20 January 2022 5:55 Vincennes Cantin - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2175 m
  • No. of Runners: 14 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 39000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 17:25 17:55


Girly Victory FR

Fifth beaten 2.5L at Nantes first up. Capable of better.
Owner: Ecurie Du Closet
Prize Money: €43,690

F 2175m 6 P ph Ploquin
Y J Le Bezvoet
5a21Da2a5a2a4a1aDaDa 31.0 76.0

Guapa Turgot FR

Good 0.75L second here three weeks ago. Strong claims running barefoot.
Owner: Mme Th Hoste
Prize Money: €61,540

F 2175m 6 M Abrivard
M Abrivard
212a8a0a7aDa8aDa7a20 3.50 2.20


Gunica De Cahot FR

2.5L fifth here two weeks ago. One to note.
Owner: Alain Bezard
Prize Money: €56,590

F 2175m 6 P Y Verva
C H Nicole
5a212a2a4a3aDaDa4a1a 14.0 15.0

Gatinka FR

Held 7L tenth at Argentan last month. Others preferred.
Owner: Ecurie Thomas Levesque
Prize Money: €54,490

F 2175m 6 T Levesque
T H Levesque
210a2a2a8a9a3a8aDa3a 23.0 35.0

Galinette Bleue FR

Victorious by 0.75L at Meslay-du-Maine four weeks ago. Bold show expected.
Owner: Mme L Vercruysse
Prize Money: €82,610

F 2175m 6 B Coppens
R Coppens
211aDa5aDaDa1a4a2a7a 24.0 41.0

Girl Petteviniere FR

Fair 5.5L fifth at Chateaubriant ten days ago. More required.
Owner: Ecurie La Petteviniere
Prize Money: €70,210

F 2175m 6 Y Lebourgeois
S Roger
5a21Da6a7a8a3a3a8aDa 13.0 18.0

Gina Costardiere FR

Held 10L seventh at Cabourg five weeks ago. Improvement needed.
Owner: J Cl Cesco
Prize Money: €71,630

F 2175m 6 A Lamy
P Castel
217a0a7a2a5a7a4a7a4a 20.0 34.0

Guecha Girl FR

Sixth beaten 3L at this track two weeks ago. Likely to find a few too good.
Owner: Y Dreux
Prize Money: €69,480

F 2175m 6 D Bonne
Y Dreux
6a218a5a4a5a5a4a8m0a 14.0 26.0

Guinness Oradel FR

Held 4.25L eighth here fourteen days ago. Step forward required.
Owner: Ecurie H g Houel
Prize Money: €60,860

F 2175m 6 D Thomain
G Houel
8a219a0a2a7a8a4a2a2a 8.30 6.90


Game Attitude FR

DQ late on here two weeks ago. Claims if at her best.
Owner: F Bougon
Prize Money: €98,180

F 2175m 6 F Lecanu
F Bougon
Dm214aDaDa0a6a3aDa2a 13.0 19.0

Gloire Royale FR

Fair 7.25L sixth here last month. Form of that race is working out well. Consider.
Owner: L Laudren
Prize Money: €61,520

F 2175m 6 L Laudren
L Laudren
216a2aDa6a3a7a7a2a6a 16.0 28.0

Grande Soeur FR

Held 7L tenth here earlier this month. Others make more appeal.
Owner: B Vachet
Prize Money: €66,780

F 2175m 6 M Mottier
S Roger
0a210a6a0a1a0a6aDa4a 29.0 55.0

Geraldine Heot FR

Good 1.25L second here two weeks ago. Leading contender without shoes.
Owner: O Pinelli
Prize Money: €64,120

F 2175m 6 F Ouvrie
A Rigo
2a213a6a5a9a8a4aDa5a 7.50 6.60


Gingirella FR

DQ at this track at the end of last month. Strong claims having finished 2.5L fourth here prior.
Owner: M Hagon
Prize Money: €0

F 2175m 6 G Lannoo
A Lannoo
21Da4a4a4a5a1a4a1a9a 10.0 11.0

Racing and Sports

GERALDINE HEOT (13) can take this following a 1.25L second here. GINGIRELLA (14) can put a DQ behind her to challenge for the win having finished a solid 2.5L fourth at this venue prior. GALINETTE BLEUE (5) enters calculations on the back of a 0.75L triumph at Meslay-du-Maine. GUAPA TURGOT (2) is considered following a 0.75L second at this circuit.

Selection: 13-14-5-2