24 February 2021 11:30 Vire Vans Barbot - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2150 m
  • No. of Runners: 13 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 15190
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 11:30 11:31


1 (1)
In Joy Sacha FR

Yet to place from five auto starts. Others preferred.
Owner: Mme Ch Mottier
Prize Money: €5,890

F 2150m 3 Q Michel
F Anne
5a205a7a7aDa4a4a6aDa 88.0 122.0

2 (2)
Ies We Kan FR

Won third auto start in weaker company at Toulouse following two DQ. Respected.
Owner: R G Bellaiche
Prize Money: €7,810

M 2150m 3 F Nivard
S Guarato
3a1aDa20Da 3.80 4.20


3 (3)
Isla FR

Two seconds from five career starts but best watched on auto start debut.
Owner: J Baudron
Prize Money: €6,250

G 2150m 3 J Ph Monclin
J Baudron
20DaDa2aDa2a 29.0 29.0

4 (4)
Ines De Blary FR

1L runner up in a weaker grade walk up at Graignes a fortnight ago. Place chance on auto start debut.
Owner: Ph Thirionet
Prize Money: €6,220

F 2150m 3 G Gelormini
S Guarato
2aDa6a202a 9.60 11.0

5 (5)
I Love You FR

Off the mark at third attempt in an Angers walk up 19 days ago. Decent chance on first auto start.
Owner: Mme D Mottier
Prize Money: €6,730

F 2150m 3 M Mottier
M Mottier
1a4a20Da 5.80 7.30

6 (6)
Iris De Memartin FR

Yet to place in four auto starts and heavy defeat in this grade at Chateaubriant. Unlikely to feature.
Owner: H Gilles
Prize Money: €6,780

F 2150m 3 H Gilles
H Gilles
8a5a6a200a7a9a7a9a0a 101.0 146.0

7 (7)
Icelander FR

Unraced Uriel Speed colt. Prefer to watch on first outing unless market speaks favourably.
Owner: Ecurie Hans Et Hans
Prize Money: €7,977

M 2150m 3 G Delaune
T Malmqvist
206a3a1a4a 41.0 44.0

8 (8)
Icebreaker FR

DQ on both auto starts. Needs marked improvement.
Owner: K Tebirent
Prize Money: €5,700

M 2150m 3 E Raffin
P H Allaire
DaDa201aDa5a 8.30 8.20

9 (9)
Indiana D'amour FR

Not showed any form in two career starts. Minor role likely.
Owner: D Boudry
Prize Money: €0

F 2150m 3 G Jouve
Guillaume Jouve
8aDa 181.0 117.0

10 (10)
Ixel De L'aumoy FR

DQ on previous two starts but mare fare better in this discipline as a previous place getter. Keep on side.
Owner: A Ph Grimault
Prize Money: €4,910

M 2150m 3 F Lagadeuc
A Grimault
DaDa4a20Da2a 5.90 4.30


11 (11)
Inaky De Tagor FR

Good runner up on debut in this discipline prior to a walk up seventh both at Cabourg. Contender.
Owner: Ecurie Franck Anne
Prize Money: €3,160

G 2150m 3 F Anne
F Anne
207a2a 53.0 70.0

12 (12)
Idao De Tillard FR

3L scorer of an Argentan walk up on sole start. Unexposed player switching to an auto start.
Owner: C Sevestre
Prize Money: €4,950

M 2150m 3 Cl Duvaldestin
T H Duvaldestin
1a 4.20 3.70


13 (13)
Incroyable Star FR

Two DQ following a highly promising auto start second in this class. Notable runner.
Owner: F Prod'homme
Prize Money: €4,000

F 2150m 3 V Renault
V Renault
20DaDa2a 68.0 87.0

Racing and Sports

INCROYABLE STAR (13) is open to improvement on second career auto start run. Produced a promising debut among this company prior to two walk up DQ. Top chance. IDAO DE TILLARD (12) could have plenty of progress following a 3L Argentan walk up win on first outing. Unexposed and rates highly. I LOVE YOU (5) was off the mark delivering third walk up effort at Angers. Forward showing possible. INAKY DE TAGOR (11) might replicate a good debut second. Consider.

Selection: 13-12-5-11