25 November 2021 3:00 Vincennes Cassaigne - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2700 m
  • No. of Runners: 15 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 29000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 14:30 15:03


Impact De Cristal FR

One placing from thirteen starts tempers enthusiasm. Others readily preferred.
Owner: G Hornez
Prize Money: €6,480

G 2700m 3 J ch Piton
M Dupuis
8aDa4a7a2a5a8a6a6a4a 86.0 131.0

Iconic Jet FR

Off the mark in an easier walk up on second run last month. Could take this class rise in his stride for a notable trainer.
Owner: Y Desmet
Prize Money: €28,160

M 2700m 3 G Gelormini
P H Allaire
1a4a 2.80 2.60


Isco D'etang FR

Fair driven form thus far but something to find to hit the frame raised in standard second up.
Owner: F L Adam
Prize Money: €23,090

M 2700m 3 C H J Bigeon
C H Bigeon
4a3a4a3a4a 8.70 9.60

Indice D'argent FR

20L eighth in this company at Angers before a break. Progress required.
Owner: Ecurie Ld-M Abrivard
Prize Money: €38,730

G 2700m 3 M Abrivard
M Abrivard
8a4a1aDa 28.0 46.0

Illenc Des Bosc FR

Beaten a long way on autostart debut but strong claims on previous walk up form. Consider.
Owner: B Parera Ferrer
Prize Money: €41,350

G 2700m 3 Cl Duvaldestin
T H Duvaldestin
0a2a2a2a 8.50 7.10


Isco De Corday FR

Little impact since resuming. Has ability but something to prove for now.
Owner: Ec J-f Senet
Prize Money: €32,610

M 2700m 3 J F Senet
J F Senet
Da9a1a2a3a6a8a5a 35.0 67.0

Intello De Chenu FR

Progressive youngster prior to a DQ at Laval. Can bounce back with serious winning claims.
Owner: Ecurie Jean-michel Baudouin
Prize Money: €55,800

M 2700m 3 L Baudouin
J M Baudouin
Da1a1aDaDa 13.0 8.30

Imoko Jibelau FR

Placed in this class at Saint-Brieuc two starts ago. Could replicate.
Owner: D Pinna
Prize Money: €0

M 2700m 3 J Ph Monclin
S Bourlier
6a3aDa2a2a3a4aDa6a 10.0 11.0

Impulse Lotois FR

Midfield in previous three walk up at this level. More needed.
Owner: G Gavelle
Prize Money: €29,700

G 2700m 3 Y Lebourgeois
Mlle C Chassagne
6a8a7aDa5a7aDa3a5a6a 27.0 42.0

Intact Pont Royal FR

DQ after making a good start to his driven career. One to note with front pads on for the first time.
Owner: Ecurie B Q S Sprl
Prize Money: €11,646

G 2700m 3 J Koubiche
J Koubiche
Da2a1a1a5a4a 21.0 20.0

I Got A Dream FR

Pads on fir the first time need to spark dramatic improvement to be involved at the finish.
Owner: Ecurie L M David
Prize Money: €15,580

M 2700m 3 L M David
L M David
0a5a6a6a4a5aDa3aDa5a 21.0 58.0

Iron Quick FR

Solid fourth in this class of autostart here sixteen days ago. Progressing nicely and worth a place chance.
Owner: Ecurie Quick Star
Prize Money: €0

M 2700m 3 F Nivard
M Esper
4a3a3a1aDaDa 13.0 13.0

Indien Du Liamone FR

Placed in a stronger autostart 188 days ago. May need this first up after a break.
Owner: Ecurie Du Liamone
Prize Money: €0

G 2700m 3 A Prat
F Prat
3a6a1a5aaa3a 61.0 101.0

Imoko Madrik FR

8.25L third at this track third up after a break. Each-way appeal.
Owner: Daniel Josset
Prize Money: €35,820

G 2700m 3 K Leblanc
F Leblanc
3a1a3a205a5a 10.0 8.20


Icare D'hertals FR

Sole success came in this grade on penultimate outing at Le Croise-Laroche. Contender.
Owner: J W Reugebrink
Prize Money: €12,840

G 2700m 3 C j De Leeuw
C j Leeuw
5a1a4a5a6a5a7aDa2a 35.0 57.0

Racing and Sports

ICONIC JET (2) got off the mark second-time out in a weaker walk up. Expected to take this class rise in his stride for a top trainer. Rates highly. INTELLO DE CHENU (7) completed a double prior to a DQ at Laval. Capable of going close. ICARE D'HERTALS (15) scored in this company two starts ago at Le Croise-Laroche. One to note. ILLENC DES BOSC (5) can go forward returning to a walk up on second start this campaign.

Selection: 2-7-15-5