19 Sep 2021 2:50 Strasbourg De L'ill Handicap

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  • Race Distance:1400 m
  • No. of Runners:13 runners
  • Going:Soft
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 14000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Turf
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 14:20 14:51


1 (10)
Joyeux Malpic FR

Held 3.75L ninth over 1500m at Deauville AW five weeks ago. More needed.
Owner: Mlle Y Vollmer
Prize Money: €14,435

G 4/60.0 V Cheminaud
Frau Y Vollmer
235 9p7p5p5p2p4p4p0p8p6p 10.0 8.00


2 (6)
Nice Cause FR

Below par 6L sixth in a 1700m claiming handicap at Divonne two weeks ago. Improvement required.
Owner: Mlle Ll Rohn-pelvin
Prize Money: €43,850

F 6/59.5 F Valle Skar
Mlle L Rohn-pelvin
230 6p4p9p5p8p1p0p2p0p9p 14.0 19.0

3 (3)
Silencious FR

Good 1L third over 1200m at Argentan just under three weeks ago. Bold show expected.
Owner: H Boutin
Prize Money: €71,965

F 4/59.0 L Gallo
Boutin (s)
225 3p1p2p3p7p6p8p0p8p9p 9.70 8.30


4 (5)
Wayne FR

Held 6.5L seventh in a 1400m handicap at Vichy five weeks ago. Minor role likely.
Owner: A Mink
Prize Money: €76,040

G 7/58.5 T Bachelot
F Foresi
220 7p4p0p0p3p9p0p2p6p0p 8.10 10.0

5 (7)
Zephir FR

Good 0.75L second in a 1700m handicap at Montier-en-Der a week ago. Top chance.
Owner: Stall Allegra
Prize Money: €143,470

G 9/58.0 P Cheyer
M Weber
215 2p2p3p4p6p4p0p0p3p5p 8.00 8.40

6 (11)
Topinambur FR

Impressive 3L winner of a 1400m handicap at Vichy five weeks ago. Leading contender.
Owner: B Recher
Prize Money: €23,350

G 4/57.0 S Vogt
B Recher
205 1p0p7p4p5p0p0p0p205p 7.30 3.70


7 (2)
Orpanama Davis FR

Held 6.25L seventh over 1500m at Deauville AW three weeks ago. Improvement required.
Owner: Mme N Vandenabeele
Prize Money: €12,399

F 4/56.0 M Nobili
Mme J Hendriks
195 7p3p0p0p0p206p9p2p6p 10.0 18.0

8 (12)
Silk Thread FR

Sixth when beaten 6L over 1700m at Montier-en-Der two weeks ago. Others make more appeal.
Owner: Trois Mille
Prize Money: €11,150

F 4/56.0 H Besnier
N Caullery
195 6p7p7p5p8p0p2p6p6p8p 17.0 20.0

9 (9)
Bissin FR

Good 2L fourth over 1600m at Vichy in July. Strong claims.
Owner: M Charleu
Prize Money: €66,750

G 7/55.5 S Ruis
F Foresi
190 4p3p3p3p3p9p206p8p7p 7.60 8.70

10 (13)
Captain David GER

Midfield finish when 3.75L eighth over 1500m at Deauville AW five weeks ago. Improvement needed.
Owner: Stall Ikera
Prize Money: €40,650

G 6/55.0 M Michel
M Geisler
185 8p0p0p2p9p204p4p2p8p 9.50 11.0

11 (4)
White Elusive FR

32 race maiden finished a fair 6.25L fourth over 1700m at Divonne two weeks ago. Likely to find a few too good.
Owner: R Meder
Prize Money: €26,815

F 4/53.5 S Maillot
M Krebs
170 4p8p6p9p0p6p6p0p9p0p 17.0 31.0

12 (1)
Coral Slipper FR

Seventh of eight over 1700m at Divonne earlier this month. Best watched.
Owner: Mme N Michler
Prize Money: €44,875

F 6/53.0 J Claudic
M Krebs
165 7p6p0p8p5p0p0p4p5p0p 21.0 39.0

13 (8)
Ferking Autrechene FR

Fair 6.5L fourth over 1400m here in May. Likely to improve for the race.
Owner: Jl Linger
Prize Money: €18,800

G 7/51.5 E Verhestraeten
A Acker
150 4p0p0p0p7p200p3p7p9p 25.0 27.0

Racing and Sports

ZEPHIR (5) can go one better than when 0.75L second over 1700m at Montier-en-Der. TOPINAMBUR (6) may play a role in the finish following a 3L victory tackling 1400m at Vichy. SILENCIOUS (3) is considered having been beaten 1L third in a 1200m handicap at Vichy. BISSIN (9) is another to note on the back of a 2L fourth in a 1600m contest at Vichy.

Selection: 5-6-3-9