French Racing Info Glossary

The way of a horse runs. 3 gaits are authorised in France : walk, trotting and gallop. Other gaits exist worldwide: amble, paceā€¦
Gait judge
Official in charge of the application of the rules regarding the gaits for trotting races. A gait judge can disqualify a horse for irregular gaits.
Good to firm.
Good to soft.
A male horse of any age that has been neutered by having both testicles removed ( ""gelded"").
Good (track) or Gd
A dirt track that is almost fast or a turf course slightly softer than firm.
Group race
Established in 1971 by racing organizations in Britain, France, Germany and Italy to classify select stakes races. Collectively called ""pattern races"". Always denoted with numbers 1, 2 or 3. These determine the best international races. The Group 1 are the best one.