Corporate Responsibility

Responsible Gaming

PMU: a socially responsible operator

A committee was launched in 2003 to develop and coordinate PMU’s Responsible Gambling Policy “Jouons Responsable”. It gathers representatives from every department in the Company and conceives a yearly program followed by indicators.

A responsible approach with 3 objectives:

  • Favor a better consumption of gaming. How? Through a shared approach and collaboration between the company and its customers « better play together » and a customized information and services offer.
  • Value PMU’s brand as a reference for ethics and trust. To the business partners and to the customers but also to the public.
  • Fit with the civil society and public authorities’ expectations regarding the regulation of gaming market

4 pillars:

  • Training of PMU’s workforce and retail network,
  • Prevention among customers and the general public through communication and self-limitation tools,
  • Medical research through the funding of studies aiming at improving the knowledge of compulsive gambling, prevention and the follow-up of problem gamblers,
  • Communication with other operators and stakeholders.

Amongst French population, according to October 2018 ODJ* publication, there are 2,2 % of moderate risk gamblers and 0.5% of excessive gamblers.  

Our partners:

SOS joueurs 

Web address :  Tel : 00 33 (0) 9 69 39 55 12 (toll-free number, billing according to your service contract and the country from which you are calling)


IFAC support website:

*publication: le point sur la part de joueurs problématique par type de jeu, ODJ Octobre 2018

Areas Of Commitment



  • PMU has a substantial partnership with the French Football Federation (FFF), which consists of multiple commitments. Regarding professional football, PMU supports all French national teams – that is to say men’s, women’s and U20 teams, along with the Coupe de France (French Cup). Through the Petits Poucets program, PMU encourages amateur football and rewards the worthiest and most promising team taking part in the Coupe de France - which brings together professional and amateur players - by supplying them with equipment and gear. This represents valuable support for these small clubs.
  •  In 2011, PMU set up the Club House PMU project. It allows amateur clubs to pick a PMU sales point, a bar or café for instance, to become their Club House. PMU provides them with shirts and supplies. The teams are regularly invited to take part in exciting football events and travels.
  •  PMU is an official partner of the Paris Saint Germain football club.




  • PMU is a signatory of the Charte du Cœur, launched by the RMC-BFM association and l’Oréal. The association raises awareness about cardiovascular diseases and first aid. PMU funded the installation of heart defibrillators on racecourses and at other sports venues. It has also funded the phone application Arrêt cardiaque that should be used in the event of witnessing a heart failure. It is available on Iphone and Android.
  • PMU supports the association Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque, which gives children living in less-developed countries and suffering from heart malformation the chance to undergo surgery in France. Since 1998, through the Tour de France, PMU donates its profit from the sale of teddy bears in addition to an annual contribution. Since 2003, over 200 children have had the chance to undergo surgery, 50 of them thanks to PMU.


  • Since 2011 PMU has been funding a program of the prestigious school Sciences Po which integrates former athletes who seek professional reconversion.
  • PMU also funds the AFASEC (Association de formation et d'action sociale des écuries de courses). It ensures the training of the employees from the races and stables world and then follows them regarding health and insurance during their whole career.


  •  Since 2009, PMU is one the Stade de France’s major partners, allowing it to have a broad visibility in the country’s biggest stadium, which welcomes major events, such as football and rugby matches, concerts…

Contemporary photography

For four years now, PMU has been committed to support contemporary photography by offering the opportunity to promising artists to capture the PMU universe in a distinctive and personal way. In order to carry out this project named La Carte blanche each year, PMU joins forces with the BAL, an independent venue for the document-image. The artist is selected after a call for ideas, by a prestigious jury presided by Philippe Germond, Chairman & CEO at PMU, and composed of prominent figures from the contemporary art scene.

In 2010 and 2011, Malik Nejmi and Mohamed Bourouissa embraced the challenge. In 2012, it is Olivier Cablat who was chosen to present his vision of PMU’s world. His work entitled “Fouilles” - literally: Excavation - approached PMU in the manner of an archeologist: recording punters’ rituals, amassing promotional objects, classifying horse names, reconstructing landscapes…

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