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Right-handed rail

Flat races only.

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Main track

Length: 2,400m

Finish line: 600m

Courses from 1,600m to 4,800m

Medium-sized track

Length: 2,150m

Finish line: 550m

Courses from 1,600m to 2,600m

Round track

Courses from 1,400m to 2,400m

Straight line

1,200m (Courses from 1,000m to 1,200m)


16, avenue du Général Leclerc 60500 Chantilly

Main races and events:

Chantilly is one of the world’s most beautiful sites, dedicated to the thoroughbred. The racecourse is located in France’s main horse training area, on 65 hectares of land next to the Chantilly Forest, about 50 km in the north of Paris.

The turf course is reserved for right-handed flat racing and also exceptional training every Tuesday for the neighbouring thoroughbred population.

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