15 September 2021 5:02 Reims Le Magnifique - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2550 m
  • No. of Runners: 14 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 18000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 16:32 17:09


Hakuna Matata FR

Disappointing on last two outings in an easier grade and will need to find more.
Owner: Nv Hicewa
Prize Money: €18,370

F 2550m 4 P Vercruysse
F Ghekiere
0a6aDa1a5aDaDa6a4a7a 51.0 45.0

Hit De Jobi FR

Better effort when 1.75L fourth at Aix-les-Bains over 2650m. Returns to a higher grade.
Owner: J P K'dual
Prize Money: €18,750

G 2550m 4 B Piton
P Godey
4a0a1a8a3a3a1aDa208a 11.0 30.0

Havane Mencourt FR

Won and placed on last two outings including 1.5L success at Compiegne.
Owner: Jean Philippe Ingelaere
Prize Money: €19,030

F 2550m 4 M Verva
M Verva
2a1a7a2aDa8aDa6aDa20 13.0 16.0

Helios D'eurvad FR

Bounced back from a DQ at Amiens with a fourth at Bernay in a higher grade. Can be involved in equivalent standard.
Owner: M Amziane
Prize Money: €19,800

G 2550m 4 G A Pou Pou
A Rigo
4aDa5a7aDa5a4a8a2a2a 17.0 15.0

Hakim Buissonay FR

Followed up a 1L success at Compiegne with a fourth at Montignac. Tries tougher competition.
Owner: Ecurie Karibou
Prize Money: €20,280

M 2550m 4 J F Senet
J F Senet
4a1a7a8a5a1a4a9a201a 11.0 18.0

Hamour De Sissi FR

Struggled on last three outings and needs to find more.
Owner: Alain Marteau
Prize Money: €20,310

G 2550m 4 J ch Piton
L Roelens
7a0mDa2m3a4m2m3m20Dm 47.0 56.0

Hautain De Houelle FR

Produced strong efforts in three starts since a 1.25L success at Blain including a fourth against similar company at Ecommoy.
Owner: P Jeanrot
Prize Money: €20,820

G 2550m 4 K Leblanc
F Leblanc
4a3a3a1a6a6a9a20Da1a 8.90 10.0

Haoussa De Vennes FR

Midfield on last few outings and could sneak a place if running up to best.
Owner: Mme Caroline Muller
Prize Money: €21,170

G 2550m 4 Laurent Verva
L Verva
7m6a3m3m4a2m3m5m5aDa 65.0 81.0

Hytho D'alci FR

Struggled in two starts since an Amiens third against similar rivals. Place chance on best.
Owner: Mme B Deramecourt
Prize Money: €21,190

G 2550m 4 F Ouvrie
C H Douillet
8aDa3a1aDa7a208a5a3a 16.0 21.0

Hiemoise Coquine FR

More required based on recent efforts.
Owner: Ecurie De La Frenaie
Prize Money: €21,430

F 2550m 4 Alexis Guerin
S Leblond
Da7a4aDa8a1a2a9a3a20 143.0 119.0

Harry Du Lys FR

Fair third at Angers prior a sixth at Amiens. Racing consistently and could play a role.
Owner: G Picq
Prize Money: €21,600

G 2550m 4 A Abrivard
J Blavette
6a3a8a2a7a5a8a200a5m 7.20 5.90


Hercule De L'oison FR

Struggling with DQ but 2.75L winner at Ecommoy on sole completion in last few months.
Owner: J Cl B Leclerc
Prize Money: €22,500

M 2550m 4 F Nivard
T H Duvaldestin
DaDa1aDaDaDa1a20Da1a 3.40 2.50


Harleyzon FR

Racing well with a win and a placing from last three outings. Impressed when scoring by 4L at Abbeville three back.
Owner: Ecurie Ostheimer
Prize Money: €22,560

M 2550m 4 P Y Verva
P Y Verva
3a6a1a4a5a0a3a7a6a20 8.10 10.0

Harry FR

Racing well at this level including a 4.25L third at Laval latest. Must be considered.
Owner: G Delaune
Prize Money: €22,750

M 2550m 4 G Delaune
A Buisson
3a5a5a1a2a2a3a9a3a6a 12.0 9.30


Racing and Sports

HARLEYZON (13) caught the eye scoring by 4L at Abbeville earlier in the campaign. Racing well with a success and a placing from the past three outings and rates a leading chance. HERCULE DE L'OISON (12) is struggling with DQ. Showed a good level of form producing a 2.75L success at Ecommoy on sole completion in recent months. HELIOS D'EURVAD (4) can be considered based on a recent fourth at Bernay in a Class D. HAKIM BUISSONAY (5) backed up a Compiegne success with a fourth at Montignac. In good order and tries tougher competition.

Selection: 13-12-4-5