French Racing Info Glossary

Seat for the jockey on a horse.
Saddle cloth
A cotton cloth which goes under the saddle. It usually displays the horse's program number and sometimes, in major races, its name.
To be taken out of race before it starts. Trainers usually scratch horses due to adverse track conditions or a horse's adverse health. A veterinarian can scratch a horse at any time.
Jacket and cap worn by jockeys or drivers to designate owner of the horse.
The male parent of a foal.
Soft (track) or Sft
Condition of a turf course with a large amount of moisture.
The person reponsible of the start of the race. He checks that all runners are present at the start. He is the one who validate the start.
Starting gate
Partitioned mechanical device having stalls in which the horses are confirmed until the starter releases the stalls confined front doors to begin the race.
A gallop horse that runs well long distances ( 3,000 to 4,000m).
A race in which horses are required to jump over a series of obstacles on the course. Also known as a "chase".
Officials of the racemeeting responsible for enforcing the rules of racing.
Registry and genealogical record maintained by the Jockey Club of the country in question.
A cart with 2 wheels used for harness racing.