18 September 2021 10:12 Vichy Provence - Monte

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  • Race Distance:2950 m
  • No. of Runners: 10 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 26000
  • Race Type:Mounted
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age/Wgt Driver/Trainer Form 22:00 22:32


Etoile D'ete FR

Fourth at a country track in a lower class and this is tougher.
Owner: Ecurie Danover
Prize Money: €91,160

F 2950m 7/55.0 Mlle Clea Roger
S T Provoost
4m8aaa8m4m3m7a5m6a0a 21.0 26.0

Echo Du Palais FR

Fourth beaten 8.5L at a country track in a lower grade. Will need a bit more.
Owner: Mme Muriel Callier
Prize Money: €89,220

G 2950m 7/55.0 Mlle E Callier
P Callier
4m6m5mDm0a3m4m8m3m20 21.0 16.0

Cybele D'hermes FR

Well beaten twelve days ago and needs the change in shoeing to help.
Owner: Ecurie Remy Despres
Prize Money: €94,040

F 2950m 9/57.0 Mlle M Heymans
R Despres
9a8aDm7a3a1aDm4a6aDm 30.0 39.0

Extra Ball FR

Sixth beaten 10L at Beaumont-de-Lomagne in a higher class. Will find this much easier.
Owner: E Fournigault
Prize Money: €104,260

F 2950m 7/55.0 Mlle C Renaud
E Fournigault
6m3mamDm1m4m4m3m5m3m 13.0 16.0

Fansonnette Dalber FR

Down the field at Craon in this class (driven). Was third beaten 5.25L at Les Sables-d'Olonne in a higher grade (mounted) prior. Top chance back in the saddle without shoes.
Owner: B Carpentier
Prize Money: €126,370

F 2950m 6/55.0 N Perron
B Carpentier
0a3m0a4m1m3m1m1m4m7m 3.10 2.70


Choupette Jallerie FR

Fifth beaten 3.25L at Marseille Borely in this class. This seems weaker but riders only second start.
Owner: Mme V Boudier-Cormy
Prize Money: €165,680

F 2975m 9/55.0 C Salamani
Mickael Cormy
5a8aDaDa6a4a4m7a0a7a 16.0 27.0

Douglas Du Pont FR

Won at a higher level four starts back. Not at that level since but could be considered.
Owner: A Bourneil
Prize Money: €164,430

G 2975m 8/55.0 Mlle H Fernandes Rios
Y Vidal
0a8a7a1a0aDa7a4a4a2a 37.0 39.0

Fiaschetto FR

Fifth beaten 6L at Beaumont-de-Lomagne in a higher class mounted event. Big chance down in grade without shoes.
Owner: Ecurie Des Aulnaies
Prize Money: €200,830

G 2975m 6/55.0 E De Jesus
P Terry
5m1m5m1m3m2m2m2m8mDm 2.40 2.80


Excellent Day FR

Fifth at Vincennes in a higher class mounted contest last week. Big drop and should go close.
Owner: M Desangles
Prize Money: €208,030

G 2975m 7/55.0 A Gendrot
P Hawas
5mDm0aDmDmDa0a3mDm3m 8.90 6.20


Bolero Du Sablier FR

Struggling but is taking a big class drop.
Owner: Ecurie Du Sablier
Prize Money: €239,580

G 2975m 10/57.0 F Broust
B Thomas
0aDaDa1a9aDa1a4a4a5a 22.0 21.0

Racing and Sports

FIASCHETTO (8) finished fifth beaten 6L at Beaumont-de-Lomagne in a higher class. Easy winner prior. Top claims. FANSONNETTE DALBER (5) was third beaten 5.25L in a higher class mounted event. Struggled in a driven contest since but is more than capable back in the saddle. BOLERO DU SABLIER (10) and EXCELLENT DAY (9) are both taking big class drops and will find this easier.

Selection: 8-5-10-9