5 May 2021 6:35 Enghien Malbo- Attele

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  • Race Distance:2150 m
  • No. of Runners: 12 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 18000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 18:05 18:46


1 (1)
Evorev FR

DQ in this company at Vincennes when strong in the market 22 days ago. Key player if able to complete.
Owner: Ecurie Du Vieux Chene
Prize Money: €87,170

G 2150m 7 Alexis Lerenard
Mickael Cormy
Da3a3a0a3a204a0aDa2a 7.40 5.40


2 (2)
Expert D'Erpion FR

2L sixth in a stronger grade autostart seventeen days ago. Not discounted eased in standard.
Owner: Ecurie B Q S Sprl
Prize Money: €88,580

G 2150m 7 D Thiefaine
J Koubiche
6a8a7a0a208a5a4a1a6a 15.0 26.0

3 (3)
Fitzroy FR

Improved runner up effort in a higher level autostart four days ago. In the mix if able to replicate. Races barefoot.
Owner: Mlle L Pacha
Prize Money: €86,200

G 2150m 6 Th Radoux
Nils Pacha
2aDa7a9aDa7a7a206a6a 10.0 6.20


4 (4)
Engala De Lou FR

No show in two autostarts since resuming. Could improve racing barefoot.
Owner: Ecurie Pole Position
Prize Money: €130,020

F 2150m 7 Nicolas Lefevre
P Terry
0a0a5a1a3a206a0a6a1a 4.60 5.20


5 (5)
Espoir De Toues FR

Needs to bounce back from a DQ on reappearance but has scored in this class previously.
Owner: M Maige
Prize Money: €134,290

G 2150m 7 G Horrach Vidal
P Terry
DaDa8aDa201a8a1a3aDa 9.00 8.50

6 (6)
Facto Turgot FR

Six placings from thirteen autostarts including a second at Vincennes on penultimate outing. Frame option running barefoot.
Owner: M Nadji
Prize Money: €98,870

G 2150m 6 J Leroulley
B Hojka
0a2a9a9a6a1a3a4a209a 7.40 6.80

7 (7)
Euro Beco FR

Fair fourth in a better grade walk up at Cordemais ten days ago. In the mix.
Owner: Ecurie Herve Guerin
Prize Money: €91,060

G 2150m 7 D Davoust
M Bezier
4a6a2a5a4a0a204a6a4a 4.60 6.40

8 (8)
Great Zeus FR

Walk up winner in this grade prior to a well beaten eighth five days ago. Place chance.
Owner: Mlle A Sobaszek
Prize Money: €82,270

G 2150m 5 Mlle A S Vallette
G Thorel
8a1a5a8a9a7a4a3a201a 9.50 9.30

9 (9)
Evora FR

One placing from eighteen autostarts. Readily opposed.
Owner: Mme K Wepierre
Prize Money: €68,820

F 2150m 7 J Melis Macias
F Giard
DaDa7aDa6a0a0aDa20Da 23.0 44.0

10 (10)
Ecrin De Meslay FR

Three consecutive DQs and unplaced on sole autostart attempt. Best watched.
Owner: A Hollie
Prize Money: €64,780

G 2150m 7 Y Salaun
A G Maillard
DaDaDa5aDa204m4a6m1m - -


11 (11)
Elton Meslois FR

DQs in all four runs since resuming. Has ability but prefer to watch a completion before supporting.
Owner: M Herrault
Prize Money: €56,000

G 2150m 7 M Herrault
M Verva
DaDaDaDa206a2aDa4a6a 28.0 60.0

12 (12)
Excelebration FR

Midfield in previous two stronger autostarts. Place option without shoes.
Owner: Loic Lagoutte
Prize Money: €85,014

G 2150m 7 A Favris
D Lecroq
7a8a7a9a4a20DaDa2a3a 34.0 27.0

Racing and Sports

EVOREV (1) was DQ at Vincennes when strong in the market. Key player if completing. EURO BECO (7) produced a fourth in a higher level walk up at Cordemais. In the mix. FITZROY (3) is among the top each way chances after an improved second in a stronger class autostart four days ago. Keep safe. GREAT ZEUS (8) warrants thought following a win in this grade two outings back. Forgive latest below par effort and may bounce back.

Selection: 1-7-3-8