11 June 2021 12:35 Nantes Lys - Attele

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  • Race Distance:3000 m
  • No. of Runners: 14 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 6000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 12:30 12:39


Everton FR

Held 23L 11th at Paray-le-Monial nineteen days ago. Others preferred.
Owner: G Y Poirier
Prize Money: €35,990

G 3000m 7 G y Poirier
E Crepeau
0a9aamDm6m1m9a5a6aDa 58.0 75.0

Daraghiu Jeep FR

DQ at Sable-sur-Sarthe four days ago. Claims on 5.5L third at Durtal prior.
Owner: Cl Guillon
Prize Money: €41,520

G 3000m 8 Mme K Guillon
Mme K Guillon
Da3aDaDa2a2a20Da5aDa 27.0 38.0

Emeraude Du Vif FR

DQ at Savenay last month. Needs to put that effort behind her.
Owner: J Ch Audran
Prize Money: €43,775

F 3000m 7 J Mousset
J Audran
Da4a9aDaDa1a207a4aDa 47.0 34.0

Divin Du Vieuxcour FR

Good 6.5L third at Niort at the end of last month. One to note.
Owner: Th Chupin
Prize Money: €44,540

G 3000m 8 B Carre
Th Chupin
3a1a3a9a2a207aDa5a3a 9.70 7.10


Enjeera FR

Fifth at La Roche-Posay five days ago. Others make more appeal.
Owner: M David
Prize Money: €45,760

F 3000m 7 I Jublot
M b David
5a7a0a6a9m209a6a4a3a 15.0 15.0

Emir Du Bouillon FR

Midfield finish when 15L ninth at Eauze eleven days ago. Looks up against it in this contest.
Owner: J J Beausse
Prize Money: €47,850

G 3000m 7 F Touchard
J J Beausse
9a6a4a209a6a5a0a7a2a 31.0 27.0

Ecureuil Babou FR

Given a break since a DQ in a Caen mounted race in March. Debuting for a new trainer.
Owner: Ecurie J R Launois
Prize Money: €48,080

G 3000m 7 F Chapdelaine
J R Launois
DmDa0a4a200a0a4a4a5a 11.0 12.0

Ever Favori FR

Failed to shine when 13th at Saint-Malo nineteen days ago. Others hold more obvious claims.
Owner: F Lemoine
Prize Money: €58,600

G 3025m 7 Mlle Maud Goetz
Mlle Lemoine
0a0a0aDa20Da0aDmDaDa 25.0 38.0

Danika Des Caves FR

Below par 8.5L eighth at Carhaix twelve days ago. Minor role likely.
Owner: J M Le Cerf
Prize Money: €70,390

F 3025m 8 Maxence Lecoq
J M Le Cerf
8a0a4a7m5a0a8a20am0a 65.0 91.0

Caesarus D'Ela FR

Down the field 14L eighth at Niort at the end of last month. Capable of better.
Owner: S Bizeul
Prize Money: €76,875

G 3025m 9 E Marchand
S Bizeul
8a6a3a0a7a3a9a4a9a8a 19.0 13.0

Columbia FR

Runner-up when beaten 4L at Saint-Aubin on her penultimate start. Of note despite an eleventh place finish at La Roche-Posay subsequently.
Owner: D Dutheil
Prize Money: €77,960

F 3025m 9 Mlle J Lelievre
D Dutheil
0a2a0a8a4a4a8aDaDa20 26.0 44.0

Duck Dryme FR

Good 2.5L second at Segre twelve days ago. Leading contender.
Owner: Johann Loutreuil
Prize Money: €85,740

G 3025m 8 M Poirier
P L Desaunette
2a2a8aDa2a3a6a20Dm9a 2.20 2.20


Drago Star FR

Good 4.25L third at Chartres last month. Top chance.
Owner: Ecurie Aurmath
Prize Money: €92,160

G 3025m 8 B Debris
S T Meunier
3a0a7a9a9aDaDa20Da0a 4.80 5.40


Divine Du Sud FR

DQ at Vire twelve days ago. Improvement needed.
Owner: S Deshaies
Prize Money: €92,795

F 3025m 8 A Chretien
S Deshaies
Da8a8aDm8aDa201aDa7a 51.0 51.0

Racing and Sports

DUCK DRYME (12) can go one place better than when 2.5L second at Segre. Key player in current form. DRAGO STAR (13) could play a hand in the finish following a 4.25L third at Chartres. In the mix if building on that run. DIVIN DU VIEUXCOUR (4) looks up to registering another big effort having been beaten 6.5L into third at Niort. DARAGHIU JEEP (2) finished 5.5L third at Durtal on his penultimate outing. Consider.

Selection: 12-13-4-2