11 June 2021 2:05 Nantes Lilas - Monte

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  • Race Distance:3000 m
  • No. of Runners: 12 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 27000
  • Race Type:Mounted
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age/Wgt Driver/Trainer Form 13:35 14:14


Echo Gema FR

DQ at Neuille in April. Others make more appeal.
Owner: Ecurie Marc Sassier
Prize Money: €78,320

G 3000m 7/67.0 Mlle G Godard
M Sassier
Dm7mDm209mDm0m2mDmDm 20.0 54.0

Django Rudelande FR

Fair 5L 11th in a driven contest at Rambouillet twelve days ago. Has run well at this track in the past.
Owner: G Moinon
Prize Money: €78,810

G 3000m 8/67.0 A Collette
G Moinon
0aDm0aDm202m1mDa1m7a 9.90 13.0

Du Scion FR

Good 2.25L second at Chartres just over two weeks ago. Bold show expected.
Owner: Melvin Kondritz
Prize Money: €79,855

G 3000m 8/67.0 P ph Ploquin
Melvin Kondritz
2m2m0a6m2m2mDa1m206m 4.10 2.60


Donato Bello FR

Returned to form with a 1.25L victory at Eauze a the end of last month. Claims if replicating that effort.
Owner: D Brossard
Prize Money: €89,410

G 3000m 8/55.0 Mlle Charlene Buttier
D Brossard
1m0aDaDa0a3a5m4a0a20 22.0 15.0

Dixie De Parniere FR

Good 6L fourth at Chartres fifteen days ago. One to note.
Owner: Ecurie Sylvain Marmion
Prize Money: €90,435

F 3000m 8/67.0 Guillaume Martin
S Marmion
4m8m2m2mDm208m6m9m3m 9.40 10.0

Calin Des Moissons FR

Runner-up when beaten 7.25L at Royan nineteen days ago. Notable runner.
Owner: Ecurie Christian Boisnard
Prize Money: €91,860

G 3000m 9/55.0 W Dersoir-habib
C H Boisnard
2mDm7m0m200m0mDm6m0m 32.0 49.0

Erwinn De Beaum FR

Good 4.25L third at Caen last week. Racing in pads for the first time.
Owner: A Chaille-Chaille
Prize Money: €94,780

G 3000m 7/67.0 F Gence
P Monthule
3mDm8a1m1m0aDm3m4a7a 5.20 4.70


8 A
Deci Dela FR

Down the field twelfth in a driven race at Sable-sur-Sarthe five days ago. Capable of better.
Owner: Loic Groussard
Prize Money: €94,820

G 3000m 8/57.0 J Condette
Loic Groussard
0a3m1mDm6m5m7a0aDa5a 4.70 5.80


9 A
Divine Folie FR

Failed to shine when 36L ninth at Pontchateau six days ago. Others preferred.
Owner: Loic Groussard
Prize Money: €140,320

F 3025m 8/67.0 A Dabouis
Loic Groussard
9m0a8m0m8mDmDm8m6m20 29.0 97.0

Duang Taa FR

Midfield finish when 3.5L ninth in a driven race at Le Croise-Laroche last week. Has won twice at this circuit in the past.
Owner: Ecurie Ch A Mary
Prize Money: €150,600

G 3025m 8/55.0 Mlle L Fauchon
C H Mary
9aDa3a5m0a5a7m4m201m 14.0 11.0

Dede Au Chalet FR

Fair 5.5L fifth at Chateaubriant last month. Step forward required.
Owner: D Dauverne
Prize Money: €191,580

G 3025m 8/67.0 Th Peltier
D Dauverne
5m8aDa20Dm6m4a5m9m8m 16.0 32.0

Crack D'Ariane FR

Held 9.25L sixth race at Vincennes seventeen days ago. Of note in what looks an easier affair.
Owner: D Bethouart
Prize Money: €207,450

G 3025m 9/55.0 S D Jardin
D Bethouart
6m0a8m0aDa0a20Dm2m3m 25.0 39.0

Racing and Sports

DU SCION (3) can go one place better than when 2.25L second at Chartres. On the shortlist. CALIN DES MOISSONS (6) looks capable of challenging for the win following a 7.25L second at Royan. In the mix. DIXIE DE PARNIERE (5) is noted on the back of a 6L fourth in the aforementioned Chartres race. With pads tried for the first time ERWINN DE BEAUM (7) is considered following a 4.25L third at Caen.

Selection: 3-6-5-7