Corporate Responsibility

Responsible Gaming

PMU: a socially responsible operator

A committee was launched in 2003 to develop and coordinate PMU’s Responsible Gambling Policy “Jouons Responsable”. It gathers representatives from every department in the Company and conceives a yearly program followed by indicators.

A responsible approach with 3 objectives:

  • Favor a better consumption of gaming. How? Through a shared approach and collaboration between the company and its customers « better play together » and a customized information and services offer.
  • Value PMU’s brand as a reference for ethics and trust. To the business partners and to the customers but also to the public.
  • Fit with the civil society and public authorities’ expectations regarding the regulation of gaming market

4 pillars:

  • Training of PMU’s workforce and retail network,
  • Prevention among customers and the general public through communication and self-limitation tools,
  • Medical research through the funding of studies aiming at improving the knowledge of compulsive gambling, prevention and the follow-up of problem gamblers,
  • Communication with other operators and stakeholders.

Amongst French population, according to Health barometer 2019 OFDT* publication, there are 4,4% of moderate risk gamblers and 1,6% of excessive gamblers.

Our partners:

SOS joueurs 

Web address :  Tel : 00 33 (0) 9 69 39 55 12 (toll-free number, billing according to your service contract and the country from which you are calling)


*publication : Les Français et les jeux d'argent et de hasard. Résultats du Baromètre de Santé publique France 2019. Tendances, OFDT, 2020, n° 138, 6 p.

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