14 October 2021 5:37 Enghien La Place Du Canada - Monte

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  • Race Distance:2875 m
  • No. of Runners: 11 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 37000
  • Race Type:Mounted
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age/Wgt Driver/Trainer Form 17:07 17:37


Giant Dream FR

Completed back-to-back mounted wins in easier company at Nantes twelve days ago. Worth a chance upped in grade while in excellent form.
Owner: Ecurie Damien Bonne
Prize Money: €31,580

M 2875m 5/65.0 D Bonne
D Bonne
1m1m5m3mDmam208mDm1m 18.0 8.70

Guestbook FR

DQ on mounted debut at Bihorel four days ago. May improve.
Owner: Ecurie Le Tremont
Prize Money: €39,220

G 2875m 5/65.0 G Monnier
P Terry
Dm2aDaDaDa1a3a2aDaDa 173.0 100.0

Granit Meslois FR

Reached the frame in an easier mounted affair here a fortnight ago. Place chance.
Owner: Ecurie Bois Doufray
Prize Money: €48,600

G 2875m 5/65.0 A Collette
P Belloche
3mDm1m4m4m5mDmDmDm3m 12.0 13.0

Gold Parker FR

Four placings from nine mounted runs but flying too high at this level. Needs more.
Owner: M Le Cunff
Prize Money: €40,550

M 2875m 5/65.0 Mlle Ch Callico
A Henard
9mDa7mRm19Da7m2m2m2m 113.0 98.0

Gevrey D'authise FR

Secured a place treble at this venue a fortnight ago. This demands more but could replicate.
Owner: Ecurie Pascal Geslin
Prize Money: €59,490

G 2875m 5/65.0 Guillaume Martin
P A Geslin
2m2m3mDa6m2m1mDmDmDa 9.20 6.60


Ganymede De Dussac FR

Eighth on reappearance at Nantes in a weaker walk up. May improve and unexposed in mounted races.
Owner: Cl Guedj
Prize Money: €65,060

G 2875m 5/65.0 E Raffin
W Bigeon
8a4a1a6a2a4a3a8aDa2a 9.40 9.20

Golden Viking FR

Three-time mounted winner who scored on sole track and trip outing. Respected.
Owner: P Tailpied
Prize Money: €66,940

G 2875m 5/65.0 B Rochard
P Terry
4mDm6m1m3m1m2m5mDm6a 21.0 17.0

8 A
Gold Du Val FR

32 mounted attempts without winning. Hard to enthuse.
Owner: Ecurie Louis D'aur
Prize Money: €69,700

G 2875m 5/65.0 F Desmigneux
F Blandin
8a7m0a6a8m8aDaDa5m0a 68.0 67.0

Gadget Du Louvet FR

Beaten out of sight in this company two starts ago. More needed.
Owner: R Le Breton
Prize Money: €72,730

G 2875m 5/65.0 F Lagadeuc
F Blandin
0a9m9a8aDa0a8a8aDaDa 41.0 56.0

Ecco C N FR

Got off the mark on second mounted outing at Laval last month. Key player up in class.
Owner: Baltic Stable
Prize Money: €73,297

G 2875m 5/65.0 A Abrivard
H E Bondo
1m3m7a7a4aDa 1.50 2.00


11 A
Guignol Des Forges FR

Consistent mounted performer who ran fourth in this class at Vincennes thirteen days ago. Notable runner without shoes.
Owner: Ecurie Louis D'aur
Prize Money: €74,410

G 2875m 5/65.0 D Thomain
S Guarato
4m4m4m3m3m1m2m1mDa0a 13.0 8.10


Racing and Sports

ECCO C N (10) scored on second mounted attempt at Laval. Remains unexposed and expected to take this class rise in his stride. Top chance. GUIGNOL DES FORGES (11) is a consistent mounted performer who rates highly after a fourth at Vincennes. Notable runner racing barefoot. GOLDEN VIKING (7) can reach the frame if able to replicate a track and trip victory on sole attempt. GIANT DREAM (1) completes the shortlist after securing a mounted double in easier company.

Selection: 10-11-7-1