20 January 2022 1:50 Vincennes D'erbray - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2100 m
  • No. of Runners: 14 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 57000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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This is the QUINTE+ race


No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 13:20 13:51


1 (1)
Divine Monceau FR

Seventh beaten 8.5L at Pontchateau three weeks ago. Winner at Cabourg prior.
Owner: Q B Verneuil
Prize Money: €248,995

F 2100m 9 F Lagadeuc
C H Mottier
217a1a6a7a1a4a1a6a3a 28.0 28.0

2 (2)
Coeur De Loup FR

Faded 11L seventh here three weeks ago. More needed.
Owner: D Duval
Prize Money: €227,660

G 2100m 10 Ph Daugeard
P H Daugeard
217m0a7a0a0a9a8a3a2a 66.0 94.0

3 (3)
Di Maggio FR

Fair 2.75L eighth here nineteen days ago. Claims on earlier form.
Owner: Marc Andre Sebaoun
Prize Money: €231,390

G 2100m 9 B Coppens
R Coppens
8a214a1a1a2a3a5a2a1a 4.50 4.10


4 (4)
Daguet Normand FR

Held 8L sixth at Cagnes-sur-Mer last month. Step forward needed.
Owner: Ecurie Ostheimer
Prize Money: €224,290

G 2100m 9 G Gelormini
J Guelpa
216a8a5a0m0a0a200a7a 21.0 25.0

5 (5)
Deko De Tilou FR

11L twelfth here twelve days ago. Improvement required fourth up.
Owner: Etienne Pieters
Prize Money: €271,390

G 2100m 9 Ch Martens
V Martens
0a210a0aDa1a2a3a1a4a 10.0 9.50

6 (6)
De La Cheneviere FR

Good 1.25L third here at the start of the month. Strong claims.
Owner: N Barboni
Prize Money: €242,900

F 2100m 9 F Lecanu
L Gaborit
3a215a9a4a4a3a5a3a2a 9.60 10.0

7 (7)
Carlita Girl FR

Below par 9.25L eleventh at Bordeaux last week. Step forward required.
Owner: D Grimault
Prize Money: €224,335

F 2100m 10 Guillaume Martin
A Grimault
0a214a8a5a3a6m2a0a6a 45.0 63.0

8 (8)
Dragster De Bomo FR

Good 0.25L second in a Class C here at the start of the month. Leading contender.
Owner: Ecurie Damien Bonne
Prize Money: €276,280

G 2100m 9 D Bonne
D Bonne
2a213a1aDa4a4a1a3a7a 3.60 3.60


9 (9)
Domino Dream FR

DQ on each of his last three starts. Risky proposition.
Owner: Ecurie De Rougemont
Prize Money: €244,030

G 2100m 9 Y Lebourgeois
L Peschet
Dm21DaDa6a3a2a3a9a1a 16.0 18.0

10 (10)
Dick Des Malberaux FR

Held 4.5L thirteenth at this venue at the start of the month. Minor role likely.
Owner: P Lourmiere
Prize Money: €209,890

G 2100m 9 M Abrivard
M Abrivard
0a210aDaDaDa8a7a1a20 13.0 14.0

11 (11)
Concerto Royal FR

Held 22L eighth at Cagnes-sur-Mer in July last year. Likely to improve for the race.
Owner: Ecurie J Y Et J P Raffegeau
Prize Money: €215,720

G 2100m 10 D Thomain
J Raffegeau
218a0a4a6a0a0a5a1a0a 79.0 102.0

12 (12)
Cimarron FR

Out of form of late including when fourteenth here earlier this month. Best watched.
Owner: M Varin
Prize Money: €211,270

G 2100m 10 A Barrier
M Varin
0a210mDa0aDa3a2a3a4a 45.0 63.0

13 (13)
Dazzle Jet FR

Caught the eye when 1.25L fifth here at the start of the month. One to note without shoes.
Owner: H Tasset
Prize Money: €213,320

F 2100m 9 M Mottier
R Derieux
5a216a3a8a1a3a4a2a2a 14.0 14.0

14 (14)
Millie Millionaire FR

Good 0.75L second here eighteen days ago. Bold show expected running barefoot.
Owner: Stall Soldier Hb
Prize Money: €206,982

F 2100m 9 B Goop
F Wallin
2a213a9a7a1a0aDa2a3a 7.40 6.70


Racing and Sports

DRAGSTER DE BOMO (8) can take this having finished 0.25L second here. Leading contender. DE LA CHENEVIERE (6) could play a part in the finish following a 1.25L third at this venue. Main danger. MILLIE MILLIONAIRE (14) is shortlisted having been beaten 0.75L when runner-up at this circuit. In the mix. DAZZLE JET (13) caught the eye when 1.25L fifth at this course. Consider. INES TURGOT (1) is also of note having won at Cabourg on her penultimate start.

Selection: 8-6-14-13-1