French Racing Info Glossary

The female parent of the foal.
The sire of a broodmare. Used in reference to the maternal grandsire of a foal.
Dark Bay or Brown
A horse colour that ranges from brown with areas of tan on the shoulders, head and flanks, to a dark XX with tan areas seen only in the flanks and/or muzzle. The mane, tail and lower portions of the legs are always black unless white markings are present.
Dead heat
Two or more horses finishing a race in a tie (ex-aequo). The judges cannot separate them even after the consultation of the photo finish.
Demoted (horse)
Lower in rank by the stewards in the case a horse has disturbed another competitor.
A race for the best 3 year-old runners of a country or region. This term is true only for gallop races. In trotting, the Criterium (ex: Criterium des 3 ans) is the race that gather the best trotters of a same generation.
When a horse is eliminated from the race. In Trotting a horse can be disqualified for irregular gait or if he disturbs a competitor. In Gallop, the horse is disqualified if he disturbs a competitor.
Distance Handicap
In trotting. A distance handicap is given to some horses at the start. This is generally based on the winnings of the horse.
The amount paid out for a winning bet.
Abbreviation for disqualified.
The person that drives the horse in harness racing and is sitted on a sulky.