2 August 2021 2:42 Mauquenchy La Fete Du Cheval - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2850 m
  • No. of Runners: 11 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 18000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 14:12 14:42


Havana Flash FR

Eleven race maiden finished a fair 8.25L fifth at Montmirail two weeks ago. Likely to find a few too good.
Owner: P D Paillot
Prize Money: €10,940

F 2850m 4 D Parling
D Parling
5a7a4a5aDa5a0aDa207a 39.0 60.0

Hera Des Champs FR

25 race maiden finished 11th at Pornichet ten days ago. More required.
Owner: Mme F Locufier
Prize Money: €11,620

F 2850m 4 G Salles
G Salles
0aaa6aDa6a4a5aDmDa8a 42.0 103.0

Houffe Du Flinois FR

Third when beaten 15L at Vittel eight days ago. Of note running barefoot.
Owner: Julien Raffestin
Prize Money: €26,510

F 2850m 4 Julien Raffestin
Julien Raffestin
3a3a6a201aDaDa3aDaDa 4.80 3.90


Hippie Du Toulay FR

DQ at Amiens last month. Claims on the form she showed when winning by 0.25L at Laon prior. Runs barefoot.
Owner: Ph Bove
Prize Money: €12,030

F 2850m 4 Laurent Verva
L Verva
Da1a5a4a3aDaDm9a6a20 19.0 20.0

Heurasie De Phyt's FR

Seventeen race maiden debuting for a new trainer following an 8.5L eighth at La Capelle last month.
Owner: Ecurie Ostheimer
Prize Money: €12,200

F 2850m 4 P Y Verva
P Y Verva
8a3a6a6a5a5a3a7a8a8a 11.0 12.0

Hariette De Lizmar FR

DQ two most recent outings including at Amiens sixteen days ago. Others preferred.
Owner: G Nemegheer
Prize Money: €29,146

F 2850m 4 F Ouvrie
Y Teerlinck
DaDa8a1a4a3a2a4a6aDa 13.0 14.0

Helise De La Cavee FR

DQ last three starts including at Graignes eleven days ago. Needs to put those mishaps behind her.
Owner: Xavier Barrois
Prize Money: €12,920

F 2850m 4 G Gelormini
Xavier Barrois
DaDaDa3a1aDaDaDaDa20 4.90 4.40


Heroine D'erable FR

Built on a string of placed efforts when winning by 4.5L at Biarritz last month. Top chance without shoes.
Owner: A Taieb
Prize Money: €18,250

F 2850m 4 J ch Piton
A Lindqvist
1a3a2a3a8a204a6aDa7a 5.90 5.80


Horphee Des Chants FR

DQ at Cabourg just under three weeks ago. Looking for a first victory at the 14th time of asking.
Owner: D Brohier
Prize Money: €13,090

F 2850m 4 D Brohier
D Brohier
Da4aDa3a3a6a3a2aDa20 9.60 13.0

Hubine Keryvon FR

Runner-up beaten 3L at Les Andelys just over four weeks ago. Bold show expected.
Owner: Y Guegan
Prize Money: €0

F 2850m 4 G Maillard
A G Maillard
2a6a5a1a4a5aDm5a209a 7.30 6.30

High Money D'avran FR

Struggling to complete of late having been DQ on five of her last six starts. Others look more reliable propositions.
Owner: H Lecoq
Prize Money: €40,430

F 2875m 4 H Lecoq
H Lecoq
Da4aDaDaDaDaDaDaDa1a 10.0 14.0

Racing and Sports

HEROINE D'ERABLE (8) can register a victory here having scored by 4.5L at Biarritz. HUBINE KERYVON (10) may play a role in the finish following a 3L second at Les Andelys. HIPPIE DU TOULAY (4) is considered. Won by 0.25L at Laon on her penultimate start. HOUFFE DU FLINOIS (3) warrants thought. Ran 15L third at Vittel.

Selection: 8-10-4-3