6 May 2021 5:05 Bordeaux-le Bouscat Agri 33 - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2650 m
  • No. of Runners: 18 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 20000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 16:35 17:14


Espoir Du Dropt FR

DQ in a weaker grade walk up on reappearance. Needs definite progress.
Owner: Ch Feyte
Prize Money: €35,580

G 2650m 7 Ch Feyte
C H Feyte
Da20Da7a3a19DaDa5a9a 52.0 114.0

2 A
Flash Point FR

Improved 2.5L runner up in a weaker class Agen event eleven days ago. Place angle racing barefoot.
Owner: Charles Bouvier
Prize Money: €35,640

G 2650m 6 Charles Bouvier
Charles Bouvier
2a0aDa2a0a206a7a2a5a 38.0 34.0

Fripon D'any FR

Good turf performer. More on plate raised in standard back on this surface.
Owner: F Gence
Prize Money: €39,540

G 2650m 6 F Gence
F Gence
5a1a5a201a3a1a1a6a7a 13.0 18.0

Fuego D'iraty FR

No progress in five similar level walk ups this term. Hard to recommend.
Owner: W Lhermitte
Prize Money: €40,680

G 2650m 6 E Raffin
W Lhermitte
Ra207a0a9a7a8a19Dm7m 9.40 15.0

Finger Des Bordes FR

Chasing a hat-trick following success in two weaker grade walk ups since resuming. Could take this class rise in his stride without rear shoes.
Owner: D Dore
Prize Money: €41,620

G 2650m 6 Cedric Terry
D Dore
1a1a0aDa203a3aDa2a4a 14.0 9.00


6 A
Floreal FR

Second in four of previous walk ups in easier company. Frame contender racing barefoot.
Owner: Charles Bouvier
Prize Money: €41,670

G 2650m 6 R Bouvier
Charles Bouvier
2a2aDa2a2a6m205aDa5a 6.00 3.60


First De Choisel FR

Held sixth on reappearance but expected to take a big leap forward with an excellent record without shoes.
Owner: Ch Besnier
Prize Money: €41,830

G 2650m 6 Y Lacombe
Y Lacombe
6a207a4aDaDaDaDa1a3a 16.0 13.0

Fleuron Du Linais FR

Midfield in a similar class Cholet walk up seventeen days ago. More needed.
Owner: Th Le Floch
Prize Money: €42,100

G 2650m 6 T H Le Floch
T H Le Floch
7a3a9a20Da7a5a7a2a8a 23.0 39.0

Flicflac Du Logis FR

Down the field in a pair of weaker walk ups since resuming. Minor role likely.
Owner: D Windrif
Prize Money: €42,100

G 2650m 6 P Y Verva
P Y Verva
9a9a205a0a8a2a1a1a5a 21.0 34.0

Fiorentino FR

Mixed form since resuming but has a good placed record without rear shoes.
Owner: Jean Travers
Prize Money: €42,810

G 2650m 6 D Thomain
C H Cuiller
3aDm2a0a7a201aDaDaDa 11.0 17.0

Fighter Jihaime FR

Track and trip winner on penultimate outing prior to a DQ at Cherbourg. Key player without shoes.
Owner: Ecurie De Lianger
Prize Money: €42,990

G 2650m 6 F Nivard
C Herserant
Da1a7aDa20DaDa6a4a8a 3.70 3.50


Eclair D'Hervy FR

Infrequent winner who finished runner up on reappearance but failed to confirm that promise at Agen. Others more reliable.
Owner: J J Delhal
Prize Money: €43,220

G 2650m 7 J J Delhal
J J Delhal
0a2a200aDa0a192aDa3a 136.0 159.0

Feu Follet Du Cebe FR

Good second in this standard last term and not discounted with this new shoeing combination third up.
Owner: Mlle Eve Duffillol
Prize Money: €44,520

G 2675m 6 J Chavatte
Y Lacombe
7aDaRa192a7a5a3a1a8a 27.0 26.0

Espace Fix FR

Beaten a long way in a pair of walk ups this term. No appeal.
Owner: Mme O Cordier
Prize Money: €49,700

G 2675m 7 V Cabos
Y Lacombe
0a0a200a5a3aDa3a4a19 80.0 112.0

Elvis Des Glenan FR

Down the field in a weaker grade Maure-De-Bretagne walk up eight days ago. Could strip fitter.
Owner: F Leblanc
Prize Money: €83,840

G 2675m 7 L Guinoiseau
F Leblanc
8a209a7m4a0a6a6a8a7a 24.0 58.0

Edelzwiker FR

Fourth and ninth in previous two easier walk ups. Not dismissed as a previous winner at this track.
Owner: G Bosque
Prize Money: €86,110

G 2675m 7 M Criado
G Bosque
9a4a4a1a0a3a3a201a2a 29.0 40.0

Full Du Langis FR

2L fourth in a better grade Toulouse walk up fifteen days ago. Contender.
Owner: Mlle G Mailloux
Prize Money: €89,290

M 2675m 6 E Audebert
J Lagenebre
4a5aDa200aDa9a6a4aDm 15.0 13.0

Eustache FR

Yet to find a placing in five attempts here and may need this after a break.
Owner: D G Chavatte
Prize Money: €89,850

G 2675m 7 D G Chavatte
D G Chavatte
8a20Da5m8a0a2a0a7a7m 77.0 140.0

Racing and Sports

FIGHTER JIHAIME (11) won at this course and distance two starts ago. Taken seriously to go close in this similar contest. Rates a top chance. FINGER DES BORDES (5) is a notable runner upped in class after back to back walk up successes since resuming. Likely to cope with this rise in grade. FLOREAL (6) looks a frame option after finishing second in four of the previous five attempts. Do not dismiss FIRST DE CHOISEL (7) maintaining a good record without shoes.

Selection: 11-5-6-7