16 April 2021 3:20 Argentan Phebus - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2875 m
  • No. of Runners: 18 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 26000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 14:50 15:32


Emeraude Jemiska FR

Seventh beaten 10L in a lower class at Bihorel. Needs a lot more.
Owner: M A Maillard
Prize Money: €72,900

F 2875m 7 L Gaborit
L Gaborit
7aDa205a5a2a2a3a9a9a 99.0 163.0

Echo Si FR

Fifth beaten 9L at Durtal in a lower grade. Time before was fifth in this class only beaten 4.5L. Could bounce back.
Owner: J Ch Siour
Prize Money: €75,545

G 2875m 7 S Hardy
S Hardy
5a5a5a6a205a5a0a8a0a 41.0 60.0

Elan Des Iles FR

Seventh at at country track in a lower class beaten 3.5L. Signficant improvement needed.
Owner: A Le Courtois
Prize Money: €76,350

G 2875m 7 E Lelievre
A Le Courtois
7aDa2a7a5a207a8mDa0a 81.0 138.0

Elvis D'Auvrecy FR

Eighth beaten 9.5L at Argentan in two grades lower. Needs significant improvement.
Owner: Ecurie Jeloca
Prize Money: €75,970

G 2875m 7 Mme C Hallais-Dersoir
Mme C Hallais-dersoir
8a0a204m5aDa9a3a3a2a 59.0 111.0

Fortune FR

DQ at a country track in a lower class. Previously had been in good form. Minor claims.
Owner: Mme P Daudeville
Prize Money: €77,500

F 2875m 6 Y Lebourgeois
F Giard
Da5a2a204a1a1a4a1a3a 12.0 6.60


Flocon Digeo FR

Returned from a spell with a ninth at Nort in this class. Can improve second up but not an obvious winner.
Owner: Mme I Delaunay-moquet
Prize Money: €78,660

G 2875m 6 G Houel
Mme V Moquet
9a20DaDa0a2a5a2a6aDa 74.0 149.0

Django Rudelande FR

Tried to make all at Vincennes in two grades lower before breaking late on. Up in class but a chance if getting the lead early.
Owner: G Moinon
Prize Money: €78,810

G 2875m 8 G Moinon
G Moinon
Dm202m1mDa1m7a8aDa6a 296.0 171.0

Dessert Compris FR

Fourth beaten 6.25L at a provincial venue Big class rise and easily passed over.
Owner: G Laubier
Prize Money: €79,690

G 2875m 8 G Donio
M Donio
4a9aDa4a205a8a3a6a2a - -


Dimitria De La Noe FR

DQ on comeback in a much lower class.
Owner: Ecurie Herve Guerin
Prize Money: €79,810

F 2875m 8 G Marin
F Combot
Da208a8aDaDa5aDa4a2a 57.0 102.0

10 A
Gamay De L'iton FR

DQ at Enghien when looking likely to place in a higher class. Well worth another chance.
Owner: Ecurie De L' Iton
Prize Money: €0

M 2900m 5 S Baude
Hughes Levesque
Da0a7a4a4a204a6a1a1a 17.0 14.0

Espion De Bouere FR

Second beaten 1.25L in two grades lower. Going well of late and claims in what looks a weak race for the grade.
Owner: Ecurie Sebastien Poilane
Prize Money: €129,470

G 2900m 7 S Poilane
S Poilane
2aDa1a8a5a208a6a4aDa 12.0 18.0

Greyline FR

Sixth at Enghien beaten 7L in a higher class. Going down a couple levels.
Owner: J Dubois
Prize Money: €0

F 2900m 5 J Dubois
J Dubois
6a4a8a4a1a3a206a9a6a 2.70 2.30


Ever Dream Music FR

Second beaten 2.25L at a country track beaten 2.5L in a lower class. Won two starts back and worth trying at this level.
Owner: Ecurie Franck Anne
Prize Money: €171,030

F 2900m 7 F Anne
F Anne
2a1a2a7a0a203a5a8a3a 11.0 15.0

Express Du Gers FR

Ninth beaten 40L on comeback at Vincennes. Ended last campaign with a win in one grade lower. Interesting.
Owner: Ecurie Jean-michel Rancoule
Prize Money: €0

G 2900m 7 R Congard
J M Bazire
9a1a206a2a9aRa19Da0a 21.0 19.0

Erasme Williams FR

Finished strongly to win by 0.5L at Reims in two grades lower. Place chance.
Owner: Ecurie Es Elie
Prize Money: €171,910

M 2900m 7 Ph Daugeard
P H Daugeard
1a2aDa5aDaDa2a203a4a 4.00 5.40


Darshan FR

Fourth beaten 6L at a country track in two grades lower. Would need a lot more to win.
Owner: Ecurie De Baffe
Prize Money: €173,080

G 2900m 8 Cl Thomain
J P Thomain
4a200a9a2a1aDa1a3a2a 38.0 47.0

17 A
Express De L'Iton FR

Fifth at Ecommoy beaten 4.5L in two grades lower which was a return to form. Bit more needed.
Owner: Ecurie De L' Iton
Prize Money: €0

G 2900m 7 B Rochard
Hughes Levesque
5a0a8aDa20Da6a4a2a1a 13.0 13.0

Emilius De Play FR

Third beaten 0.5L at Vincennes in a lower class. Placed at this level five starts back and could be considered.
Owner: Ecurie Franck Blandin
Prize Money: €0

M 2900m 7 Adrien Blandin
F Blandin
3mDm0a20DaRa193mDmDm 45.0 101.0

Racing and Sports

EVER DREAM MUSIC (13) managed a good second beaten 2.5L in a lower class. Up in grade but still finds a good opening. ESPION DE BOUERE (11) was second beaten 1.25L at Caen in a lower class. Won three outings ago and comes here in good condition. EMILIUS DE PLAY (18) ran third at Vincennes beaten 0.5L in a lower class indicating a return to form. Placed at this level five starts back. GREYLINE (12) was sixth at Enghien beaten 7L. Dropping in grade and has to be considered.

Selection: 13-11-18-12