French Racing Info Glossary

Odds (Live)
The live odds give an estimation of the chances of winning a horse, i.e an estimation of his winning Win payout. The more a horse is played, the lower will be the ratio. Example: A live odd at 4 means that if you place a Win bet, you will win 4 times your initial stake. Selecting a favourite helps to maximize their chances of winning but the potential of winning is low. However selecting an outsider mean more risks but more chance for high winnings.
1) Notice displayed when a race result is confirmed, 2) Used to denote a racing official.
Pedigree of the horse. Bloodlines.
A horse whose winning chances are low according to the tipsters or the live odds.
Surplus weight carried by a horse when the rider cannot make the required weight.
A person that owns horses and has the license to make the horses run in races.