10 June 2021 2:41 Caen de Douvres - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2450 m
  • No. of Runners: 16 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 20000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 14:11 14:42


Felicita D'ecouves FR

Held 13L fifth at Reims eleven days ago. More required.
Owner: J Vilault
Prize Money: €43,970

F 2450m 6 F Nivard
J Vilault
5a7a0aRa0a20Da0a9a7a 28.0 45.0

Forlane Debailleul FR

Good 9L third at Saint-Aubin eleven days ago. One to note.
Owner: E Szirmay
Prize Money: €47,100

F 2450m 6 E Szirmay
E Szirmay
3a1a7m0a6a200a6a0a7a 39.0 54.0

3 A
Fantasia Du Lilas FR

DQ at Amiens five days ago. Best watched.
Owner: A Le Courtois
Prize Money: €51,450

F 2450m 6 E Lelievre
A Le Courtois
Da7a6a4a202a0a7aDa3a 83.0 102.0

Fiesta De Locq FR

DQ on two of her last three starts including at Bihorel four weeks ago. Others make more appeal.
Owner: Ecurie Franck Anne
Prize Money: €57,810

F 2450m 6 F Anne
F Anne
Da3aDa6a4a5a0a7a200a 23.0 50.0

Fabulous Girl FR

Fourth when beaten 6.25L at Saint-Malo four days ago. Bold show expected.
Owner: Maxime Voisine
Prize Money: €59,350

F 2450m 6 G Gelormini
V Maillard
4a3a2a209a7a0a5a0a3a 10.0 5.80


Frise Pont Vautier FR

Good 1.25L third at Reims seventeen days ago. Poor wins/runs record.
Owner: F Lair
Prize Money: €67,550

F 2450m 6 J ch Piton
A Lindqvist
3a9a5aDa1a9a8a5a7a3a 14.0 16.0

Fleur De Rambures FR

Successful by 0.5L at Arras just over a month ago. Strong claims.
Owner: M Thevenet
Prize Money: €68,080

F 2450m 6 F Lecanu
X Thevenet
1m3a2a4a3a6a0a202a1a 19.0 14.0

Feline Mourotaise FR

3.25L fourth at Chateaubriant eighteen days ago. Notable contender.
Owner: E Raulline
Prize Money: €68,500

F 2450m 6 Emilien Raulline
Emilien Raulline
4a6a201a1a1a2a1a2a5a 8.50 9.80

Fadette D'Aurcy FR

Fair 4L fifth at this track just under three weeks ago. Step forward needed.
Owner: L Bejeau
Prize Money: €69,390

F 2450m 6 E Raffin
H Habart
5a0a9a4a7a8m208a4a6m 11.0 11.0

Fatu Hiva FR

Faded when 16L 11th at Graignes a week ago. More needed.
Owner: Ecurie Molina
Prize Money: €70,090

F 2450m 6 Y Lebourgeois
Mme S Raimond
0a6a0a3a6a209a2a3a7a 12.0 18.0

Fee Danover FR

Held 22L ninth at Le Croise-Laroche last week. Others preferred.
Owner: Ecurie Danover
Prize Money: €72,170

F 2450m 6 J Travers
S T Provoost
9a8aDaDaDmDa2a3aDa7a 100.0 136.0

12 A
Fleur De Vanille FR

DQ at Enghien just under two weeks ago. Others make more appeal.
Owner: A Le Courtois
Prize Money: €73,290

F 2450m 6 D Thomain
A Le Courtois
Da6a6a4aDa5a20Da9aDa 6.60 9.50


Flicka Du Bocage FR

Held 18L eighth at Vichy 19 days ago. Has won at this track in the past.
Owner: D Delaroche
Prize Money: €73,960

F 2450m 6 D Delaroche
D Delaroche
8mDm7m3m7a3m0m4m2m8m 46.0 128.0

Fusee Du Mouchel FR

Faded when 14L ninth at Graignes a week ago. Minor role likely.
Owner: S Baude
Prize Money: €74,800

F 2450m 6 S Ernault
S Ernault
9a0a9a206a1a2a8a192a 27.0 32.0

Fine Perle Du Gite FR

Good 1.75L third at Vichy five days ago. Claims if replicating that effort.
Owner: A Lebourgeois
Prize Money: €0

F 2450m 6 A G Maillard
A Lebourgeois
3aDa5aDa0a3a20DaDm7a 39.0 77.0

Frescaty D'icelea FR

Good 2.25L second at Chateaubriant last month. Leading contender.
Owner: M Soulas
Prize Money: €76,260

F 2450m 6 M Mottier
Mme S Raimond
2a3a9aDa2a3a3aDa1a20 3.10 2.40


Racing and Sports

FRESCATY D'ICELEA (16) can deliver a victory following a 2.25L second at Chateaubriant. Top driver booked. FLEUR DE RAMBURES (7) gets another winning opportunity following a 0.5L success at Arras. FABULOUS GIRL (5) is shortlisted following a 6.25L fourth at Saint-Malo. Holds claims. FELINE MOUROTAISE (8) enters calculations on the back of a 3.25L fourth in the previously mentioned Chateaubriant affair.

Selection: 16-7-5-8