8 April 2021 4:35 Mauquenchy Scipion Du Goutier - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2850 m
  • No. of Runners: 10 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 20000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 16:05 16:35


Hulk Du Don FR

Held seventh in a weaker level Chartres walk up four days ago. Others preferred.
Owner: P Dessartre
Prize Money: €13,950

G 2850m 4 Y Lebourgeois
P Dessartre
7aDa2a1aDa202a3a6aDa 10.0 9.50

Haka Du Rib FR

Scored in weaker company prior to down the field effort at Caen. Player racing barefoot for the first time.
Owner: Ecurie Rib
Prize Money: €14,430

G 2850m 4 Joel Hallais
Joel Hallais
0a1a207a6a3aDa4a1a9a 7.50 9.30

Heureux De Vouede FR

8.5L fourth in a weaker level walk up on grass eleven days ago. Place chance without shoes.
Owner: D Brohier
Prize Money: €14,760

M 2850m 4 D Brohier
D Brohier
4aDaDa2a3a204a1a 5.10 2.90


Hirondelle D'aveze FR

1.25L runner up here prior to DQ last week at Reims. Contender if able to bounce back.
Owner: Bastien Dormy
Prize Money: €24,690

F 2850m 4 P Y Verva
G Lefebvre
Da2a7aDa3a205aDaDa8a 21.0 35.0

Histoire Thoris FR

Unplaced in four attempts at this distance. Others make more appeal.
Owner: Ec Arnaud Randon
Prize Money: €23,280

F 2850m 4 M Mottier
A Randon
7aDa1a4a7a0a203a2aDa 7.90 8.80

Hiro De Faverol FR

Improved autostart form in previous two runs but more on plate back in a walk up.
Owner: Ecurie Bois Doufray
Prize Money: €22,430

G 2850m 4 A Abrivard
P Belloche
2a4a7aDaDa208a3a3a3a 4.90 8.50


Horyvil Des Moyeux FR

DQ at Reims on reappearance eighteen days ago in a weaker class walk up. Best watched.
Owner: Ecurie Nicolas Dromigny
Prize Money: €20,080

G 2850m 4 Th Dromigny
N Dromigny
Da20Da7a5a8a2aDa2a5a 53.0 76.0

Haikido FR

Held sixth in a weaker grade Vire walk up ten days ago. Others have stronger claims.
Owner: J Cl Lauvriere
Prize Money: €20,790

G 2850m 4 G Beaufils
G Beaufils
6a0aDa207aDa3a4a4a9a 16.0 19.0

Hequileo Jiel FR

Dual walk up winner who was DQ on previous start 317 days ago. Contender eased in class if ready after an absence.
Owner: Ecurie Luck
Prize Money: €0

G 2875m 4 D Thomain
J L Dersoir
20Da7a7a4a19Da6a2a1a 37.0 30.0

Halley De Mars FR

2.25L runner up in this company sixteen days ago at Enghien. In the mix.
Owner: L Adam
Prize Money: €39,840

F 2875m 4 Arnaud Desmottes
A Desmottes
2a5aDa202a6a3a3a3a1a 3.50 3.70


Racing and Sports

HAKA DU RIB (2) won among lesser company on penultimate outing before a downfield run at Caen. Key player racing barefoot for the first time. HIRONDELLE D'AVEZE (4) posted a 1.25L runner up effort before a DQ. Leading contender if able to bounce back. HEQUILEO JIEL (9) indicated ability at a much stronger level and is not to be dismissed if sharp enough after a lengthy absence. HALLEY DE MARS (10) improved on third attempt since resuming with a solid second in this class. Warrants thought.

Selection: 2-4-9-10