5 May 2021 12:50 Maure De Bretagne Coca Cola- Attele

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  • Race Distance:2850 m
  • No. of Runners: 15 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 19000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 12:30 12:54


Glorhea D'hameline FR

Failed to finish on last three starts and happy to oppose following that.
Owner: S Michel
Prize Money: €15,230

F 2850m 5 Mlle Anais Michel
S Michel
DaaaDa6a6a8a5a20DaDa 62.0 135.0

Galga D'escrit FR

Ended last campaign in flying form. Recent efforts have not been at the same level however but now is third up so should be primed. Shortlisted racing barefoot.
Owner: Mme J Parrot
Prize Money: €16,260

F 2850m 5 A Randon
A Randon
4aDa202a3a1a2aDaDaRa - -


Glamoire FR

1.75L fourth at Ecommoy was a lot better effort. Holds claims if able to build upon that.
Owner: R Corbin
Prize Money: €21,580

F 2850m 5 R Corbin
R Corbin
4a8a9a7a20Da1aDa6aDa 24.0 19.0

Galilea Celo FR

1.25L winner on reappearance at Vire. Failed to build on that since but worth another try.
Owner: L Leneveu
Prize Money: €21,890

F 2850m 5 F Lagadeuc
L Leneveu
Da1a200a3a5a5a5a3a1a 20.0 22.0

Gavarnie FR

Resumes having been absent since November. May need this run.
Owner: Ecurie Comte P De Montesson
Prize Money: €22,610

F 2850m 5 Ch Lancelin
E Ruault
209aDa3a6aDaDaDa1a4a 54.0 72.0

Grahika FR

Form figures of late are only modest. Happy to take on.
Owner: Ecurie Delsee
Prize Money: €32,050

F 2850m 5 S Ernault
S Ernault
DaDa4a0m9aDa205a7a1a 31.0 13.0

Girl De L'etoile FR

Running consistently in defeat without troubling the judge. Rates highly however and is hard to rule out.
Owner: Ph Deroyand
Prize Money: €23,990

F 2850m 5 P ph Ploquin
P H Deroyand
5a8a7a8a3a208a5a1a5a 16.0 15.0

Grace Renaudine FR

2.75L fourth at Cordemais second up. Should improve again and will now be primed. Holds claims running barefoot.
Owner: B Reboussin
Prize Money: €26,440

F 2850m 5 J Ph Monclin
P H Boutin
4a0a200a5a5a5a0a3a2a 5.10 6.10


Gaeline Servinoise FR

1L second at Chatelaillon La Rochelle two starts back reads as good form. Threat to all if repeating.
Owner: Ecurie Herve Sionneau
Prize Money: €0

F 2850m 5 H Sionneau
H Sionneau
Da2a5mDm7a20DaDaDaDa 7.10 9.50

Gallica Du Vinois FR

Disappointing runs either side of a good placed effort at Ecommoy. Needs personal best.
Owner: F Terry
Prize Money: €27,700

F 2850m 5 Cedric Terry
F Terry
Da2a0a20Da1a6a5a6a0a 11.0 14.0

11 A
Graine D'urzy FR

23 race maiden but has placed on eight of those starts. Clearly has ability including when a 4L runner up two weeks ago. Worth a second look.
Owner: Ecurie Marechal
Prize Money: €27,900

F 2850m 5 O Raffin
C H Hamel
2a5aDa4a20Da7a7a2a3a 6.10 4.30


12 A
Gaia D'urzy FR

Placed on reappearance. Failed to build upon that in two subsequent runs but worth one more chance.
Owner: Ecurie Marechal
Prize Money: €28,750

F 2850m 5 B Rochard
C H Hamel
5a0a3a202m4m3aDa3a4a 8.10 12.0

Gazetta De Lou FR

Honest mare that won a better grade event at Le Mans three weeks ago. Goes particularly well for this driver. Contender.
Owner: Ch Germain
Prize Money: €45,170

F 2875m 5 Cl Frecelle
J Raffegeau
1a4a3a1a20DaDa5aDa7a 7.10 5.30


Glory Mesloise FR

DQ ten days ago but had excuses. Won two of three starts prior to that. Threat to all if bouncing back.
Owner: Ecurie Bois Doufray
Prize Money: €47,760

F 2875m 5 C Delbecq
P Belloche
Da1a5a1a5aDaDaDa6a20 13.0 17.0

Germaine De Corday FR

Modest recent form figures and happy to oppose.
Owner: Ecurie Ch Bridault
Prize Money: €49,910

F 2875m 5 N Bridault
N Bridault
Da9a0a0a20Da8a4a8a0a 25.0 35.0

Racing and Sports

GAZETTA DE LOU (13) holds strong form claims after a win at Le Mans. Leading contender to follow up. GLORY MESLOISE (14) can be excused a DQ in latest as thriving previously. Big chance. GRAINE D'URZY (11) placed eight times but is without a win. Clearly has the ability to break through if things fall right. Each way chance. GALGA D'ESCRIT (2) races third up and will now be primed. Potential threat to all.

Selection: 13-14-11-2