13 Apr 2021 3:05 Tarbes Grand Tarbes Stakes

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  • Race Distance:2300 m
  • No. of Runners:14 runners
  • Going:Good
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 16000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Turf
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 14:35 15:15


1 (6)
Force Speciale H FR

Bidding for a hat-trick following two determined successes since resuming including in better company at Toulouse. Key player.
Owner: Mis G D' Harambure
Prize Money: €27,415

F 4/59.5 C Cadel
D Morisson
- 1p1p202p2p6p5p 5.00 3.90


2 (7)
Goodluck Pontadour FR

Beaten a long way in this class on reappearance start of last month. Need sharp progress.
Owner: F Masson Regnault/tl Faure
Prize Money: €27,465

M 5/59.0 Lily Le Pemp
C Gourdain
- 0p205p3p1p6p6p2p4p7p 21.0 29.0

3 (14)
Fantastic Pecos FR

Held eighth at a similar level on reappearance at Toulouse. May improve at this favourable distance.
Owner: Mme F Barbi
Prize Money: €24,290

G 5/57.0 J Cabre
S R Simon
- 8p207p9p3p9p2p7p5p0p 28.0 44.0

4 (1)
Zzeppelin FR

Excellent placed record including a runner up in this company on penultimate outing. Thereabouts.
Owner: P Saint-Martin
Prize Money: €23,060

M 4/57.0 A Gutierrez Val
P Sogorb
- 5p2p202p1p2p3p 5.40 4.30


5 (13)
Weska Du Petit Lac FR

Improved 0.75L second on third start at Toulouse over 2400m. In the mix if replicating.
Owner: Mlle C Courtade
Prize Money: €4,700

F 4/56.5 M Forest
Mlle C Courtade
- 2p5p207p 11.0 10.0

6 (12)
Putra De Champcour FR

29L defeat on debut at Mont-de-Marsan start of last month. Needs rapid improvement.
Owner: T Poche
Prize Money: €0

F 4/56.5 G Trolley De Prevaux
T Poche
- 0p 61.0 92.0

7 (8)
Magic De La Rue FR

4.25L fifth second up at Mont de Marsan in similar company. Should feature in the finish.
Owner: M Guildoux
Prize Money: €20,225

G 5/56.0 E Revolte
Mme Al Guildoux
- 5p3p204p7p5p2p3p5p6p 22.0 29.0

8 (5)
Good D Oc FR

1.5L scorer in this grade at Bordeaux prior to a Toulouse fourth over 2400m on reappearance. Rates well.
Owner: M Guildoux
Prize Money: €21,185

F 5/55.5 A Werle
Mme Al Guildoux
- 4p201p2p7p4p5p3p6p0p 19.0 22.0

9 (3)
Queen Margaux FR

Got off the mark on ninth attempt when landing a 2450m Mont de Marsan contest two weeks ago. Key player if replicating.
Owner: D Lutz
Prize Money: €23,840

F 4/55.5 A Crastus
D Lutz
- 1p3p206p5p4p4p3p4p3p 8.40 6.00


10 (9)
Petite Robe Noire FR

5.5L seventh in a similar level Toulouse event 24 days ago. Each way option.
Owner: Y Boutin
Prize Money: €25,295

F 5/55.5 J Auge
T Fourcy
- 7p202p7p2p8p3p0p2p 13.0 19.0

11 (4)
Hindihyna FR

1.75L second in this company at Mont de Marsan on reappearance. Firmly in with a chance.
Owner: L Larrigade
Prize Money: €17,220

F 5/54.5 G Guedj-gay
L Larrigade
- 2p202p9p0p8p1p2p2p4p 15.0 19.0

12 (10)
Lou Malpic FR

Previous winner in this grade prior to two fourths upped in class. Player down at this level.
Owner: P Pasquet
Prize Money: €16,065

F 4/54.5 I Mendizabal
T Lauriere De
- 204p4p1p3p 24.0 18.0

13 (2)
Hioum D'ayza FR

36L defeat on debut at Toulouse three weeks back over 2400m. Needs sharp progress.
Owner: Mme M Prunet-Foch
Prize Money: €0

G 4/54.0 A Mekouche
Mme M Prunet-Foch
- 9p 51.0 79.0

14 (11)
Heure D'hiver FR

Going the right way and a placed finish at Mont de Marsan two weeks back. Solid contender.
Owner: B B Montzey
Prize Money: €3,500

F 4/52.5 A Merou
B Montzey De
- 3p4p 5.00 8.20

Racing and Sports

FORCE SPECIALE H (1) bids for a hat-trick following two determined successes since resuming including at a higher level. Key player. MAGIC DE LA RUE (7) finished 4.25L fifth at Mont-de-Marsan and is entitled to be thereabouts. ZZEPPELIN (4) rates among the frame chances with a good strike-rate in the placings. HEURE D'HIVER (14) is going the right way after a placed effort at Mont-de-Marsan. Solid contender.

Selection: 1-7-4-14