24 February 2021 5:10 Toulouse Muret - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2950 m
  • No. of Runners: 18 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 24680
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 16:40 17:12


Eclipse Melody FR

1.25L second at Agen ten days ago. This is a lot tougher however so needs further progression.
Owner: Mme C Pradel
Prize Money: €63,230

F 2950m 7 S Bouisson
S Bouisson
2a5a7a209aDa8a6aDa5a 54.0 99.0

Estrella Fafa FR

Only mid-field on reappearance a month ago. Can improve on that and has each way claims.
Owner: Mme M Despres
Prize Money: €63,410

F 2950m 7 M Daougabel
Mathieu Daougabel
8a207a4a3a3a0aDa2a5a 9.50 21.0

Carlos Du Garabin FR

Well beaten on all recent starts and looks up against it once more.
Owner: D Charruau
Prize Money: €63,425

G 2950m 9 V Cabos
D Charruau
4a0a9a8m200mDa0a3a9a 69.0 82.0

Dunaway FR

Running well so far this campaign and has conditions to suit. Each way chance.
Owner: J M Larre
Prize Money: €64,300

F 2950m 8 D Laisis
D Laisis
5a3a208a2a4a198a2a1a 9.30 5.80


Exploratrice FR

Impressive winner here two runs back and placed since. Up in grade but hard to rule out in current form running barefoot.
Owner: Ecurie Vimond
Prize Money: €65,690

F 2950m 7 N Vimond
N Vimond
3a1a200a7a5a2a0a3a4a 10.0 9.50

Edi Josselyn FR

7L fourth at Agen. That was a good effort but does struggle to win and a place likely to prove best.
Owner: Ecurie Saint Hilaire
Prize Money: €66,710

M 2950m 7 D Cordeau
D Cordeau
4a9a202a9a3a4a8a8a3a 9.50 8.40

Elstar FR

Impressive 4L winner at Montauban 18 days ago. Deserves chance in a higher level with no shoes.
Owner: M Da Mota
Prize Money: €67,450

G 2950m 7 Y Lacombe
Y Lacombe
1a7a9a202a1a9a9a9a6a 21.0 38.0

Enclos FR

Poor winning record but a place is possible racing barefoot.
Owner: J Davet
Prize Money: €67,545

G 2950m 7 D Brossard
S Cingland
8a5a7a203a0a6a7a6a7a 20.0 22.0

Djeson D'Ariane FR

Struggling this season and is easily opposed.
Owner: Didier Alexandre
Prize Money: €68,550

G 2950m 8 J Ch Sorel
D Alexandre
0aDm20Da0aDa19Dm4mDm 10.0 9.80

Cris Luis Porsguen FR

Mid-field on reappearance. Should progress from that and has an outside chance.
Owner: F Clozier
Prize Money: €129,310

G 2975m 9 Et Clozier
F Clozier
8a204a1a0a5a1a4aDaDa 8.70 7.60


Eclat De La Rouvre FR

Placed on all three starts this campaign. Clearly in great form and this is no tougher than when a 2.5L third here. Big chance.
Owner: Ecurie La Petteviniere
Prize Money: €129,750

G 2975m 7 M Yvon
M Yvon
3a2a2a206a2a3a2a1a2a 4.90 4.50


12 A
De Padd FR

DQ ten days back but likely better judged on nose second start before. Threat to all if finding the finish.
Owner: Ecurie Gerard Marty
Prize Money: €130,560

G 2975m 8 F Marty
G Marty
Da2a5a6a200a5a0a2a0a 9.20 7.80

Codex Bourbon FR

DQ on reappearance and needs to improve sharply following that.
Owner: A Pacha
Prize Money: €132,340

G 2975m 9 N Pacha
Nils Pacha
Da204mDa0aDa5a1a3a0a 65.0 89.0

Dauphin Du Lot FR

3L sixth at this track was a fair run. Each way claims.
Owner: L De Wael
Prize Money: €133,800

G 2975m 8 B Muel
B Muel
6a6a0a206a9a0a4a2a4a 31.0 70.0

Cirrus D'Eb FR

Modest form so far this campaign and even more concerning was refusal last time.
Owner: P Emmanuel Mary
Prize Money: €135,600

G 2975m 9 Cedric Terry
P Mary
am9a8m200m5m8m0m6a8m 30.0 59.0

Dard Roc FR

Unfancied and well beaten on reappearance ten days back. Easily opposed.
Owner: Didier Duboz
Prize Money: €136,300

G 2975m 8 Cl ch Vaugrante
S Zamparo
0a209a4a8a0a6aDa1a0a 77.0 174.0

Crackor De Forgan FR

Better performance when sixth at Agen ten days ago. If improving would have place claims.
Owner: S Itard
Prize Money: €136,530

G 2975m 9 P Geray
G Metzler
6aDa200a7a2a0mDaDa0a 106.0 180.0

18 A
Cajun Des Baux FR

Only modest recent outings but now third up should be primed to strike. Hard to rule out.
Owner: Ecurie Gerard Marty
Prize Money: €137,460

G 2975m 9 M Criado
G Marty
7a0aRa190a1a0a9a7a2a 49.0 74.0

Racing and Sports

ECLAT DE LA ROUVRE (11) placed on all three runs this campaign and looks overdue a victory. Rates well. ELSTAR (7) impressed when going clear at Montauban 18 days ago. This is tougher but easy to fancy. DUNAWAY (4) has been running well in strong races this campaign. Each way claims. EXPLORATRICE (5) won two starts back and placed since. In great form at present and looks a threat to all.

Selection: 11-7-4-5