25 November 2021 4:10 Vincennes Loudun - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2700 m
  • No. of Runners: 16 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 38000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 15:40 16:11


His Lovely Haufor FR

Worth forgiving a DQ on reappearance after completing an easy double at this track in autostart company. Contender.
Owner: Ecurie Christian Bigeon
Prize Money: €88,270

F 2700m 4 C H J Bigeon
C H Bigeon
Da1a1aDa7a207aDa1a4a 23.0 37.0

Hera De Banville FR

1.25L fourth in this class here four back and scored on sole track and trip run. Not discounted.
Owner: Ecurie Thomas Levesque
Prize Money: €133,280

F 2700m 4 Mme C Levesque
T H Levesque
Da2a0a4a0a5aDa1a1a2a 71.0 138.0

Hannah FR

32 race maiden but expected to challenge for a place with the removal of shoes third up after a break.
Owner: Ecurie Js
Prize Money: €84,557

F 2700m 4 J F Senet
J F Senet
0a8a2a5a0a2a8a2a2aDa 25.0 41.0

Hera Du Goutier FR

Three failures to complete in a row at a higher level. Could bounce back eased in class with an unbeaten record over this journey.
Owner: Ecurie Saint Martin
Prize Money: €98,460

F 2700m 4 Cl Duvaldestin
T H Duvaldestin
DaDaDa4a9a1a3a6aDa20 22.0 66.0

Helena Barosso FR

Infrequent winner who failed to complete here on reappearance. Not expected to feature.
Owner: R F Nooteboom
Prize Money: €92,420

F 2700m 4 F Lagadeuc
F Souloy
Da7a8aDmDa202a6a6a7a 27.0 45.0

Hurella FR

One from one over course and distance who has yet to find form this term. Could improve for a top trainer with shoes removed.
Owner: S Moureaux
Prize Money: €131,720

F 2700m 4 E Raffin
J M Bazire
Da0aDa3a1a1a202a1a2a 9.40 6.40


7 A
Houle De Riviere FR

Mixed form this campaign but has won at this level. Keep safe.
Owner: Ecurie L M David
Prize Money: €89,000

F 2700m 4 A Collette
L M David
9a4a8a1a4a5a1a4a3a3a 24.0 61.0

High Energy FR

Five placings from previous six starts in similar driven company. Notable runner.
Owner: Ecurie Jean-pierre Barjon
Prize Money: €82,630

F 2700m 4 A Abrivard
L Cl Abrivard
1aDa2a2a1a3a1aDa4a8a 11.0 8.30

9 A
Harina Dream FR

0.5L third in this grade two starts ago. Placing at best.
Owner: Ecurie L M David
Prize Money: €104,690

F 2700m 4 L M David
L M David
8a3a4a8a5aDa8a3a1a5a 37.0 82.0

Halowie Renardier FR

12L sixth in a better walk up on penultimate start. Others make more appeal.
Owner: Ch Kowal
Prize Money: €89,080

F 2700m 4 M Mottier
C H Kowal
Da6a5aDa5a6aDa0aDa9a - -


Harmony Love FR

0.75L winner in tougher driven company prior to moderate form. May improve without shoes.
Owner: F Sirandelle
Prize Money: €99,610

F 2700m 4 B Le Beller
B Le Beller
Da9a1a2a6a4a7a5aDa5a 16.0 15.0

Haiti Island FR

Back-to-back placings in stronger walk ups this term. Hard to knock out of the frame.
Owner: Ecurie Hm Stables
Prize Money: €128,230

F 2700m 4 M Abrivard
M Abrivard
2a2aDa5a2a1aDa1a1a5a 5.30 4.00


Harley De Guez FR

Steadily improving this term and has placed in three of four track and trip starts. Not ruled out of a place.
Owner: Ecurie Vautors
Prize Money: €100,950

F 2700m 4 N Bazire
N Bazire
5a4a0a0aDaDa1a2aDa20 32.0 25.0

Hermine Sibey FR

Placed in three of four course and distance races before back-to-back DQ. Has ability but frustrating.
Owner: Ecurie Jean-michel Baudouin
Prize Money: €98,570

F 2700m 4 L Baudouin
J M Baudouin
DaDa4a1a9a4aDa3a5aDa 129.0 127.0

Health Mesloise FR

Dramatic improvement to land a better walk up at Le Croise-Laroche last month. Keep safe.
Owner: Ecurie Bois Doufray
Prize Money: €101,540

F 2700m 4 P Belloche
P Belloche
1a5aDa8a9a7a7a5a20Da - -


Hatha Josselyn FR

Three consecutive poor driven efforts. Could progress without shoes for the first time.
Owner: Ecurie Yvan Bernard
Prize Money: €114,940

F 2700m 4 J M Bazire
J M Bazire
0aDaDa5a4a1a3a3a8aDa 2.10 2.30


Racing and Sports

HAITI ISLAND (12) is a model of consistency this term with back-to-back placings in stronger driven company. Expected to go close if able to reproduce best. HIGH ENERGY (8) should be hard to knock out of the frame with five placings from the previous six starts in similar company. HIS LOVELY HAUFOR (1) is among the main contenders if forgiving a DQ on reappearance. Notable form previously. HURELLA (6) could progress without shoes for the first time.

Selection: 12-8-1-6