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25 November 2021

With the final day of the Auteuil 2021 season set to be held on Sunday, it is worth noting which trainers are currently operating at an excellent place strike rate and have runners…


Current Place Strike Rate at Auteuil

Francois Nicolle


David Cottin


Arnaud Chaille-Chaille


Lagneste & Macaire


Luc Gabeur


Dominique Bressou


Isabelle Gallorini


It is no surprise to see leading trainers like Francois Nicolle, David Cottin, Arnaud Chaille-Chaille and Lagneste/Macaire featuring with upwards of 45% place strike rate. However, there are some smaller trainers to note such as Luc Gabeur who has four runners on Sunday (Saint Patis 703, Roi Mage 501, El Gringo 304 and Pollexfen 307) . He has only previously had 12 runners at the track in the last 365 days but two have won and four have placed. Isabelle Gallorini runs Madame Moonie in the G3 Prix Andre Michel – she has a 22% win and 39% place strike rate from her last eighteen runners.