16 Apr 2021 6:45 La Teste De Buch Jean Bardon Handicap

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  • Race Distance:2000 m
  • No. of Runners:18 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 14000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Turf
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 18:15 18:49


1 (12)
Brandy Eyes GB

Won and placed from two starts last campaign. Top chance eased in grade on return.
Owner: M Stehli
Prize Money: €47,760

F 7/60.0 C Sommereux
M Stehli
260 202p1p0p4p2p0p1p4p7p 18.0 10.0

2 (7)
Djannabi FR

Won three starts back and produced a good effort in better race last time. Each way chance.
Owner: N Ozguler
Prize Money: €15,874

M 4/60.0 V Seguy
D Morisson
260 8p0p1p7p0p209p4p4p2p 18.0 24.0

3 (4)
Maxishine USA

Running consistently on the AW in this grade recently. Respected if replicating on the turf.
Owner: Ecurie Biraben
Prize Money: €10,290

G 5/60.0 A Gavilan
Guillemin (s)
260 3p5p2p204p4p0p8p7p0p 5.40 3.30


4 (11)
Asandros FR

0.3L second in a claimer at Toulouse. Not discounted with Julien Auge taking back over.
Owner: M Tabti/h Dos Santos/c Auche
Prize Money: €40,570

M 5/59.5 J Auge
L Larrigade
255 2p0p6p3p1p0p206p9p3p 8.50 5.60


5 (10)
Girly Pearl FR

1L winner at Toulouse 16 days ago. Respected in this class under the same rider.
Owner: Mlle Al Jacq
Prize Money: €27,250

F 5/58.5 C Larrigade
M Guarnieri
245 1p2p8p0p0p200p0p1p6p 13.0 9.30


6 (8)
Fineha FR

Poor strike rate and needs more on recent performances.
Owner: Mme N Garde Dubord
Prize Money: €36,060

F 6/58.0 A Crastus
Mme N Dubord
240 7p4p4p0p200p3p6p9p2p 19.0 20.0

7 (9)
Ouragan Indien FR

16 race maiden and finished down the field on both starts this campaign. Up against it.
Owner: Mme C Lopez
Prize Money: €0

G 5/58.0 G Sanchez
F Seguin
240 8p8pAh208hAh2hAh3hTh 44.0 82.0

8 (3)
Solitary Man FR

Placing three starts ago stands out in recent runs as a rare good effort. Needs more.
Owner: Mme I Bein-Trautmann
Prize Money: €70,965

G 6/57.5 M Meyer
F Pardon
235 0p0p3p200p0p0p5p9p0p 17.0 31.0

9 (2)
Queen Liberty FR

Out of form and likely to struggle once more.
Owner: Jl Raymond
Prize Money: €42,195

F 5/57.0 A Werle
O Trigodet
230 9p0p0p200p0p0p3p6p2p 17.0 32.0

10 (16)
Cardiel FR

Struggled on reappearance but is capable of finding the frame in this class.
Owner: D Chastenet
Prize Money: €73,962

G 9/56.5 C Cornet
D Chastenet
225 0p207p7p3p8p6p1p5p4p 21.0 36.0

11 (15)
Canada FR

Recent form figures make little appeal and he is easily opposed.
Owner: G Heurtault
Prize Money: €20,030

G 5/56.0 M Foulon
G Heurtault
220 0p0p7p0p200p0p4p8p4p 27.0 50.0

12 (5)
Laranza FR

Placed first up this campaign but not yet built upon that. Needs more.
Owner: J Violet/ Mme C Auche
Prize Money: €43,805

F 5/55.0 C Cadel
L Larrigade
210 0p5p5p3p205p0p3p5p0p 10.0 17.0

13 (14)
Curly Chop FR

Returned to form with 1.3L third at Tarbes. Each way player in the same grade.
Owner: F Seguin
Prize Money: €31,580

G 6/54.5 A Merou
F Seguin
205 3p0p0p200p0p5p1p8p7p 14.0 13.0

14 (6)
Royal Bowl FR

Just behind the re-opposing Curly Chop at Tarbes last time. Each way claims on that form.
Owner: Mme C Lopez
Prize Money: €94,345

G 8/54.5 C Ghersi
F Seguin
205 4p0p0p204p7p0p1p6p7p 16.0 31.0

15 (1)
Beaumont En Auge FR

Makes seasonal reappearance. Market check advised to determine readiness on return.
Owner: Ecurie Centrale
Prize Money: €7,850

G 6/53.0 M Pelletan
J L Pelletan
190 206hAs3s2h8h4h2h3h0p 31.0 48.0

16 (17)
Hemiarton FR

Modest winning strike rate and unlikely to factor.
Owner: Jl Pelletan
Prize Money: €46,525

G 6/52.5 M Forest
J L Pelletan
185 7p9p3p4p4p8p209p0p0p 21.0 30.0

17 (13)
Prophets Pride GB

Disappointed last time but he had placed on two starts before that. Each way claims if bouncing back.
Owner: Ecurie De Partage Galop
Prize Money: €223,784

M 11/52.5 G Guedj-gay
Mlle C Nicot
185 0p203p3p4p0p5p4p4p6p 19.0 37.0

18 (18)
Crack Mambo FR

Head second at Angouleme just over a month ago. Not discounted back in a handicap.
Owner: Mlle H Sourbe
Prize Money: €50,950

G 9/51.0 Lily Le Pemp
Mlle H Sourbe
150 2p7p0p207p2p2p4p8p7p 15.0 22.0

Racing and Sports

BRANDY EYES (1) won and placed in stronger races last campaign. Top chance eased in grade on reappearance. ASANDROS (4) was a 0.3L second in a claimer at Toulouse. Not discounted with Julien Auge taking over. MAXISHINE (3) is in good form on the AW of late. Each way claims. CURLY CHOP (13) returned to form when placing at Tarbes. Threat to all if building upon that.

Selection: 1-4-3-13