5 May 2021 11:20 Maure De Bretagne Guillaume De Marcellus- Attele

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  • Race Distance:2850 m
  • No. of Runners: 16 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 6000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 10:50 11:21


El Azizia FR

Modest recent form figures and happy to oppose.
Owner: Th Chupin
Prize Money: €42,230

F 2850m 7 M Morgand
Th Chupin
9a6a0m6a7a205a8a6aDa 85.0 138.0

Coki De Grattieres FR

Shaped with promise this season and now is third up so should be primed. Each way claims racing barefoot.
Owner: D Charruau
Prize Money: €42,975

G 2850m 9 D Charruau
D Charruau
4a7a200a0aDa8a7a8a6a 33.0 45.0

Easy Kiss FR

Well over 1000 days since a last victory and is unlikely to change that here.
Owner: B Gulbransen
Prize Money: €44,880

M 2850m 7 D Lefranc
B Gulbransen
0a6a5a200a3a8a0a8aDa 13.0 11.0

Davanti Scorza FR

Recent form figures make little appeal. Happy to take on.
Owner: P Corbin
Prize Money: €45,160

G 2850m 8 P Corbin
P Corbin
0a208a0aDa9aDa0a6aDa 64.0 113.0

Elee De Tedd FR

Game nose winner on reappearance. Failed to build upon that when down the field second up but remains hard to rule out.
Owner: Mme M Ch Jourdam
Prize Money: €45,350

F 2850m 7 J ph Bazire
Mme M Jourdam
0a1a208a5a0a8a3a4a1a 26.0 40.0

Egee Quesnot FR

Placed on two of three runs for this driver but needs to re-find form she was in earlier this campaign if she is to factor.
Owner: W Michel
Prize Money: €45,485

F 2850m 7 Maxence Lecoq
W Michel
0aDa2a6a3a9a200a7a2a 7.80 6.50


Eliot De Melodie FR

1L second at a country track ten days ago. Drops in grade and has a big chance. Keep safe.
Owner: S Paumard
Prize Money: €45,820

G 2850m 7 Mlle J Lelievre
S Paumard
2a4a4a5a0a206a0a190a 9.60 8.70


Emir Speedhycat FR

DQ on first two starts this campaign. Happy to oppose following that.
Owner: Ed Marquez
Prize Money: €46,265

G 2850m 7 P Divare
V Marquez
DaDa200a1aDa0a6aDa2a 23.0 33.0

Dream De Saint So FR

Ended last campaign with back to back DQ. Happy to oppose unless market moves positively.
Owner: Melvin Kondritz
Prize Money: €46,855

G 2850m 8 M Poirier
Melvin Kondritz
20DaDa5a3a3a0a9aDa3a 32.0 20.0

Erbajo FR

4L fourth at Laval last week. That was a good effort and can improve again. Each way player.
Owner: B Debris
Prize Money: €57,404

G 2875m 7 B Debris
B Debris
4a0a6a6aDa6a20Da0aDa 40.0 61.0

Elza Treli FR

Inconsistent mare. Placing at Laval two starts back reads as good form and a threat to all if at that level again.
Owner: A Guyard
Prize Money: €68,990

F 2875m 7 Mlle A Beaucamp
A Guyard
0a3a7aDa207a5a0a7a9a 13.0 13.0

Danika Des Caves FR

Struggled so far this campaign and happy to oppose here.
Owner: J M Le Cerf
Prize Money: €69,910

F 2875m 8 Mlle C Bouchez
J M Le Cerf
7m5a0a8a20am0a4m2a19 58.0 43.0

Coquin De Cessevil FR

Far from disgraced second up when fifth at Laval and should now be primed. Place chance running barefoot.
Owner: Michel Radigue
Prize Money: €71,490

G 2875m 9 Mlle L Lefebvre
A Pereira
5a0a205a2a1a6aaa0aDa 24.0 24.0

Coco Du Niel FR

Thriving at present and has won both starts since resuming this campaign. Contender.
Owner: B G Guerin
Prize Money: €72,570

G 2875m 9 F Perron
B G Guerin
1a1a200a1a2a4a1a9a6a 2.00 2.00


Desir Du Juille FR

Mid-field finishes recently and similar performance is expected.
Owner: E Beudard
Prize Money: €78,630

G 2875m 8 Ph Pellerin
E Beudard
7a208a7a4a4a2a1aDa2a 32.0 37.0

Dossimo FR

Been running in much better races than this of late. Gets a big grade drop and can do better as a result. Worth a second look.
Owner: F Terry
Prize Money: €114,060

G 2900m 8 R Villesalmon
Arnaud Morin
Da5a0a206a0a0a0a0aDa 51.0 94.0

Racing and Sports

COCO DU NIEL (14) won three of the past four starts and is clearly thriving at present. Could not be in any better form and is the one to beat. ELIOT DE MELODIE (7) is progressing in recent outings. Placed among good company ten days ago and holds a chance following that. COKI DE GRATTIERES (2) shaped with significant promise recently. Now is third up could be primed and is an each way player. ELZA TRELI (11) looks a threat to all based on best form.

Selection: 14-7-2-11