8 April 2021 7:05 Mauquenchy La Communaute De Communes Des 4 - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2850 m
  • No. of Runners: 16 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 6000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 18:35 19:10


Catowice De Clecy FR

Beaten 53L in this grade second up four weeks back. Ignored.
Owner: D Caillet
Prize Money: €45,030

F 2850m 9 D Caillet
D Caillet
9aDa200aDa4a1aDa1aDa 32.0 41.0

Empereur Lebel FR

Held tenth in a better grade walk up prior to a break. Others have stronger claims.
Owner: L Denieul
Prize Money: €47,040

G 2850m 7 Th Adelaide
L Denieul
200aDa2a7aDaDa3aDa6a 81.0 127.0

Forrest Bois Morin FR

6L sixth in a stronger level walk up on reappearance eleven days ago. In the mix down in standard.
Owner: Alexandre Liboire
Prize Money: €47,970

G 2850m 6 Mlle M Trihollet
T H Levesque
6a200a0a0a8a0aDa3a4a 28.0 38.0

Falaki De Cahot FR

One from one over this trip and fair third in this company ten days ago. Not discounted.
Owner: H Lamy
Prize Money: €47,620

G 2850m 6 F Chapdelaine
P Mary
3a9aRa197a9a1a18Da1a 5.80 6.40


Doha De Fromentin FR

Decent runner up in this class at Vire on reappearance ten days ago. Thereabouts.
Owner: L Guibout
Prize Money: €48,650

F 2850m 8 D Lefranc
J Ph Guibout
2a208a4a3a2a1aDaDa6a 14.0 13.0

Fauvette Madrik FR

Beaten out of sight in a Le Croise-Laroche walk up 38 days ago. Needs marked improvement second up.
Owner: Mme M th Bocq-verdys
Prize Money: €49,680

F 2850m 6 Y Herrot
A Lebourgeois
0a207a7a8a0a19Dm0a0a 91.0 139.0

Dragonne FR

Rapid improver who has scored in previous three walk ups. Top chance to confirm upward curve.
Owner: Ecurie Vincel
Prize Money: €49,860

F 2850m 8 F Lenault
V Viel
1a1a1aDmDa20DaDmDm4m 2.80 2.50


Donaria FR

Held ninth in this class of walk up prior to three poor mounted efforts. Limited appeal.
Owner: G Lefebvre
Prize Money: €51,790

F 2850m 8 Mlle D Dieudegard
G Lefebvre
6m7m8m9a20Da9a0m9m0a 88.0 136.0

Celliott Morillon FR

7L fifth in a similar grade Laval walk up five days ago. Place chance if at best running barefoot.
Owner: P J Goetz
Prize Money: €88,165

G 2875m 9 S Campain
P J Goetz
5a4aDa6a9a5a0a205a0a 13.0 14.0

Facto Turgot FR

6.5L claiming success three runs back prior to held in an autostart latest. Folly to dismiss in a weaker affair.
Owner: M Nadji
Prize Money: €98,870

G 2875m 6 Th Denimal
B Hojka
9a6a1a3a4a209a3a5a5a 14.0 22.0

Chicago Dream FR

Finished second in a stronger walk up prior to three DQs. Has ability but unreliable.
Owner: Mme S Theureau
Prize Money: €95,710

G 2875m 9 Mme S Theureau
P H Daugeard
DaDaDa2a202a5a0aDaDa 17.0 23.0

Di Maggio FR

DQ in a higher grade walk up eleven days back and has reached the frame three times from six starts at this trip.
Owner: Y Desmet
Prize Money: €103,830

G 2875m 8 Y Desmet
P Vercruysse
Da6a7a202a2a3a1a8a0a 8.00 8.20

Caballis FR

DQ when last seen at this level. Others make more appeal.
Owner: J Auvray
Prize Money: €101,580

G 2875m 9 J Auvray
M Lebrec
200aDaDa4a0a0aDaDa0a 101.0 149.0

California Charm FR

Held sixth in this class prior to an eighth at this track in February. Minor role likely.
Owner: P Plassais
Prize Money: €101,805

F 2875m 9 Mlle M Plassais
Giuseppe Porzio
8a6a200a8a7aDa5a0a4a 28.0 43.0

Fynio Du Pommereux FR

4.5L fourth in a stronger walk up prior to a couple of underwhelming efforts. Consider on best form.
Owner: Ecurie Oasis
Prize Money: €0

G 2875m 6 P Garreau
P Coignard
Da209a4a0aDa2a8aDa9a 8.90 5.90


Espoir Permis FR

DQ in this class prior to a sixth in an Angers autostart. Others preferred.
Owner: C Lelarge
Prize Money: €0

G 2875m 7 Mlle A Renaudin
C Lelarge
206aDa0a0aDa2a8a5a2a 105.0 143.0

Racing and Sports

DRAGONNE (7) scored in her previous three walk ups and this represents another top chance to confirm her upward progression. DOHA DE FROMENTIN (5) delivered a runner up effort in this class at Vire on comeback run. Thereabouts. FORREST BOIS MORIN (3) posted a 6L sixth in a stronger level walk up on reappearance. In the mix down in standard. Keep FYNIO DU POMMEREUX (15) safe if able to find his best form of the previous campaign.

Selection: 7-5-3-15