25 November 2021 5:20 Vincennes L'ile De Re - Monte

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  • Race Distance:2850 m
  • No. of Runners: 14 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 67000
  • Race Type:Mounted
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age/Wgt Driver/Trainer Form 16:50 17:23


First Princess FR

0.75L success in tougher mounted company two starts ago. Notable runner with an excellent record barefoot.
Owner: Ecurie D M Mottier
Prize Money: €282,380

F 2850m 6/65.0 M Mottier
M Mottier
9a1m2m0a4m3m1m2m1m20 2.70 2.80


Dino Volo FR

Fourth mounted success with a win in easier company here earlier in the month. Consider.
Owner: B Goetz
Prize Money: €234,130

M 2850m 8/65.0 Leo Abrivard
B Goetz
1m5mDm3m4m3mDaDmDa1m 24.0 9.60

Cimarron FR

Mounted debut after a trio of poor efforts. Hard to enthuse with a lacklustre record barefoot.
Owner: M Varin
Prize Money: €211,270

G 2850m 9/57.0 A Andre
M Varin
Da0aDa3a2a3a4a5a5a0a 44.0 65.0

Derby D'Anjou FR

Held seventh in an easier Nantes mounted event fifteen days ago. Others preferred.
Owner: B Carpentier
Prize Money: €247,860

G 2850m 8/65.0 A Barrier
B Carpentier
7mDa6m8a7a0a8m202m7m 29.0 53.0

Eclat De Verre FR

Improved runner-up in an easier course mounted affair a fortnight ago. Each-way claims.
Owner: Ecurie Jacques Bruneau
Prize Money: €292,620

G 2850m 7/55.0 A Gendrot
J Bruneau
2m5m4m0a4m6m9mDm4m7m 27.0 27.0

6 A
Concerto Gede FR

One placing from five mounted efforts but dangerous to dismiss if given an easy lead.
Owner: Ecurie Marc Sassier
Prize Money: €236,220

G 2850m 9/65.0 Guillaume Martin
M Sassier
4m0a0aDa0m4m3mDa7a5a 17.0 27.0

Dow Jones Emge FR

Sixth in a weaker Nantes mounted event earlier this month. Not out of the placings on previous form.
Owner: Luc Roy
Prize Money: €259,780

G 2850m 8/57.0 Mlle Marie Bazire
S T Meunier
6m8aDm1m2mDmDa5m3m7a 22.0 27.0

8 A
Edition Gema FR

Solid mounted form prior to a held tenth third up. Place claims without shoes.
Owner: Ecurie Marc Sassier
Prize Money: €383,340

F 2850m 7/65.0 Mlle G Godard
M Sassier
0m3m0a8m3m3m9m1m1m0a 5.50 6.80


Caporal De Bry FR

Failed to shine in an easier track mounted event a fortnight ago. Looking elsewhere.
Owner: B Piton
Prize Money: €278,400

G 2850m 9/55.0 L Piton
B Piton
8m5m7m5m9mDmDaDa0m6m 73.0 113.0

Freyja Du Pont FR

Strong driven place form when at best this term. Best watched on second mounted run.
Owner: Ecurie Albert Rayon
Prize Money: €422,160

F 2875m 6/57.0 Mme M Herleiksplass
N Bazire
0a5a3a0a2a3a1a3a8a7m 43.0 66.0

Cesar De Vrie FR

Seasoned mounted campaigner who ran eighth in the G3 Prix de l'Ile d'Oleron. Notable chance eased in grade.
Owner: Ecurie Louis Baudron
Prize Money: €0

G 2875m 9/55.0 L Balu
L Baudron
8m3mDm4m9m1m203m2mDm - -


Diamant De Larre FR

Ultra consistent type who ran second in the G3 Prix de l'Ile d'Oleron a week ago. The one to beat.
Owner: Mlle M A Goetz
Prize Money: €432,740

G 2875m 8/65.0 B Rochard
B Goetz
2m3m2m3m2m6m8aDmDm4m 4.30 3.70


Chalimar De Guez FR

DQ in the mounted G2 Prix Reynolds seventeen days ago. This is easier but others have stronger claims.
Owner: Ecurie Vautors
Prize Money: €596,530

G 2875m 9/65.0 J Y Ricart
J M Bazire
Dm0a7m0a0a0a204m3m0a 12.0 9.80

Dream De Lasserie FR

Failed to complete in both mounted starts. Ignored.
Owner: Ecurie Daidou
Prize Money: €469,149

G 2875m 8/65.0 A Abrivard
R Derieux
7aDaDmDm0a4a6a7aDa9a 17.0 23.0

Racing and Sports

DIAMANT DE LARRE (12) rates the one to beat after ultra consistent form including runner-up in the G3 Prix de l'Ile d'Oleron. Tough to pass if delivering best. CESAR DE VRIE (11) is expected to challenge strongly if improving eased in class after a down the field run behind the selection. Key player. FIRST PRINCESS (1) returned to the winner's enclosure in a stronger mounted event two starts ago. Genuine claims with a top record barefoot. DINO VOLO (2) is included for multiples.

Selection: 12-11-1-2