16 Apr 2021 12:35 Fontainebleau De Samois Seine Handicap

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  • Race Distance:2600 m
  • No. of Runners:18 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 12000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Turf
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 12:30 12:39


1 (16)
Simbaya GER

5L fifth over 2200m on very heavy going at Amiens last month. Improvement required.
Owner: Mlle D Cunnington Jr
Prize Money: €24,900

F 5/60.0 T Lefranc
C Boutin
195 5p5p6p9p2p0p200p3p9p 19.0 19.0

2 (18)
Zabelia FR

Good 2.5L fourth in a 2400m handicap at Cagnes-sur-Mer (soft) in February. Bold show expected.
Owner: F Boualem
Prize Money: €32,975

F 6/59.0 G Champier
F Boualem
185 4p202p2p3p9p5p2p8p2p 8.90 9.50

3 (15)
Zinzichera FR

1.75L sixth over 2600m at Marseille-Borely (good) last month. Claims in this event with a good jockey booked.
Owner: Jc Sarais
Prize Money: €110,620

F 9/59.0 G Mosse
N Perret
185 6p5p0p0p205p4p8p1p8p 10.0 12.0

4 (5)
Demoiselledavignon FR

Returned this campaign with a head victory in a 2200m handicap at Amiens (very heavy) last month. Strong claims.
Owner: M Schiestel
Prize Money: €137,570

F 10/58.5 D Santiago
M Schiestel
180 1p207p6p4p8p0p0p2p5p 10.0 13.0

5 (10)
Radiec FR

Placed both starts this spell including when 2L second over 2000m at Strasbourg (soft) at the end of last month. Leading contender.
Owner: F Meckes
Prize Money: €6,175

G 6/58.5 A Nicco
F Meckes
180 2p3p208p9p9p9p196p3p 7.00 4.90


6 (3)
Proelia FR

Fair 3.25L seventh in a 2700m handicap at Chantilly AW 15 days ago. Only previous victory came on turf.
Owner: J Bourgeais
Prize Money: €16,605

F 5/58.0 M Berto
J bourgeais
175 7p4p7p5p8p209p0p4p6p 15.0 16.0

7 (14)
Lagon Mersois FR

Faded when 14L eighth over 3000m at Mont-de-Marsan (good-to-soft) last month. Best watched.
Owner: I Raybould
Prize Money: €77,700

G 9/57.5 K Raybould
I Raybould
170 8p8p200p0p3p0p9p1p8p 60.0 95.0

8 (17)
Jolie Storm GB

2L fifth over 2200m at Lyon-Parilly (soft) last month. Notable contender for a top jockey.
Owner: Jd Bastiani
Prize Money: €47,445

F 6/57.0 M Guyon
S Labate
165 5p3p3p208p7p7p0p5p0p 6.70 5.00


9 (6)
Texas Bright Moon FR

Struggled 32L eighth in a heavy ground 2400m handicap at Saint-Cloud in October. Likely to improve for the race.
Owner: Mme C Janssen
Prize Money: €54,945

F 8/57.0 L Boisseau
Frau Chr Janssen/Belgien
165 208p7p3p2p0p190p0p9p 24.0 34.0

10 (1)
Peageoise D'aumont FR

Good 1L third over 2350m in a Saint-Galmier (good) conditions race three weeks ago. Noted returning to a handicap with Theo Bachelot back in the saddle.
Owner: Ecurie Du Levant Sarl
Prize Money: €7,645

F 5/56.5 T Bachelot
M Cesandri
160 3p6p7p6p2p205p2p8p4p 10.0 8.20


11 (9)
Mehyt FR

Down the field 13L tenth over 2700m at Chantilly AW. Others preferred.
Owner: G Quere
Prize Money: €22,650

G 6/56.5 F Valle Skar
Mlle Mlle S Quere
160 0p8p6p6p207p0p8p7p7p 25.0 28.0

12 (2)
Resoudja FR

Struggled both starts this spell including 24L last of 12 in a 2700m claimer at Chantilly AW in February.
Owner: Mlle S Quere
Prize Money: €0

G 5/56.5 J Mobian
Mlle Mlle S Quere
160 0p0p200p0p197p0p0p 73.0 123.0

13 (13)
Waldenon FR

Looks up against it following a 15L 14th in a 2400m AW handicap at Lyon-la-Soie.
Owner: Earl De La Belle Aumone
Prize Money: €53,320

G 8/55.5 E Hardouin
S Jesus
150 0p202p5p4p3p0p0p4p9p 10.0 13.0

14 (4)
Dusty Men FR

Fair 6.5L sixth in a 2500m claimer at Langon Lilbourne (good) earlier this month. Others make more appeal.
Owner: L Chabot
Prize Money: €8,125

G 8/55.5 S Breux
L Chabot
150 6p5p4p207p7p3p0p0p0p 20.0 25.0

15 (12)
Pink Lotus FR

23 race maiden was beaten 4.75L fifth in a 2400m handicap at Bordeaux (good-to-soft) two weeks ago. Likely to find a few too good.
Owner: S Morineau
Prize Money: €7,340

G 5/55.5 Mlle A Massin
S Morineau
150 5p3p6p5p0p207p9p0p0p 17.0 22.0

16 (11)
Don Papa FR

Below par both starts this spell including when 8.25L 11th over 2400m at Le Lion-d'Angers (good-to-soft) 12 days ago. Others hold more obvious claims.
Owner: M Drean
Prize Money: €67,250

G 8/55.5 J Nicoleau
M Drean
150 0p0p206p2p6p7p9p190p 27.0 47.0

17 (8)
Pokersly FR

Struggled 12L tenth over 1700m at Paray-le-Monial (soft) first up. Improvement needed.
Owner: F Kennel
Prize Money: €203,225

G 11/55.5 C Stefan
F Kennel
150 0p200p8p0p0p195p6p0p 36.0 61.0

18 (7)
Semeur FR

23L sixth in a 4500m cross-country race at Saumur (soft) early last month. Minor role likely.
Owner: A B Michel
Prize Money: €8,715

G 6/55.5 H Lebouc
T Poche
150 6cTs0p0p206pAsAh0p9p 73.0 113.0

Racing and Sports

RADIEC (5) produced a 2L second in a 2000m handicap at Strasbourg. May take this under the same 1.5kg claimer following ZABELIA (2) makes the shortlist having finished 2.5L fourth in a 2400m handicap at Cagnes-sur-Mer. DEMOISELLEDAVIGNON (4) delivered a head victory in a very heavy ground 2200m handicap at Amiens. Enters calculations with more to come second up. JOLIE STORM (8) is respected on the back of a 2L fifth over 2200m at Lyon-Parilly with the booking of Maxime Guyon a positive.

Selection: 5-2-4-8