16 Apr 2021 4:05 Fontainebleau Bois Commanderi Handicap

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  • Race Distance:2000 m
  • No. of Runners:18 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 21000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Turf
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 15:35 16:16


1 (10)
Karioitahi IRE

Victorious by 1L in a 1900m claimer at Chantilly AW last month. Debuting for a new trainer.
Owner: F Alloncle
Prize Money: €44,415

F 4/60.0 S Maillot
F Alloncle
330 1p7p5p206p2p4p3p5p3p 26.0 26.0

2 (17)
Another Planet FR

Held 3.5L 11th over 1800m on the AW at Lyon-la-Soie in January. Best watched.
Owner: B Goudot
Prize Money: €70,271

G 4/60.0 A Nicco
B Goudot
330 0p206p3p7p4p5p7p1p2p 42.0 69.0

3 (13)
Boy Davier FR

Head second over 2000m on soft going in a conditions race here in September. Strong claims if sharp for his return.
Owner: A Clavier
Prize Money: €21,885

G 4/60.0 M Velon
P De Chevigny
330 202p1p2p2p5p5p8p 13.0 8.70


4 (9)
Panjaman FR

Down the field 12th over 2400m at Saint-Cloud (soft) on seasonal debut. Improvement expected.
Owner: Mme Mc Elaerts/g Barbarin
Prize Money: €17,995

G 4/60.0 I Mendizabal
S Cerulis
330 0p2p205p5p1p4p6p7p 4.60 5.30


5 (6)
Pink Princess GB

Held 15L fifth over 1800m at Le Croise-Laroche (soft) first up. Step forward likely returning to a handicap.
Owner: Cjm Wolters
Prize Money: €52,964

F 4/59.5 H Besnier
Cjm Wolters
325 5p200p9p4p3p7p3p1p 28.0 58.0

6 (18)
Sudan FR

Midfield finish when 3.25L eighth over 2400m at Saint-Cloud (soft) 18 days ago. More required.
Owner: Dr G Moser
Prize Money: €10,059

M 4/59.5 A Lemaitre
Frau Y Vollmer
325 8p206p1p4p7p 20.0 13.0

7 (16)
Arco Grande FR

Fair 3.75L fifth over 1600m at Saint-Cloud (soft) last month. One to note in this class.
Owner: C Mueller
Prize Money: €22,385

G 4/59.0 J Claudic
E Lyon
320 5p0p200p0p4p3p2p1p6p 13.0 11.0

8 (5)
Amazing Filly FR

Down the field 12th in a 2400m conditions race at Saint-Cloud (good) earlier this month. Others hold more obvious claims.
Owner: G Durot
Prize Money: €34,355

F 4/59.0 D Santiago
Y Bonnefoy
320 0p1p5p5h201h7p8p3p0p 18.0 21.0

9 (8)
Bourdain FR

Good 1L second over 2000m at Strasbourg (good-to-soft) 11 days ago Top chance for a leading jockey.
Owner: Mme A Nesser
Prize Money: €19,240

M 4/57.5 M Guyon
P&J Brandt
305 2p5p1p6p204p2p0p0p4p 3.90 4.10


10 (4)
Tom Red GER

Ended last year with a 9.5L victory in a 2000m conditions race at Mulheim (heavy) in December. Bold show likely.
Owner: Stall Tommy
Prize Money: €7,650

G 4/57.5 A Madamet
W Hickst
305 201p6p6p6p6p3p 17.0 14.0

11 (1)
Olga FR

Changed trainers since a 12L 11th over 1600m at Chantilly AW in January. Best watched.
Owner: Mlle C Jung
Prize Money: €17,996

F 4/57.0 L Poggionovo
Mlle C Jung
300 0p200p0p0p0p2p3p1p9p 31.0 42.0

12 (7)
Get Set IRE

Held 8.5L sixth over 1900m at Chantilly AW 15 days ago. Others hold more obvious claims.
Owner: Bl Jones
Prize Money: €47,230

G 4/57.0 H Journiac
A Hollinshead
300 6p8p2p0p8p202p2p4p5p 32.0 21.0

13 (14)
Edgar Best IRE

F8.5L fifth in a heavy ground 1800m event at Compiegne last month. Minor role likely.
Owner: Esageruma Nein Sas
Prize Money: €11,380

M 4/57.0 E Hardouin
F Carnevali
300 5p6p9p0p202p6p9p1p8p 16.0 15.0

14 (15)
Lady Mag FR

Below par 20L 11th over 2000m at Compiegne (heavy) just over a month ago. Others preferred.
Owner: Mlle Av Maguarian
Prize Money: €22,814

F 4/56.5 T Trullier
H De Nicolay
295 0p200p6p4p1p3p0p6p3p 28.0 34.0

15 (12)
Mission Impossible FR

Changed stables since a 5L second in an 1800m maiden at Saint-Malo (good) in July. Handicap debut.
Owner: S Bourgois/a Giannini/g Barbedet
Prize Money: €2,700

G 4/56.5 Y Bourgois
G Barbedette
295 202p0p7p - -


16 (11)
Spinning Mist GB

Down the field 6.25L ninth in a 1300m conditions race at Chantilly AW first up. Stamina to prove over this distance.
Owner: Mme C Braire
Prize Money: €28,450

F 4/56.5 L Boisseau
T Poche
295 9p8p0p199p0p1p1p1p5p 41.0 61.0

17 (2)
Hana Dela Barriere FR

Below par 6.25L seventh over 1600m at Nantes (good-to-soft) 18 days ago. Improvement required back in a handicap.
Owner: E Lecoiffier
Prize Money: €16,207

F 4/56.0 T Baron
E Lecoiffier
290 7p7p3p209p9p2p2p4p2p 23.0 24.0

18 (3)
Joao FR

Held 7.5L over 2000m at Strasbourg (good-to-soft) 11 days ago. Step forward needed.
Owner: Ecurie Club Des Etoiles
Prize Money: €31,090

G 4/55.0 T Bachelot
Boutin (s)
280 5p5p203p4p4p4p6p7p8p 12.0 13.0

Racing and Sports

BOURDAIN (9) may record a victory under a top jockey having finished 1L second in a 2000m handicap at Strasbourg. ARCO GRANDE (7) makes the shortlist in the class on the back of a 3.75L fifth over 1600m at Saint-Cloud. The unexposed TOM RED (10) is respected first up having ended last year with a 9.5L triumph on heavy going at Mulheim. BOY DAVIER (3) delivered a head second attempting 2000m on soft going here on his final outing last year. One to note with more to come over this journey.

Selection: 9-7-10-3