24 February 2021 4:40 Toulouse Vincennes - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2325 m
  • No. of Runners: 16 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 17080
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 16:10 16:41


First Gibus FR

Disappointing efforts so far this campaign. Needs more.
Owner: Ecurie Jackpot
Prize Money: €28,330

G 2325m 6 M Criado
M Criado
8aDa0a205a4a6a8a0a3a 46.0 131.0

2 A
Flicka D'atout FR

7L fourth at Grenade three weeks back. Place likely best following that.
Owner: J Seche
Prize Money: €28,360

F 2325m 6 J Chavatte
J P Lagenebre
4a8a3a209a8aDa0a6a5m 13.0 18.0

Faraon Fafa FR

Placed this campaign but other three runs have been disappointing.
Owner: Mme J Harbeumont
Prize Money: €29,320

G 2325m 6 Pierrick Le Moel
D Alexandre
Da207a3aaa8a4a0a4a4a 16.0 19.0

Fleur De Lin FR

Game 1.75L winner at Montauban start of this month. Deserves try in better race. In the mix if repeating.
Owner: Mme N Semeillon
Prize Money: €30,390

F 2325m 6 S Bouisson
S Bouisson
1a8a0a0a205a0a7a8a4a 52.0 62.0

Fulgurer FR

Placed on all three runs this campaign. Clearly in great form and gets chance to break through. Keep safe.
Owner: G Caporgno
Prize Money: €30,390

G 2325m 6 J Ch Sorel
G Caporgno
2a3a203a7a0aDa4a8a9a 8.20 6.00


6 A
Forever Atout FR

5.25L fourth at Grenade three weeks ago. Needs more running barefoot.
Owner: J Seche
Prize Money: €30,720

G 2325m 6 Cedric Terry
J P Lagenebre
4a206aDa5a5a7a2a7a9a 9.20 9.00

Faveur Choisie FR

Lost her way of late and needs to re-find form.
Owner: Ecurie Vimond
Prize Money: €31,700

F 2325m 6 N Vimond
N Vimond
0aDm206aDm2a5a2aDm7a 52.0 145.0

Flash Point FR

1.75L second at Montauban was a better run. This is tougher again however and more is required.
Owner: J Chevreux
Prize Money: €31,890

G 2325m 6 D Laisis
J Chevreux
2a0a206a7a2a5a0aDaDa 56.0 47.0

Fidji Du Leard FR

Disappointing recently and likely to struggle once more.
Owner: F Julien
Prize Money: €32,150

F 2325m 6 Cl ch Vaugrante
S Zamparo
Dm208a0a9a0a6a8a4a4a 59.0 158.0

Freska De Vandel FR

Ended last campaign with string of DQ. Needs to resume in better form.
Owner: Ecurie La Tour De Vandel
Prize Money: €32,640

F 2325m 6 Y Henry
Y Henry
20DaDaDaDaDaDaDa4a1a 12.0 26.0

Floreal FR

Close seconds on last two starts and looks overdue a victory. Keep safe.
Owner: Charles Bouvier
Prize Money: €32,670

G 2325m 6 R Bouvier
Charles Bouvier
2a2a6m205aDa5a1aDa1a 4.90 4.00


Filly Des Corvees FR

Mid-field on reappearance but failed to build on that. Needs to take a step forward with no shoes.
Owner: Ecurie Muriel Thomas
Prize Money: €32,960

F 2325m 6 F Marty
F Marty
Da207aDa1a8aDa2a8a4a 11.0 11.0

Flash De La Noe FR

Placed on last two starts. Form of 0.5L second here last week reads well and easy to fancy.
Owner: J H Treich
Prize Money: €46,560

G 2350m 6 J H Treich
J H Treich
2a3a5a0a3a0a20DaDa2a 5.70 4.40


Flora Du Bellay FR

Won four starts ago but struggled since. Can factor at best but hard to predict.
Owner: Ecurie Du Bellay
Prize Money: €54,820

F 2350m 6 N Pacha
G Marty
DaDa6a201a0a0a0a0a9a 21.0 42.0

For No One FR

Progressing steadily this campaign. 1.25L third at Grenade three weeks ago and holds each way claims.
Owner: J Andt
Prize Money: €65,500

G 2350m 6 R W Denechere
R W Denechere
3a5a207m4a8a3a0a7a4a 15.0 17.0

Flicka De Brevol FR

Modest recent efforts and needs to re-find form.
Owner: Ecurie Delsee
Prize Money: €66,980

F 2350m 6 V Cabos
P Terry
6aDa6a200a0a0a3a2a2a 15.0 16.0

Racing and Sports

FLOREAL (11) has finished a close second on his last two starts. Can improve again and looks the one to beat. FULGURER (5) made the frame on all three starts this campaign. Has resumed in great form and cannot be ruled out. FLASH DE LA NOE (13) is a progressive type this season. Easy to fancy. FLEUR DE LIN (4) scored by 1.75L at Montauban start of this month. Considered upped in grade.

Selection: 11-5-13-4