D Bekaert
R Mourlon
4a1a6a1a4a6a200a0a3a 7.50 8.10

Racing and Sports

FOREVER DE PAME (5) could gain a first autostart victory after showing ability so far including a fifth two runs ago. Key player bringing an excellent record without shoes. FANTOMAS DU VAL (4) began autostart career well with two wins from four attempts. Likely to be involved racing barefoot. FANTASME (6) delivered a 5.5L sixth in a stronger Marseille-Borely autostart three outings back. Rates each way. FIRST FIGHTER (10) may improve. Scored against easier competition on penultimate start.

Selection: 5-4-6-10