21 Jan 2022 4:10 Cagnes-sur-Mer De Caille Handicap

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  • Race Distance:1500 m
  • No. of Runners:14 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 14000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Turf
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 15:40 16:12


1 (12)
Happy Star FR

Fair 4L sixth over 2150m at Lyon-la-Soie last month. Claims on earlier form.
Owner: A Girod/b Touzeau
Prize Money: €55,635

F 5/60.0 T Bachelot
M Pitart
215 216p2p9p2p2p3p8p2p1p 2.90 3.70


2 (13)
Black Night FR

Held 9.5L fifth over 2000m at Pont-de-Vivaux last month. More required.
Owner: P Sigaud
Prize Money: €134,725

G 9/59.5 G Millet
P Sigaud
210 215p0p6p0p0p9p9p9p3p 10.0 7.40


3 (2)
Quentor FR

Returning from a break when 12L eleventh over 1600m at Pau six weeks ago. Others preferred.
Owner: Mlle V Mercader
Prize Money: €23,550

G 8/59.0 T Piccone
Mlle V Mercader
205 210p200p1p0p1p6p2p5p 21.0 25.0

4 (11)
Deliver Storm FR

Tenth when beaten 5L over 1900m at Deauville AW. Best watched.
Owner: Stall Allegra
Prize Money: €2,550

M 5/58.5 Non Partant
M Weber
200 210p7p0p7p7p8p9p6p - -


5 (8)
Mehanydream FR

Failed to shine when 4.25L twelfth over 1300m at Deauville AW last week. Improvement required.
Owner: C C Boutin
Prize Money: €86,260

G 5/57.0 A Pouchin
C Boutin
185 0p210p9p4p2p0p1p5p0p 17.0 19.0

6 (6)
Mediterraneenne FR

Debuting for a new trainer following a 9.75L eighth over 1400m at Saint-Cloud.
Owner: A A Junk
Prize Money: €38,650

F 6/57.0 T Trullier
N Caullery
185 218p6p7p0p0p6p2p0p4p 7.30 6.10


7 (10)
Sandy Dream FR

Fair 4.5L sixth over 1800m at Lyon-la-Soie twelve days ago. Capable of better.
Owner: Jc Daoudal/n Tournier
Prize Money: €91,065

F 6/57.0 L Grosso
Mme R Philippon
185 6p218p2p8p7p9p3p5p3p 18.0 20.0

8 (3)
Pedro Del Rio FR

Midfield finish when 9.75L seventh over 2000m at Pont-de-Vviaux earlier this month. Likely to find a few too good.
Owner: P Sigaud
Prize Money: €0

G 7/56.5 I Mendizabal
P Sigaud
180 7p210p5p6p2p4p3p5p9p 13.0 10.0

9 (1)
Miami Beet FR

Held 6.2.5L eighth over 1800m at Lyon-la-Soie two weeks ago. Step forward required.
Owner: Mme C Moneta
Prize Money: €29,240

G 5/56.5 P Cheyer
F Foresi
180 8p215p7p4p4p9p0p7p9p 19.0 17.0

10 (7)
Press Officer FR

Faded when 11L eighth over 2000m at Pont-de-Vivaux last month. Others make more appeal.
Owner: P Faucampre
Prize Money: €136,040

G 9/56.0 M Guyon
C Escuder
175 218p9p8p3p6p1p4p0p0p 8.30 7.80

11 (9)
Eleven O Two FR

Debuting for a new trainer following a 5L tenth over 1500m at Pont-de-Vivaux a month ago.
Owner: L Boualam
Prize Money: €95,768

F 6/55.5 G Champier
L Boualam
170 210p6p0p6p0p9p4p0p0p 41.0 44.0

12 (14)
Bissin FR

Good 2.5L sixth over 1500m at Pont-De-Vivaux a month ago. Notable contender on debut for a new yard.
Owner: L Boualam
Prize Money: €66,750

G 8/55.0 D Santiago
L Boualam
165 216p6p8p5p0p7p0p4p3p 19.0 33.0

13 (4)
Fee Historique FR

Good 1L fourth over 1500m at Deauville AW 25 days ago. Top chance.
Owner: Jj Boutin
Prize Money: €35,720

F 5/54.0 A Nicco
J J Boutin
155 214p0p0p0p0p0p0p0p0p 14.0 11.0

14 (5)
Coral Slipper FR

Sixth when beaten 2L over 1800m at Lyon-la-Soie early last month. Strong claims.
Owner: Mme N Michler
Prize Money: €49,875

F 7/53.5 A Lemaitre
M Krebs
150 216p0p7p0p7p6p0p8p5p 15.0 18.0

Racing and Sports

FEE HISTORIQUE (13) can deliver a victory following a 1L fourth over 1500m at Deauville AW. Notable claims if replicating. CORAL SLIPPER (14) could show up well having finished a solid 2L sixth over 1800m at Lyon-la-Soie. HAPPY STAR (1) finds a suitable opportunity having finished 4L sixth in a race that is working out well over 2150m at Lyon-la-Soie. BISSIN (12) is another to consider following a 2.5L sixth over 1500m at Pont-de-Vivaux.

Selection: 13-14-1-12