4 May 2021 3:05 Chartres L'hommage A Eric Poisson - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2800 m
  • No. of Runners: 14 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 25000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 14:35 15:07


Emir Sly FR

3L fifth in a weaker autostart on reappearance. Not discounted for a placing.
Owner: D Fitoussi
Prize Money: €86,740

G 2800m 7 B Coppens
P Vercruysse
5a207aDaDa2a6a1a1a4a 19.0 25.0

Escampette FR

3.25L sixth in this company at Mauquenchy 62 days ago. Frame option for a good driver.
Owner: E Cavey
Prize Money: €93,160

F 2800m 7 A Wiels
E Cavey
6a3a0a2a4a200a0a0a6a 5.80 5.90


Des Sabots D'Or FR

Well held in a weaker autostart on reappearance. Removal of shoes could spark improvement.
Owner: Ecurie A G Maillard
Prize Money: €93,680

G 2800m 8 A G Maillard
A G Maillard
0a205a0a5a0a4a2a5a9a 13.0 18.0

Dingue De Toi FR

Solid runner up in this class third up. Frame contender.
Owner: K De Poorter
Prize Money: €94,620

G 2800m 8 B Rochard
P Hende
2a7a4aDa2a4a204a7a1a 6.80 5.70


Eliot Du Louvet FR

Fine 3L third in this company at Mauquenchy last month. Place angle.
Owner: Ecurie Dominique Lemetayer
Prize Money: €94,570

M 2800m 7 N Lemetayer
D Lemetayer
3a4a3a8a209a0aDa7a1a 11.0 9.60

Dream Together FR

Fourth in previous two walk ups in this standard. May need this after a break.
Owner: Mme P Daudeville
Prize Money: €95,330

G 2800m 8 F Giard
F Giard
207a3a4a4a6a8a8a0a2a 59.0 116.0

Eldorado Castelets FR

13L ninth in this class second up. Other make more appeal.
Owner: Y Desmet
Prize Money: €95,610

G 2800m 7 Y Lebourgeois
C H Cuiller
9a2a200a2a1a2aDa8a7a 4.00 2.80


Eole Verderie FR

Running well without winning in this company. Could go well at attractive odds.
Owner: Ecurie D' Embeli
Prize Money: €95,720

G 2800m 7 A Dugard
B Le Beller
6a4a6a3aDmDa200a3a8a 13.0 16.0

Fee De Boisney FR

Well held in previous few starts but easier in grade after an absence. Prepared to overlook first up.
Owner: J Van Eeckhaute
Prize Money: €95,930

F 2800m 6 J ch Piton
J Van Eeckhaute
0a200a0a7a0a5aDa4a5a 22.0 43.0

Buzz Gral FR

Ninth at claiming level 45 days ago. Unlikely to feature.
Owner: A Huard
Prize Money: €121,490

G 2825m 10 L Guillemin
X Leveau
9a8a207a0a7a0a4a0a5a 71.0 111.0

Bambou De Calvi FR

7L eighth in a better walk up at Vincennes eighteen days ago. Place chance without rear shoes.
Owner: R Rucinski
Prize Money: €168,440

G 2825m 10 F Anne
R Rucinski
8a0a0a5a9a4a8a207a0a 16.0 35.0

Eclipse D'Orient FR

Ninth on reappearance at this level eight days ago. Should strip fitter.
Owner: J De Brabander
Prize Money: €0

F 2825m 7 F Ouvrie
J Niskanen
9a5a0a203a2a4a5a4a8a 8.30 8.30

Fable Du Plessis FR

6.5L third in the G2 Prix Victor Cavey mounted event 343 days ago. Has stronger driven form if sharp enough on return.
Owner: Ecurie Des Bleuets
Prize Money: €174,970

F 2825m 6 P ph Ploquin
P Ploquin
203mDa8a191a5aDa7aDa 17.0 32.0

Emphasis Turbo FR

4.25L fourth in a better walk up two back. Contender if ready after a break.
Owner: Ecurie De Tierceville
Prize Money: €185,570

M 2825m 7 B Blachet
B Blachet
206a4a5a9a7a6a3a3a1a 64.0 129.0

Racing and Sports

EMPHASIS TURBO (14) resumes after an absence. Last start delivered a good 4.25L fourth in a stronger walk up at Caen over 2450m. Leading hope eased in grade. FABLE DU PLESSIS (13) is among the top chances if sharp enough on reappearance with better form than most including a placing in the G2 mounted Prix Victor Cavey at Le Mans. Respected back in a driven event. ESCAMPETTE (2) holds a fair each way chance securing good driver. ECLIPSE D'ORIENT (12) may strip fitter second up. Keep on side.

Selection: 14-13-2-12