11 Jun 2021 8:15 Compiegne Des Futaies Handicap

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  • Race Distance:2000 m
  • No. of Runners:16 runners
  • Going:Soft
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 35000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Turf
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This is the QUINTE+ race


No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 19:45 20:18


1 (13)
Falcon Run FR

Held 8.25L 13th over 2000m at Saint-Cloud (good) in early April. Best watched.
Owner: Roy Racing Ltd
Prize Money: €63,728

G 5/60.5 C Demuro
G Barbedette
365 0p1p204p3p1p6p2p2p 13.0 12.0

2 (1)
King Platin FR

Fair 7.75L seventh over 1800m in a Longchamp (good-to-soft) conditions race last month. More required.
Owner: Mme D Siegenthaler
Prize Money: €140,771

M 9/60.0 R Thomas
Mme C Barbe
360 7p6p7p206p0p5p3p4p3p 8.20 10.0

3 (6)
It's All A Dream FR

Last of seventeen in a 1600m handicap at Chantilly AW a month ago. Needs to put two most recent efforts behind him.
Owner: B L Jones/a N Hollinshead
Prize Money: €77,040

G 5/59.5 A Mackay
A Hollinshead
355 0p0p3p1p1p6p201p5p9p 43.0 35.0

4 (10)
Polly Gray IRE

Third beaten 9.5L over 1900m in a maiden at Deauville AW in December. Strong claims on handicap and seasonal debut.
Owner: C Wentworth
Prize Money: €9,910

F 4/59.0 V Cheminaud
Mlle A Crombez
350 203p2p3p 21.0 25.0

5 (9)
Inca Man FR

Good 0.5L third tackling 1700m at Longchamp (soft) just over three weeks ago. Bold show expected.
Owner: S Nigge / G Augustin-normand
Prize Money: €46,576

G 4/58.5 J Cabre
S Nigge
345 3p3p8p209p5p4p9p1p5p 9.30 9.00

6 (4)
Silver Cristal USA

Runner-up beaten 2L over 2400m at Longchamp (good-to-soft) in September. Notable contender on seasonal reappearance.
Owner: S hope
Prize Money: €29,065

F 4/58.0 O Peslier
F H Graffard
340 202p3p1p2p6p199p6p 7.80 7.40


7 (2)
Maille Story FR

Faded when 21L ninth over 2400m at Saint-Cloud (soft) four weeks ago. Others preferred.
Owner: B Compignie/s Dehez
Prize Money: €11,275

F 4/57.5 G Mosse
S Dehez
335 9p0p6p3p5p200p4p3p8h 18.0 19.0

8 (3)
Edgar Best IRE

Successful by 3.5L in a 2000m handicap at Fontainebleau (good-to-soft) in April. Top chance.
Owner: Esageruma Nein Sas
Prize Money: €21,880

M 4/57.0 R Mangione
F Carnevali
330 1p5p6p9p0p202p6p9p1p 14.0 10.0

9 (16)
Maxi Bello FR

Held 8L 11th over 1800m at Longchamp (good) earlier this month. Others preferred.
Owner: F Jolivet/mme S Stasi/r Stasi
Prize Money: €46,550

G 4/55.5 A Pouchin
Ger Collet
315 0p0h0h4h2p200p0p1p2p 36.0 34.0

10 (11)
Kailyn GER

Fair 4L seventh over 2000m at Saint-Cloud (good-to-soft) last week. Claims on earlier form.
Owner: R Meder
Prize Money: €143,104

F 8/55.5 M Guyon
M Krebs
315 7p3p1p9p4p0p209p2p0p 8.80 9.70

11 (12)
Brazing FR

Held 7.25L sixth over 2100m at Saint-Cloud (very heavy) last month. Others look more reliable.
Owner: F Blichfeldt
Prize Money: €68,450

G 5/55.5 G Benoist
P&J Brandt
315 6p4p5p5p2p200p3p8p4p 7.30 7.70


12 (8)
Cloud Dancer FR

Fifth beaten 7L over 1800m in a Le Croise-Laroche (soft) claimer last month. Step forward likely second up.
Owner: Renstal Floryn
Prize Money: €73,289

G 6/55.0 S Breux
A Floryn
310 5p0p205p0p5p7p1p3p1p 36.0 45.0

13 (15)
Sunkawakan FR

Good 3.25L third tackling 1800m at Le Croise-Laroche (soft) just over three weeks ago. Of note back in a handicap.
Owner: Vda Transport Solutions G
Prize Money: €43,840

F 4/54.5 A Lemaitre
Mme J Hendriks
305 3p0p4p3p2p201p4p4p4p 18.0 21.0

14 (7)
Crying Over Here IRE

Failed to shine when 9.5L 12th over 1900m at Chantilly AW in February. Others preferred.
Owner: Mme Hendriks/van Der Weid
Prize Money: €47,460

F 5/54.5 E Verhestraeten
Mme J Hendriks
305 0p208p3p1p1p4p1p4pTp 53.0 67.0

15 (14)
Gold Kafe FR

Neck second in a 2000m handicap at Saint-Cloud (soft) four weeks ago. Leading contender.
Owner: F Marchand/l Roumegoux/c Auche
Prize Money: €60,208

M 4/54.5 M Barzalona
O Trigodet
305 2p1p6p0p0pTp0p203p1p 9.10 7.20


16 (5)
Amour Nocturne FR

Followed up a good-to-soft ground 2000m victory at Fontainebleau with a 10L 11th over 2000m at Saint-Cloud (soft) 28 days ago. Needs to put that latest effort behind.
Owner: Ecurie Ades Hazan/ste Ent Lerner
Prize Money: €31,830

F 4/54.5 E Hardouin
C&Y Lerner
305 0p1p0p0p0p0p200p2p6p 14.0 17.0

Racing and Sports

GOLD KAFE (15) can go one place better than when a neck second in a 2000m handicap at Saint-Cloud. EDGAR BEST (8) finds another winning opportunity having delivered a 3.5L triumph in a 2000m handicap at Fontainebleau. POLLY GRAY (4) enters calculations on handicap debut following a 9.5L third in a 1900m maiden at Deauville AW in December. INCA MAN (5) warrants thought having finished 0.5L third over 1700m at Longchamp.

Selection: 4-16-3-15-7