25 Nov 2021 6:12 Lyon La Soie Comite Handicap

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  • Race Distance:2150 m
  • No. of Runners:16 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 12000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Polytrack
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 17:42 18:16


1 (7)
Elypson FR

Held 15L tenth over 1800m at Fontainebleau earlier this month. More needed.
Owner: D Baliouze/p Filliat/ec Bonardel
Prize Money: €106,036

M 6/60.0 J Plassard
M Pitart
250 0p0p0p7p2p6p6p9p1p2p 20.0 27.0

2 (6)
Beb's FR

Down the field 6L twelfth over 2000m at Nancy. Minor role likely.
Owner: Arn Nicolas
Prize Money: €35,000

M 4/58.0 R Mangione
Arn Nicolas
230 0p6p8p0p9p0p6p5p1p5p 22.0 43.0

3 (4)
Honney Moon FR

Held 9.5L eighth in a 2350m handicap at Strasbourg. Wears cheekpieces for the first time.
Owner: M Kaiser
Prize Money: €500

F 4/58.0 H Mouesan
M Kaiser
230 8p0p5p3s3s3s206h5h4h 44.0 54.0

4 (15)
Armorigene FR

Good 1.5L second over 1900m at Deauville AW three weeks ago. Strong claims.
Owner: O Chiteoui
Prize Money: €40,790

G 4/57.5 T Baron
E Lyon
225 2p0h8hAh0p0p8p0p0p1p 8.50 7.60


5 (5)
Glaneur IRE

Held 7L eighth in a ten runner 2000m handicap at Pont-de-Vivaux. Improvement required.
Owner: Ecurie Saint Hilaire
Prize Money: €20,850

G 4/57.5 B Marie
M Pimbonnet
225 8p9p6p5p4p6p0p5p9p 18.0 13.0

6 (14)
Hackle Setter USA

Good 3.75L fourth over 1900m at Deauville AW. Wide draw to overcome.
Owner: F Meckes
Prize Money: €72,161

G 5/57.0 T Bachelot
F Meckes
220 4p6p0p3p0p9p0p0p6p0p 11.0 9.10

7 (2)
Charly IRE

Fourth when beaten 1L in a 2400m handicap here just over four weeks ago. Bold show expected.
Owner: Mme S Vollmer
Prize Money: €85,030

G 7/57.0 A Lemaitre
Frau Y Vollmer
220 4p0p6p0p0p0p3p7p200p 5.90 5.30


8 (8)
Namar IRE

1.25L sixth over 2400m at this circuit 29 days ago. Claims down in trip.
Owner: Mlle C Gryson
Prize Money: €77,475

F 6/56.5 L Bails
Mlle C Gryson
215 6p5p7p2p0p7p0p6p6p 14.0 11.0

9 (9)
Robin Des Plages FR

Good 1L second over 1800m at this venue earlier this month. Notable contender.
Owner: Mlle M Rollando
Prize Money: €16,685

G 4/55.5 P Cheyer
C Martinon
205 2p0p6p8p0p9p2p2p9p0p 12.0 9.80

10 (16)
Speak Now FR

Fifth when beaten 1.5L in an 1800m handicap here just under two weeks ago. Claims.
Owner: Jp Vanden Heede
Prize Money: €172,270

F 9/55.0 T Piccone
B Goudot
200 5p0p9p9p0p4p9p6p0p 8.80 8.90


11 (1)
He's A Rock Star IRE

Good 3.25L fourth over 2200m at Cavaillon earlier this month. One to note.
Owner: Mme I Juteau
Prize Money: €0

G 5/55.0 T Trullier
Mme I Juteau
200 4p6p0p7p7p7p6p6p0p9p 14.0 16.0

12 (12)
Kazain FR

Runner-up when beaten 3.25L in a 2000m event at Baden-Baden (Germany) at the end of August. Notable runner.
Owner: Stall Lucky Seven
Prize Money: €2,300

G 4/55.0 C Lecoeuvre
M Weber
200 2p0p4p8p6p207p7p0p0p 24.0 21.0

13 (11)
Malecon FR

Midfield finish when 5.5L seventh over 2200m at Cavaillon eighteen days ago. More required.
Owner: Gaby Mosse
Prize Money: €34,725

G 6/53.5 A Mosse
Mme Mme B Re-scandella
185 7p9p4p3p8p3p3p3p0p9p 19.0 23.0

14 (10)
La Fibrossi FR

Down the field 18L thirteenth over 2000m at Nancy just under two weeks ago. Others make more appeal.
Owner: Jp Vanden Heede
Prize Money: €161,050

F 7/51.0 A Crastus
B Goudot
160 0p8p6p6p6p7p7p0p0p0p 10.0 16.0

15 (13)
Papa Winner FR

Struggled 7.25L twelfth over 1900m at Deauville AW three weeks ago. Claims on third over the same track and trip prior.
Owner: Mme C Chartier
Prize Money: €86,177

G 7/51.0 M Velon
S Jesus
155 0p3p8p7p4p3p2p3p0p3p 12.0 14.0

16 (3)
Gallina Du Moulin FR

Held 13L fifth over 1950m at Dortmund (Germany) earlier this month. Poor wins/runs record.
Owner: Mme H Schreiner
Prize Money: €19,035

F 6/51.0 D Santiago
U Schwinn
150 5p0p8p4p0p0p0p5p208p 27.0 51.0

Racing and Sports

CHARLY (7) can register a victory following a 1L fourth over 2400m here. Leading chance dropped in trip. ARMORIGENE (4) finds a suitable opportunity on the back of a 1.5L second over 1900m at Deauville AW. KAZAIN (12) is considered following a 3.25L second over 2000m at Baden-Baden (Germany). ROBIN DES PLAGES (9) is another to note having been beaten 1L when runner-up over 1800m here. In the mix.

Selection: 7-4-12-9