27 Feb 2021 3:45 Cagnes-sur-Mer ParisLongchamp Handicap

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  • Race Distance:2150 m
  • No. of Runners:15 runners
  • Going:Flat - soft, awt - standard
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 22000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Turf
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 15:15 15:47


1 (9)
Fernoboy FR

Victorious by 2L over 2150m on soft-to-heavy ground here a week ago. Top chance.
Owner: B Giraudon
Prize Money: €41,782

M 3/61.5 P C Boudot
F Vermeulen
385 1p6p7p205p2p1p2p4p 3.50 3.00


2 (4)
Fashionspan FR

Successful by 1L in a maiden at Salon-de-Provence (good-to-soft) in November. Notable contender.
Owner: Ecurie D'haspel
Prize Money: €16,040

F 3/59.5 F Blondel
Fred Rossi
365 201p2p2p5p 22.0 25.0

3 (10)
Hoolong FR

Decent 3L fourth in a 1500m maiden on soft going here three weeks ago. Step forward required.
Owner: B Giraudon
Prize Money: €9,650

M 3/58.5 T Bachelot
F Vermeulen
355 4p5p203p4p - -


4 (3)
Blackjac Du Houley FR

Good 4L third over 2150m in a soft ground maiden here earlier this month. Notable runner.
Owner: Mme C Pelier/g Hebert
Prize Money: €27,266

G 3/58.0 G Benoist
Y Barberot
350 3p3p203p5p4p 7.00 6.40


5 (8)
Bad Liar IRE

Held 9L ninth over 2150m in a maiden on soft going here 24 days ago. Others make more appeal.
Owner: Mme N Carrie-eychenne
Prize Money: €8,247

M 3/57.0 A Duporte
F Foresi
340 9p4p205p5p3p8p3p 29.0 54.0

6 (1)
Black Panther FR

Successful by 1L in a 2000m AW handicap here five weeks ago. Claims despite a 2.5kg rise in the weights.
Owner: Scea Carant
Prize Money: €23,935

F 3/56.0 E Hardouin
A De Watrigant
330 1p2p203p4p2p2p7p7p6p 7.60 6.40


7 (15)
Angel Park FR

Debuting for a new trainer following a 3L third in a 2150m claimer on very heavy going here ten days ago.
Owner: Mme K Brieskorn
Prize Money: €7,510

F 3/55.0 M Michel
St Richter
320 3p8p203p4p4p 14.0 25.0

8 (14)
Boudeville FR

Completed a double when winning by 1L over 2150m in a heavy ground claimer here last month. Of note switched to a handicap.
Owner: G Duca
Prize Money: €30,315

F 3/54.5 F Valle Skar
C Escuder
315 1p1p205p8p8p2p0p4p6p 14.0 14.0

9 (12)
Lady Australia IRE

Successful by 3L in a 2150m claimer on very heavy ground here last week. Debuting for a new trainer.
Owner: J Piasco
Prize Money: €19,280

F 3/54.5 C Pacaut
C Escuder
315 1p2p206p4p 10.0 7.00

10 (5)
Oran IRE

Making his handicap debut following a 5L fifth in a 2150m maiden on soft going here 24 days ago.
Owner: B Giraudon
Prize Money: €10,450

G 3/54.0 A Lemaitre
F Vermeulen
310 5p6p207p 13.0 13.0

11 (7)
Another Hot Topic IRE

Good 5L second in a 2000m handicap here 17 days ago. Bold show expected.
Owner: Mme T Marnane
Prize Money: €10,504

F 3/53.5 H Journiac
F Guyader
305 2p7p206p2p7p 18.0 21.0

12 (11)
Got Navy FR

Faded 6L fourth in a 2000m AW handicap here earlier this month. Step forward needed.
Owner: M Monfort
Prize Money: €7,770

M 3/53.0 J Nicoleau
E D Monfort
300 4p3p207p2p5p 13.0 20.0

13 (13)
Redressement FR

Below par 4L 12th in an 1800m claimer at Lyon-la-Soie in December. Making his first start for a new trainer.
Owner: M Perdiguier/j Piasco
Prize Money: €3,875

M 3/53.0 A Crastus
C E Rossi
300 200p6p2p3p8p6p 35.0 74.0

14 (2)
Golden Charlie FR

Fair 4L eighth over 2150m in maiden company at Lyon-la-Soie 18 days ago. Improvement required.
Owner: Lh
Prize Money: €1,950

F 3/53.0 A Molins
Fred Rossi
300 8p203p7p 28.0 49.0

15 (6)
Ethion IRE

Down the field 16L 11th over 2000m here on the AW 17 days ago. Minor role likely.
Owner: Haras De Rabodanges
Prize Money: €0

M 3/53.0 M Velon
J P Gauvin
300 0p6p208p7p6p 23.0 42.0

Racing and Sports

FERNOBOY (1) can defy top weight following a 2L success in a 2150m event here. Contender. ANOTHER HOT TOPIC (11) may go one place better than when 5L second over 2000m at this venue. Include. BLACK PANTHER (6) enters calculations. Won by 1L tackling 2000m at this circuit. BLACKJAC DU HOULEY (4) is another of note on the back of a 4L third in a 2150m maiden on soft going at this venue.

Selection: 1-11-6-4