14 May 2021 1:50 La Capelle Prix Pierre Godet - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2750 m
  • No. of Runners: 14 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 16000
  • Race Type:Attele
  • Track Surface:Turf
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 13:20 13:55


Hola Jet FR

Unraced Singalo filly. Likely to improve for the experience.
Owner: Y Desmet
Prize Money: €0

F 2750m 4 P Vercruysse
Y Desmet
30.0 36.0

Hello D'aubriere FR

Sixth at Laon on debut 13 days ago. Improvement needed.
Owner: N Delamarre
Prize Money: €0

G 2750m 4 Th Barassin
N Delamarre
6A 43.0 133.0

Hector De Bucy FR

Third at Laon on his return from a break. One to note.
Owner: Francis Geldhof
Prize Money: €3,500

G 2750m 4 Manu Rotsaert
Francis Geldhof
3A3ADA 38.0 66.0

Halcyon Bird FR

DQ on two of his three starts this campaign including at Rambouillet 12 days ago. Dangerous if maintaining stride.
Owner: Ph Thibeuf
Prize Money: €6,650

G 2750m 4 P Y Verva
G a Pou
DA1ADA205A5A 15.0 14.0

Herbagere Decrepon FR

DQ at Enghien first up. Step forward likely.
Owner: Mme P Daudeville
Prize Money: €6,790

F 2750m 4 F Giard
F Giard
DA20DA7A2ADA7A5A2A19 73.0 59.0

Hero D'hertals FR

Victorious by 2L on debut at Saint-Omer 13 days ago. Bold show expected.
Owner: P Solleveld
Prize Money: €7,400

G 2750m 4 R Ebbinge
J Engwerda
1A1A1A 1.80 1.60


Habanera Mip FR

DQ at Le Croise-Laroche four days ago. More required.
Owner: A Bavay
Prize Money: €7,440

F 2750m 4 M Verva
M Verva
DA6A7A2ADADMDM209M4M 34.0 89.0

Hot Shot FR

New shoeing combination tried on first start since a DQ at Mauquenchy in January.
Owner: Hans Depypere
Prize Money: €7,460

M 2750m 4 R Derieux
Hans Depypere
DA20DADA6A3A2A0A2ADA 15.0 25.0

Histoire Du Lys FR

Racing barefoot for the first time having finished 16L eighth at Rambouillet last month.
Owner: G Picq
Prize Money: €7,720

F 2750m 4 F Ouvrie
F Ouvrie
8A7A201A3A4A 15.0 10.0


Helier FR

Good 3.5L third at this venue just under four weeks ago. Top chance in new shoeing combination.
Owner: O Leroy
Prize Money: €8,290

M 2750m 4 Julien Raffestin
F Boismartel
3A3A3A20DA9A6A6A2A 10.0 12.0

Hat Trick Sport FR

Held 19L seventh at this circuit first up. New shoeing combination tried.
Owner: F Demuynck
Prize Money: €8,546

M 2750m 4 G Sucaet
F Demuynck
7A6A200ADMDADA8A9A19 75.0 174.0

Hermine Du Perche FR

Racing without shoes for the first time having finished 0.25L second here just over a month ago. Strong claims.
Owner: Ecurie Foiret
Prize Money: €8,830

F 2750m 4 V Seguin
V Seguin
2A3A2A3A 7.60 6.40


Hera Des Champs FR

DQ in a mounted race at Challans five days ago. Best watched.
Owner: Mme F Locufier
Prize Money: €0

F 2750m 4 B Marie
G Salles
DMDA8A9ADADMDA206M2M 33.0 115.0

Hubli FR

Fair 13L fourth at Le Mans last week. One to note.
Owner: Cte De Bellaigue
Prize Money: €8,920

F 2750m 4 Laurent Verva
J Rosenzweig
4A7A3A6A5ADA205A9A6A 24.0 42.0

Racing and Sports

HELIER (10) may take this following a 3.5L third at this venue. Top chance in this new shoeing combination. HERO D'HERTALS (6) makes the shortlist having won by 2L at Saint-Omer on debut. Key player with progress possible. HERMINE DU PERCHE (12) is considered on the back of a 0.25L second at this circuit. HECTOR DE BUCY (3) ran third at Laon on return from a break. One to note with a step forward likely.

Selection: 10-6-12-3