24 February 2021 12:00 Vire O'bocage - Vire Normandie - La Grav - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2825 m
  • No. of Runners: 17 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 18030
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 11:30 12:02


Ecureuil De Claire FR

Beaten a long way in weaker company 227 days ago. May need this after lengthy absence.
Owner: O Leroy
Prize Money: €58,510

G 2825m 7 S Baude
F Boismartel
200a7a5aDa5a0a191a1a 165.0 243.0

2 A
Epee Des Bois FR

Could improve second up following a below par walk up effort in this class on reappearance six days back.
Owner: N Perrelle
Prize Money: €60,070

F 2825m 7 N Perrelle
N Perrelle
0a209m6a6m8m2m8aDaDa 135.0 245.0

Elito Dry FR

Impossible to recommend as yet to find a placing in this discipline.
Owner: Ecurie Franck Blandin
Prize Money: €60,910

G 2825m 7 F Blandin
F Blandin
5mDa200mDm4m1m5m9m7m 58.0 139.0

4 A
Eclat De Sun FR

Good third on reappearance in this company six days ago at Argentan. Previous track and trip winner. Player racing barefoot.
Owner: N Perrelle
Prize Money: €61,170

G 2825m 7 Antoine Michel Fossey
N Perrelle
3a20DaDa1a4aDaDa2a1a 19.0 8.30

Eoulie Du Bourg FR

Runner up in both previous walk ups in this standard. Go well after a small break.
Owner: Mlle J Lemonnier
Prize Money: €61,970

F 2825m 7 M Lebrec
M Lebrec
205a2a3aDa5a2aDa2a6a 72.0 197.0

Expert Castelets FR

Fair 6L sixth in this grade on reappearance eight days previously. Place chance with no shoes.
Owner: Thomas Beauchene
Prize Money: €63,350

G 2825m 7 Th Beauchene
Mlle V M Goetz
6a0a200a3a3a2a3aDa9a 48.0 54.0

Elegant Hope FR

7L sixth in a weaker walk up at Marseille Vivaux last month. Step forward required.
Owner: N Fernandez-sanchez
Prize Money: €63,550

G 2825m 7 F Lagadeuc
G Cardine
6aDa209aDaDa0aDa2a8a 44.0 73.0

Extra Du Renouard FR

Seventh in previous two walk ups of this nature prior to improved auto start form. Place angle without rear shoes.
Owner: D M Delaunay
Prize Money: €63,870

G 2825m 7 P Castel
P Castel
204a4a7a7a6a2a0aDa3a 62.0 104.0

Elvis Du Rib FR

Made the frame on previous two walk ups in this grade. Podium challenger without shoes.
Owner: Ecurie Rib
Prize Money: €64,570

G 2825m 7 J L Cl Dersoir
Joel Hallais
3a203a6a8a7a5a1aDa1a 6.90 5.80


Edene Des Tithais FR

Improved 5L fifth second up at Machecoul 17 days back. Place option racing barefoot.
Owner: Ecurie Sylvain Marmion
Prize Money: €64,770

F 2825m 7 S Marmion
S Marmion
5a0a206a4a2a3a4a7a7a 24.0 31.0

Ebene Marvic FR

Won two walks up since resuming including at this level at Paray le Monial 17 days ago. Winning chance with no shoes.
Owner: F Chapdelaine
Prize Money: €0

F 2825m 7 F Nivard
C H Nivard
1a1a207a1a5a3a4a2a0a 6.80 8.50

Equejuelo FR

Two wins prior to a good second at this level six days ago. Notable runner without shoes.
Owner: J M Souici
Prize Money: €65,490

M 2825m 7 Y Lebourgeois
F Lercier
2a1a1a20Da4aDm0aDaDa 3.40 3.00


Ekla Way FR

16L defeat in a similar Angers walk up earlier this month. Prepared to overlook.
Owner: Ph J Poisson
Prize Money: €84,950

F 2850m 7 P H J Poisson
P H Poisson
0a7m0m20DaDa6m4m0m7a 106.0 232.0

Eudes De L'Aunay FR

Below par effort in a Nantes walk up of similar nature start of this month. Previous form entitles him to place respect.
Owner: Ecurie L M David
Prize Money: €112,310

G 2850m 7 L M David
L M David
9a2a202a3a8a9a0a1a2a 33.0 85.0

Esperanza Jihem FR

Won previous two walk ups without rear shoes including at this level eight days ago. Could find this tougher with shoes back on.
Owner: B Monclin
Prize Money: €116,470

F 2850m 7 J Ph Monclin
J M Monclin
1a0a3a0a201a0aDa1m1m 20.0 30.0

Edjo Du Mont FR

Forgive a DQ at Vincennes as a previous winner in tougher company earlier this term. Go well.
Owner: Ecurie Imagine Stallion
Prize Money: €126,730

G 2850m 7 E Raffin
P Mary
Da2a200a0a1a2a2a1a1a 5.90 4.50


Endcharia De Latom FR

6L defeat in this company two runs back and not dismissed as a previous track and trip scorer.
Owner: E Nicolaysen
Prize Money: €127,920

F 2850m 7 D Bonne
A G Maillard
4a0a0a207a5a9aDa7a4a 6.70 12.0

Racing and Sports

A good walk up for the grade. EDJO DU MONT (16) comes into this after a DQ. Can be forgiven that effort as won among tougher company earlier this campaign. Bold display expected. EBENE MARVIC (11) is in tremendous form with two wins since resuming including in this class at Paray le Monial. Winning chance. EQUEJUELO (12) warrants thought without shoes following a decent second in this level. ENDCHARIA DE LATOM (17) may make the frame judging on a track and trip win previously.

Selection: 16-11-12-17