15 Jan 2022 11:35 Chantilly Troublerie Claiming Stakes

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  • Race Distance:2700 m
  • No. of Runners:13 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 19000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Polytrack
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 11:30 11:38


1 (5)
Kamssio FR

Victorious by 2.5L over 2800m at Prague (Czech Republic) in early September. Of note debuting for a new trainer.
Owner: F Etienne
Prize Money: €16,504

M 4/59.5 M Justum
S Gouyette
- 211p5p6p7p 18.0 18.0

2 (7)
Tirano IRE

Successful by a nose over 2500m at Deauville last month. Strong claims.
Owner: Gwh Schmitt
Prize Money: €135,386

G 9/59.5 E Hardouin
W Hickst
370 211p0p3p4p3p6p1p0p7p 2.80 3.20


3 (6)
Dusty Men FR

Held 9.5L thirteenth over 3100m at Pornichet two weeks ago. Drop in trip is a positive.
Owner: L Chabot
Prize Money: €33,025

G 9/59.0 C Belmont
L Chabot
250 0p211p1p2p6p1p4p7p0p - -


4 (9)
Perle D'ivoire IRE

Fourth beaten 2.25L over 1800m here three weeks ago. Stamina to prove upped in trip.
Owner: Ecurie Lenglet
Prize Money: €56,680

F 5/58.0 S Planque
F H Graffard
365 214p0p0p1p0p9p0p3p - -


5 (2)
Mont Steele FR

Head winner of a 3100m event at Pornichet two weeks ago. Bold show expected.
Owner: Mme P Demercastel
Prize Money: €69,835

G 6/57.5 J Cabre
R Doleuze
315 1p219p5p0p0p0p7p0p8p 6.50 7.30

6 (3)
Nabunga FR

Good 2.25L fifth over 2500m at Deauville AW four weeks ago. Notable contender.
Owner: Ec Foret Jaune / Jph Racing
Prize Money: €281,805

G 10/57.5 C Soumillon
P Decouz
305 215p3p1p3p3p6p4p5p3p 5.90 5.20


7 (8)
Brave Zita FR

Held 8.5L tenth over 2500m at Deauville AW last month. Others preferred.
Owner: Gernay Th & M
Prize Money: €700

F 5/57.5 S Tison
Mlle G Gernay
- 210p5p 65.0 94.0

8 (10)
Iskanderhon USA

Held 7L seventh over 2100m at this track four weeks ago. Top chance upped in trip.
Owner: Pedro A Mateos Not S L
Prize Money: €0

G 6/57.5 C Berge
M Delcher Sanchez
345 217p2p3p6p8p0p3p9p0p 7.70 6.80

9 (4)
Bosquentin FR

Head winner of a 2500m claiming handicap here four weeks ago. One to note.
Owner: Trois Mille
Prize Money: €93,726

G 7/57.5 A Vilchien
S Cerulis
335 211p0p6p0p1p9p3p200p 8.00 6.20


10 (13)
Lacrimosa GER

Fair 11L third over 3250m at Mulheim (Germany) three weeks ago. Step forward needed.
Owner: Mme C Meyer
Prize Money: €30,967

F 9/56.0 T Trullier
W Haustein
- 213p1p0p205p2p2p6p5p 17.0 15.0

11 (1)
Falco Du Lemo FR

Ninth both previous starts including in a 2400m claimer at Pornichet four weeks ago. Best watched.
Owner: Mme N Viel
Prize Money: €0

G 4/56.0 A Madamet
T Viel
- 219p9p 51.0 75.0

12 (11)
Duchesse Tango FR

Held 18L tenth over 2500m at Deauville AW 23 days ago. Minor role likely.
Owner: Mlle F Froissant
Prize Money: €11,000

F 4/54.5 A Molins
Y Mathijs
270 210p5p6p8p1p8p4p2p6p 47.0 56.0

13 (12)
Munaadram FR

Tenth beaten 4.25L over 2500m at Deauville AW five weeks ago. Claims on earlier form.
Owner: Ha Pantall
Prize Money: €22,750

F 4/54.5 L Rousseau
H A Pantall
285 210p3p6p1p1p5p2p3p5p 12.0 12.0

Racing and Sports

ISKANDERHON (8) can deliver a victory following a 7L seventh in a 2100m Class Three here. Likely player to bounce back. MONT STEELE (5) has the chance to go well having delivered a head victory in a 3100m event at Pornichet. TIRANO (2) is shortlisted based on a nose success in a 2500m claimer at Deauville AW. NABUNGA (6) gets a chance on the back of a 2.25L fifth over 2500m at Deauville AW.

Selection: 8-5-2-6