27 February 2021 4:00 Saint Galmier des Eucalyptus - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2650 m
  • No. of Runners: 18 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 17000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 15:30 16:00


Foliepolis FR

Back to back placed finishes prior to DQ. Worth another chance.
Owner: Th De Wazieres
Prize Money: €38,980

F 2650m 6 J F Senet
J F Senet
Da2a2a205aDaDa8aDa0a 5.00 8.10

Fantasy For Money FR

Last two runs have been disappointing however in much better form prior. Could easily bounce back.
Owner: N Raimbeaux
Prize Money: €34,250

F 2650m 6 Y A Briand
N Raimbeaux
Da7a203a1a2a2a7a5aDa 15.0 11.0

Fusion Loisir Urzy FR

1L second at this track two starts back was a good effort. Each way player with no shoes.
Owner: Ecurie Rivaillon
Prize Money: €34,800

F 2650m 6 A Tintillier
A Tintillier
8a2a8m205a5a0a0a5a1a 13.0 17.0

Esperanza Loulou FR

Over a year since last victory and unlikely to change that here. A place is possible.
Owner: J P Pralus
Prize Money: €34,550

F 2650m 7 L Verriere
J p Pralus
6a9a7a206a2aaa0a5a0a 27.0 100.0

Folie De Bourgogne FR

Placed on last two starts. This is no tougher and she has big each way claims once more running barefoot.
Owner: Ph Darmochod
Prize Money: €34,870

F 2650m 6 P Callier
P Callier
3a3aDa20Da0a0a4a0a1a 9.30 7.00


Finale Extreme FR

2.5L victory at Lyon La Soie two weeks ago. This is no tougher. Shortlisted racing barefoot.
Owner: Mme M Favier-daougabel
Prize Money: €48,880

F 2650m 6 M Daougabel
Mathieu Daougabel
1a4a6a6a4a200aDa3aDa 6.80 4.10


Fille De Kerdu FR

Lost her way last campaign. Has won first up in the past though so worth a market check on return.
Owner: Mme M Cl Denechere
Prize Money: €52,190

F 2650m 6 S Stefano
J Denechere
20DaDa0a9a8aDa4a6a7a 36.0 74.0

Fina Mix FR

2.5L sixth at Lyon La Soie three weeks ago was a better run. Each way claims with no shoes.
Owner: Xavier Demasse
Prize Money: €35,430

F 2650m 6 L Lerenard
L Lerenard
6a5a209a0a8a6a0a2a8a 19.0 34.0

Flora De Villard FR

Well beaten all recent starts. Happy to take on again.
Owner: Ecurie G R Huguet
Prize Money: €35,440

F 2650m 6 D Bekaert
G R Huguet
6m0a0a203a0a0m8a5a0a 14.0 16.0

Forza De Crepin FR

Resumes following six month absence. Happy to just watch on return.
Owner: Ecurie Nice Nasach
Prize Money: €35,880

F 2650m 6 N Jaulneau
N Jaulneau
209a2a8aDaDa8a0a2aDa 40.0 120.0

Fenila FR

Progressing this campaign. Found the places on last two starts including at this track last week. Threat to all.
Owner: Mlle J Triomphe
Prize Money: €52,270

F 2675m 6 J Cuoq
Mlle J Triomphe
2a3a4a0a200aDaDa2a0a 9.20 6.20


Fureur De Vivre FR

Game 1L winner here two starts back and return here now will suit. Shortlist.
Owner: E Bonvallet
Prize Money: €61,250

F 2675m 6 L Paleau
L Paleau
5a1a4a204a7a2a2a1a2a 8.40 7.10

Eglantine Du Jour FR

Struggled on recent outings and best watched following those efforts.
Owner: Ecurie Thierry Busset
Prize Money: €60,610

F 2675m 7 Mlle J Busset
T H Busset
Da0a20Da6a1a4aDa7a7a 69.0 160.0

Exaltation Citron FR

Running consistently well this campaign. This is tougher however and a place may prove best.
Owner: Ecurie H D Trot
Prize Money: €62,865

F 2675m 7 D Haon
D Haon
5a205a2a5a5a6a4a7a6a 23.0 63.0

Follow Darling FR

Placed on four of six starts at this track. Can go well fresh and expected to factor on return.
Owner: Jean Paul Desseigne
Prize Money: €63,560

F 2675m 6 B Ruet
B Ruet
200a0a2a3a6a1a1a6a4a 65.0 103.0

Exquise Marceaux FR

Modest recent form figures and happy to oppose.
Owner: Mme Roselyne Laurent
Prize Money: €65,290

F 2675m 7 S Peltier
G Laurent
0a20Da8a191a2a8a2a3a 25.0 14.0

Folle De Toi FR

Unfancied and showed little on reappearance three weeks ago. Up against it once more.
Owner: J L De Marin De Montmarin
Prize Money: €74,460

F 2675m 6 L Lamaziere
J Despres
9a209a7a6a0a7a6a6a8a 40.0 106.0

Flycoere Folle FR

Modest form on both starts last campaign. Needs to resume in much better heart.
Owner: Joris Filograsso
Prize Money: €70,310

F 2675m 6 J M Gaudin
J M Gaudin
20Dm0a7a9a1mDaDm193m 80.0 249.0

Racing and Sports

FINALE EXTREME (6) powered clear for impressive victory at Lyon-La-Soie. Looks the one to beat if able to reproduce a similar performance. FENILA (11) has been progressing this campaign. Gets to the right opportunity and is easy to fancy. FOLIE DE BOURGOGNE (5) placed on last two outings. Clearly in good form and holds big each way claims. FUSION LOISIR URZY (3) enjoys this course. Each way player on return to this venue.

Selection: 6-11-5-3